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  1. That's so sad. They are in Jehovah's memory now.
  2. Just read a talk from a brother called "Vitaliy Sivulskiy"... very encouraging but is it legit?

    1. campanula


      Can't say anything about the talk but the name is legit. It's the name of the Brother who partakes in Memorial

  3. It was before, now it's over. May Jehovah bless our brothers and sisters over there. This is really the end.
  4. Ok... https://sputniknews.com/russia/201704201052821725-russia-supreme-court-jehovah-witnesses-extremism/
  5. Some browsers refuse to use the outdated technology that Flash is. So you may want to test others.
  6. Пожалуйста, одумайтесь (pozhaluysta, odumaytes) Please, come to your senses... I like this.