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  1. You had post two topics with different tags, it looks like they have been merged. I wish I could help you but I don't play with Fire...
  2. To double your reading pleasure...
  3. Tarzan say no Cheetahs allowed ....
  4. I'd like to own the gas stations on that bridge....
  5. The Cliff Notes...
  6. It would be 'Elementary' for Sherlock to figure it out...
  7. I am going to stop telling anyone when I watch the monthly broadcast. Nyet!
  8. Now the Russians are being blamed for releasing TV show info....
  9. I understand that a recent letter to the elders (S-144-E) has instructions on how to use JWLibrary to play music before and after a meeting. Is that correct?
  10. That belongs in the bad joke thread...
  11. It's a good reminder on how the organization is built on love. That wouldn't be a successful business model from the worlds point of view. Can you imagine going to a bank to borrow money to start a business and you tell them you have a 100 year plan that involves millions of volunteers working together around the world in love to distribute free publications?
  12. A religious war would really divide the world and make it easier for the government to declare P&S. Look at how devastating a religious war can be.
  13. Mr. Turtle, here is a present for you. Enjoy!!!


    1. Gregexplore


      He will like it!

    2. Stormswift


      Yeah I thought later, its not a nice gift - for his wife ... ooops. 

  14. Hey! It wasn't me...