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  1. Bought HP laptop 2in1 10 playing out straight out of the box.

    It does not display menu ..just icons...O..boy I love my windows7!It's like 80' in music the best decade!LOL

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    2. Stormswift


      I think it's in the 'APP Mode' ... you can change it from App to windows layout.

    3. Gregexplore


      Intercore: No column on the left side just small icons

      Mandi: How to change it? I already tried to switch between tablet mode and windows ...hmmm?

    4. Stormswift


      I've just seen the option to switch - haven't actually switched as it would have thrown Tom off by me switching. So I didn't. 

  2. I've stopped reading after this sentence ..too much for me. The "ungodly"world is disgusting.
  3. I had strong plans to go to Europe within few months - well.. rethinking decision (too much going on over there) No wonder why there will be future proclamation of Peace and SECURITY... hmmm
  4. I have to wait till the end of September for our local numbers Eternity....
  5. What is the youngest elder (age factor) that you know personally?

    1. Roberto Flores

      Roberto Flores

      Without wanting to be dogmatic, from what I have come to know, it is outstanding, it is not given very often, if a man becomes named before the age of 25, supported by the guidelines of the organization, minimum must have served 3 years As a ministerial servant and having demonstrated that he fulfills the requirements of the Bible, his brother's life must be such that the brother should see him as such in the congregation or in the field where he serves, for example, in the area of Bethel, the last word is the GB

  6. My favorite place in Victoria - Wilsons Prom (this is just a fraction of beautiful places there)
  7. I enjoyed it very much ... thank you for sharing.
  8. Ok..Ok... we miss you ..come back :(

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    2. Brenda


      Maybe he broke his arm or hand and is in a cast.  He can only type with one finger in his non-dominant hand.  This would make typing very difficult. (Just trying to think of reasons.  This happened to me recently...I could read but not type much.)  


      I also miss his well-researched, well-balanced comments.  Very encouraging to me personally.  I hope he's OK.

    3. Intercore


      @Gregexplore Do you have his number?

    4. 1gemstone


      I'm glad you mention the brother, I missed his well thought out research too, I hope all is well.

  9. For we know that all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain together until now (Rom 8:22) Not surprise dear brother... but groaning
  10. Yoghurt ...yam ..yam... (sugar free )
  11. I have a Xin feeling about your comment
  12. Ok.. so we got to X ??!!! Let's assume that in all cases of improbability for Chinese person living in Israel at that time..would be hard to imagine following scenario... but just for the sake of discussion let's assume that there was a Chinese alien resident among ancient Jews and he would pronounce bacon "xianrou" (bacon) LOL ...
  13. Again??? this is just sick ... Today's daily text is very appropriate about how the end can come very fast.
  14. I like your avatar... what did you say about the queen? LOL