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  1. Yikes! We've finally got summer here in Michigan the past couple days. Even yesterday altho the wind was from the north (off Lakes Superior it was HOT. Well, high 70's anyway. But it Islas The humidity that got me. Today, it is quite cooler and cloudy....But I can breathe.
  2. I don't think overreacting in this case is so bad. Temps in cars can get over 100* in minutes. The other day at a store a dog was barking in a truck with the window open only an inch. I was furious. i went into the store but was not successful in finding the people. They were in the truck when I came out. Must have been a Jehovah's spirit changing my mood. Cause as I was walking up to the truck a thought quickly came to mind. i simply told them, "I realize you may not have been in there long, but with the heat we have today the temps can get into the 100's very quickly." the guy thanked me for, "the information" People have recently gone into movie theaters leaving their pets in the cars. Thankfully someone did call the police and they rescued the dogs. I hope they weren't given back to the ignorant owners.
  3. Welp, looks like we just might make it for a second round of rain, thunder & lightning tonight. I'm not in a storm watch like those west of me but yikes...look at the lightning strikes to the south & west of us. My location is where the blue pin is and Ross is the second red pin south of my location. About ready to put Sophie's thunder shirt on as lightning strikes are only 23 miles away.
  4. I just don't always have anything worthy to post.
  5. I found this out from one of my doggie pages "Schnitzel the Wonder Wiener". He said "All da towels did fall off da hooks in da room wif ebil swirly thing dat is like kitty box fors people. I coulds has been squished!" Seriously that was a hefty one.
  6. If the rain we've been getting practically every day/night were snow we'd be buried. Very hard to do service when there's no overhang at the house we go to. I am sooooo tired of this. Can't get the lawn mowed. Takes all day to dry just to rain at night. The blue pin is where I live the second red one is where Ross lives.
  7. Anyone coming to the U P of Michigan here are the boats from Pictured Rocks Cruises. This is the catamaran tied at the dock. Next one is the front of it. Looks like Daffy Duck's mouth. cant get pic small enough. Well, sorry there are 3 other boats but I'm not a photo fixer upper.
  8. Right now we are under a severe thunderstorm warning. Just got home a few minutes ago from my "mom's" about 17 miles away. It was dry all the way but the sky was black. Carried my little dog out the back door of the garage & it just started sprinkling. Now it's coming down in buckets.
  9. Guatemala had a 6.9 earthquake around 3:30 eastern this morning. As of now looks like only 2 people died. hHope our dear friends are ok.
  10. It seems in today's world people are killing just because they can. Chicago, Detroit and any other place in the world. kids can't even play in their own yard without getting killed or badly hurt. My heart goes out to this family.
  11. https://www.jw.org/en/news/releases/by-region/russia/president-putin-gives-parenting-award-to-jehovahs-witnesses/ Sorry if this has been posted already. I only posted it because I finally read down to the last paragraph. Which stated: "We hope that this award presented by President Putin is considered on July 17, 2017, when the Russian Supreme Court reviews the decision to liquidate the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.” So July 17 is the date for the appeal?
  12. As much as I dislike winter here in Upper Michigan I'll take that instead if tornadoes, hurricanes & earthquakes any day. Course with the end so close who knows what Jehovah will use during the end,
  13. Sorry just couldn't resist. I know I'm bad....really bad.