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  1. No surprise there...
  2. Ransomware Cyberattack Computer Virus Windows 7 update Kaspersky Lab Norton Security etc etc perhaps at the end of 1000 years? During final test?
  3. I was fearing that... what a tragedy! Jehovah must be so much in pain. Please Jehovah let your Kingdom come.
  4. Sharks are problematic in Australia as well... have you seen movie "Shallows?"
  5. Sigma 18-35mm Art?

    Anyone here used this lens?


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    2. Gregexplore


      Thanks Lance 

      I am doing further reaserch although I want something with "art" sigma lenses. 

    3. Lance


      G.A.S very serious condition.... very expensive to cure...


      Gear Acquisition Syndrome...

      I have have had a few bouts of that over the years .... good glass is ohhhhhh so nice  

    4. Gregexplore


      GAS is a nightmare but I really need good glass (many reasons)

      Apparently Sigma 18-35mm is a PRO glass for crop cameras.

      No IS on Sigma should I be concerned? hmmm

      The Valley of Decisions plus GAS LOL :whistling:

  6. You must bit quite a soft talker otherwise why she is wearing this hearing aid? LOL
  7. Since Akhmedov's 18 January arrest, a judge and other officials have repeatedly refused to release him from Investigation Prison to undergo hospital treatment for cancer. Akhmedov has stated that he was tortured in jail he Judge sentenced Akhmedov to five years' imprisonment in a general regime labour camp. This is an example of modern day Job.. I can visualize Jehovah talking to satan pointing to brother Akhmedov “There is no one like him in the earth, a man blameless and upright, fearing God and turning aside from bad.” (Job 1:8) Praying for him.
  8. Nothing to do with Canada .... he sings I wanna go Down Under LOL
  9. Lucy, you're funny! This reminds me of an episode in Last man on earth how one person did not want to take family photo. LOL
  10. I "shot" many turtles... I tell you.. LOL
  11. The bird was still alive after "shooting" LOL I shot this one as well....
  12. Shot this one today... Kookaburra