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  1. This is from The prosecutor's office obtained a ban on the book, which is a chronological retelling of the four Gospels. The decision to ban the Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg, and May 5, 2016 book "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" was included in the federal list of extremist materials. Beyond belief !!!
  2. Actually I was thinking about your PC. When you browse your internet do you delete history? They might "ban" if they find out about this "without borders congregation"
  3. I think Satan has hatred for any property used for Jehovah's worship! He is a psychopath! There is no "sense" in ANY activity that he does.
  4. Text in red offers very wise advice Victoria. Religious persecution is harassment or injury deliberately inflicted on people because of their faith or beliefs. Its purpose is to stamp out such beliefs, prevent their spread, or break the integrity of believers. Persecution can take various forms, some overt, some subtle. The Bible likens Satan’s attacks to those of both a young lion and a cobra.—Read Psalm 91:13. 3 Like a savage lion, Satan has often made open, frontal attacks by means of violence, imprisonment, or ban. (Ps. 94:20) Yearbook reports describing acts of Jehovah’s Witnesses in modern times contain numerous accounts of such tactics. Lawless mobs, some led by clergymen or political fanatics, have mistreated God’s people in many places. These lionlike attacks have caused a few to stumble. Like a cobra, the Devil also launches treacherous strikes from hidden places in order to poison minds and deceive people into doing his will. This type of attack is designed to weaken or corrupt us spiritually. But by means of God’s holy spirit, we can withstand both forms of persecution. 4 Imagining different scenarios of possible future persecution is not the best way to prepare for it. The fact is that we simply cannot know what the future holds in such matters, so there is little to be gained from worrying about things that may never happen. There is, however, something that we can do. Most of those who have successfully endured persecution have done so by meditating on the faithful course of integrity keepers, as recorded in the Scriptures, as well as on the teachings and example of Jesus. This has enabled them to deepen their love for Jehovah. That love, in turn, helped them to resist whatever trials came their way. W11 1/15
  5. Anyone form Bali (Indonesia) on this forum?

    If yes please pm me.Thanks

    1. Alexa


      Sister ivy is from indonesia :bouncing:

    2. Gregexplore


      Yes I know but she is not from Bali

      She is my friend on Instagram. :)


  6. Alexa, very soon ALL of us will be in the same condition when GT starts... What happened in Russia "woke" me up so to speak about reality of GT and need for endurance..
  7. Since 1914, human governments, although still clinging to life, have been living on borrowed time. (Daniel 7:12) The STONE is about to hit the human governments!
  8. Tell us more if you have time....
  9. They just throw tiny stone that smashes door-glass Soon Jehovah will hit them with the STONE that will wipe out all wicked governments They need to be careful in that "stone throwing" competition. May this be of encouragement: You looked on until a stone was cut out, not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of clay and crushed them. At that time the iron, the clay, the copper, the silver, and the gold were, all together, crushed and became like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them could be found. But the stone that struck the image became a large mountain, and it filled the whole earth.
  10. The second picture from the right (bottom line) sums up ALL. (with the gun and cross hanging on his chest)
  11. North Korea can't afford a war because after inflicting considerable damage on south Korea and possibly Japan - N.K would be completely wiped out and they know it. I wouldn't be surprised that China steps in much stronger to resolve the problem if there is clear indication that Trump would go to war with NK. At least two-thirds of North Korea's trade is with China, giving Beijing tremendous leverage over the state. Recent reports indicate that Chinese authorities are beginning to test that power. Beijing appears to be sending fresh signals about its view on North Korea, in order to convince U.S. President Donald Trump to take less aggressive action against the rogue nuclear state, several political analysts say. Just my rumbling!
  12. Especially when we read public info like this one below: The amazing Serena Williams is in town for the ASB Classic - here are 14 things you need to know about one of the most famous people in the history of sport. 1) Serena, like her sisters, is a Jehovah's Witnesses who has gone door knocking on occasions. Her mother Oracene became a JW in the 1980s. Strictly speaking, Williams should not be playing professional tennis. Her religion discourages any emphasis on competitive sports because it distracts followers and encourages negative emotions like envy. 3) She is extremely superstitious. Reported rituals over the years include bringing her shower sandals to the court, tying her shoelaces with a certain method, bouncing the ball five times before her first serve and twice before her second, and crossing the net on the opposite side to the chair umpire after the first game. She'll even keep wearing the same unwashed socks through a tournament, and those in her player box must sit in the same position for every match. She has been known to blame a loss on not following habits such as using the same shower. "I have too many superstitious rituals and it's annoying. It's like I have to do it and if I don't then I'll's totally ridiculous," the Daily Mail reported her as saying.
  13. Thanks Jerry .. I understand your point which you patiently explained.