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  1. I knew the brother with that territory has a green car so I just looked for his car...
  2. Behind the green car...
  3. Who gets to start the June 2017 Broadcast thread???
  4. I think a lot of police in the US also wear masks to hide their identity because sometimes they work undercover.
  5.'ll either get run over or miss the turn...
  6. Really? I didn't know that. Thanks!
  7. Which browser do you, do you, do you use?
  8. It doesn't look like it ended well...
  9. Are you going to do DS9?
  10. Our CO recently played a game with the group before the afternoon meeting for service. One of the game questions was to name faithful couples in the Bible. How many can you name? I'll start with an easy one.. Abraham and Sarah.
  11. I was under the impression that all of the KH were already seized by the government but I think someone pointed out in an earlier post that the property doesn't officially get turned over to the government until after the appeal. I assume that means that the KH and all the property in it still belongs to the brothers..