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  1. Hello and thank you for this very interesting subject We really see now the feet of the statue made of clay and iron that represent the Anglo American power. these materials that show its weakness and strength at the same time... since clay and iron do no mix well strong / and weak at the same time. Brexit / can make the U.K. weaker /stronger US with all its inner opponents...(more opponents every new decision by its new president ) .........strong and weak at the same time just no other power after that only the Kingdom of God ....the big stone that crushes all materials for ever .... let your kingdom come ! Daniel 2:36-44
  2. The pope should apologize to God instead of apologizing to Gays... so should all his "sheeps" gays or not gay before it's too late
  3. People regretting the Brexit makes me think of another prophecy in the book of Revelation when Babylon the Great will have been destroyed... The kings of the eath and the merchants will mourn and cry about her regretting her destruction (rev 18:10,11) the scene of the world is changing rapidly
  4. Brexit is not such a surprise first of all Britain is part of the 2 headed Anglo American power ( the 2 headed wild beast) I guess it only goes back to where it belongs .... The United States will be happy to strengthen its special relationship it has with Britain. and so the King of the South may become even stronger . Their heart was never with Europe but is with the U.S. And commonwealth. Do they divorce with Europe to remarry with the U.S. ? Interesting times ahead keep on the watch....
  5. I remember watching the Eurovision in the 80's 90's we gathered with some friends and we loved watching and commented on the singers and their performance. for several years now we stopped watching finding no real interest because of the downward performing... it really showed the degradation of this world this year we happened to watch it.... Although there were some nice songs seems all songs were the same .... Before it was not allowed to sing in English ...every country had its own specificity with its own language and it was really pleasant to listen to.... i guess it is called globalization
  6. Just seeing CNN and what you are going through in some part of the states .. We understand what it is about because we had this kind of weather last winter shoveling and start shoveling again and again stay safe
  7. I personally doubt about the honesty of media. How could this possibly be true ? A lot of people in Germany are against migrants and that would be a good reason to hate them even more How could 1000 people gather with one purpose of sexually assaulting other people in a train station ? We as JW know how media can lie about us ...they are masters in manipulation and distortion of truth The chief of this world is a liar This is only my humble opinion ....
  8. Islam is like Christendom divided in multiple sects No unity in beliefs and acts ! Based on fear and superstition. sheeps without shepherd how sad !
  9. Very interesting it reminds me of revelation 16:13 Demons are gathering the kings of the earth for the war of harmaguedon ... All united against the King of Kings getting ready for the battle and already preparing people with war games on screen learning how to battle while playing on their "war games" at home. Horrible times but we will be protected if we keep clean from any violence and keep our eyes on Jesus in these stormy days. Agape
  10. Our world is very sick, people live their lives as nothing is happening , they are not listening to the good news Cities have become dangerous places... We as JW have to be cautious where we go, with whom we gather especially crowds, we should be very careful Because these things could be happening more and more ...we live in very critical times Mr. Hollande has declared state of emergency ...today no gathering allowed for sports events or schools etc I do not know if meetings in KH are allowed ? According to news there 8 terrorists in different places do Paris, seven of them blowed themselves one was killed Fanatics wanting to do as much harm as they can ... Moved by the demons.... No pity... Could happen everywhere ... Let us stay in our spiritual paradise and continue searching for people who want to become citizen of God's kingdom. And pray that we keep our senses Agape
  11. Thanks brother Lance for your help I did that this morning Hope it is ok... Our brotherly greetings, to Canada ....
  12. Hello, I saw there is a request for updating our profile.. Please tell me how to do it Is it on the new OD book or the old one ? Thank you ..sorry I am not very smart about all this Thanks
  13. We are living critical times hard to deal with ... Terrorism at every corner, economic breakdown, human blood seems to have no value... Satan is ruling his world to their fate. How happy we are that we are teached and formed for the new system ☀ Helping people to find The only shelter is a great priviledge As we sing .....let it come .... More than happy to be part of this wonderful brotherhood
  14. Yes I am using Mobi .... epub and other formats are not accepted.. Thanks for trying....
  15. Hello, I am so sorry to bother again about some technical problems But as the bible says.....in Prov. 15:22.... I have been downloading Watchtower on my kindle paperwhite and it was perfect with bible references poping up on a window... But now the bible references don't show anymore. As well as the KM in mobi format.... it's perfect ... links to the reasoning book and Stay close... book......etc. except for Bible references... Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same problem. Thanks so much for your any help ! (I already tried to reinitialize...) Agape