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  1. 160 pages forward now and still hooked! I could pick on minor things that are not to my taste (money aspect etc) but I do read books for entertainment not for picking!
  2. I love the opening resurrection scene .. going to read it! THANKS it's on my iPad now.
  3. And this brings us to the famous question on how the earth will accommodate all resurrected people ? Well all Jehovah has to do is bring this (and perhaps other) land to the surface ...
  4. Re-jazz-urection hope perhaps?
  5. And how exactly BOOK got in trouble because of me?
  6. Ok Ruben, For me personally there was just not enough variants to answer correctly - simple as that (without going to spiritual aspect as mentioned above) Can I ask you if you like ORANGE as a colour ? If yes which variation of orange appeals to you most ? (There is more then 40 to choose from) Are you getting my point? 2 answers as presented in the test a simply not enough to determine correct answer. (That's how I feel)
  7. Glass died? I am shattered! sorry ! Could not help myself.
  8. I've read the recent thread .. "I know I am the only one" LOL
  9. We ALL scored satisfactory with Jehovah so He was moved to draw US to himself!
  10. I am so glad that you did not revel the final score ! LOL
  11. I had exactly similar feelings .. too plain to choose from, not enough variables to reflect my personality and the way I feel about the subject.
  12. A Swiss writer recently blamed today’s new life-style, which places so much emphasis on personal freedom, as being responsible for “a noticeable increase in narcissist neuroses and narcissist personality disturbances.” Opposite can be true when we base out lifestyle on a fine exemplar Jesus Christ ... If we live by Phil 2:3 then it is possible to score ZERO in the test. (BTW the test is too general to determine someone's personality. Simply we are far more complex with many emotional layers attach to our personality) I wonder how King David would score in the test ...especially with the question about manipulation? and yet Jehovah counted him as righteous not as someone with narcissist personality disturbances etc... You too Choco are more complex and above measurement of the test. Don't read too much into the results of the test.
  13. There is 1961 version of the movie as well... going to watch 2 versions if I get my hands on the movies
  14. Thanks Sherlock Holmes for solving the puzzle ! LOL Yep, easy maintenance from now on ....