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  1. I don't see the ticket price, how much do the tours cost?
  2. Ok, I admit that I don't get it. Please explain it...slowly....
  3. If Toucan live as cheap as one, why do they have such large bills? Should that be in the bad joke thread????
  4. That's funny. Just yesterday I checked the Study Edition to see if there were any updates that I might have missed.
  5. Do we have to wait a thousand years for your next book?
  6. I'm almost finished and I love it! I think it's a great story and I love your writing. You have some interesting and logical ideas about life in the New System. I really think this one was interesting..
  7. I saw it years ago and I thought it was funny then. Lately I've watched a few movies that I use to think were hilarious and now are only mildly amusing..
  8. I can't tell what she has in her hand, is it something religious?
  9. I bet they were mine... Hey, if it was funny once, it might be funny twice...
  10. It looks like our California weather has gone north for the winter...
  11. The honeymoon isn't over yet....
  12. I heard about a guy that was tired of his wife using his truck so he got a license plate that said "Fat Pat".