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  1. 44 “But reports out of the east* and out of the north will disturb him, and he will go out in a great rage to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. 45 And he will plant his royal* tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration;*+ and he will come all the way to his end, and there will be no helper for him. I am also thinking about this scripture... can all this have something to do with it? I dont know, have to wait and see, but there is a reason why Jehovah is allowing this to happen. We are so close now that anything can start happening anytime!
  2. What a bad joke. It was decided before it started. But the dear brothers did a great job and anyone with an honest heart can see how unfair this was.
  3. Today's text is so appropriate..."Pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down..." It's becoming hard for me with all these crazy things going on. Feel that I'm getting overwhelmed from all the sick news. But I will work on it since the text continue: "and suddenly that day be instantly upon you as a snare.—Luke 21:34, 35.
  4. My sister sent this to me:
  5. So many young people that must have been there, she is very popular among kids since she got famous after a show on Nickelodeon. So sad.
  6. A sister in our congregation who is from Russia said today on the meeting that her friend in Russia who is also a sister told her: when I came to work after the ban, so many of my colleagues asked me: how can they ban you witnesses? Its unbeliveable! She said that the witnesses havent experienced this much interest in the truth for many years.
  7. Jehovah has everything under control. I feel so sorry for the brothers in Russia now, but Jehovah will take care of them and maybe this will lead to something bigger that we just dont understand yet. During the meeting this evening we saw the video about our brother who wrote a song in a concentration camp and how the witnesses was strenghtened by it. We talked about how the songs we have can be beneficial for us when we face challenges now, and more so for the upcoming challenges that we will face. I also feel that soon the tests will begin all around the world. But with Jehovahs help nothing is impossible!
  8. Feels really nice that our group worked so fine and fast to see if we were all ok. Just a couple of minutes... With the great tribulation coming up...
  9. All in our congregation is safe. A sister and brother(married) are not allowed to get out from a governmentbuilding until it is safe. But they are ok.
  10. Just in our group, but I dont know about the rest in the congregation.
  11. Another sister in our congregation walked that street on her way home from work 30 minutes before it happened...
  12. Its amazing how this unfolded. That the brothers can have their memorial on tuesday without being banned
  13. There is also a confirmed shooting going on at Fridhemsplan, a square a couple of metrostations from the street where the lorry hit people.