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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone, Brother Nnaemeka recently asked an interesting question on a topic he started about the term "Human Being". And so I thought that maybe it would be fun if we started a topic that was just about the term "Being". So what is the true meaning of a "Being"? Is a "being"defined by what the secular dictionaries say? Or should the term "being" be defined by science? Or is this term or idea of the term found in the Bible anywhere? And if Jehovah hasn't defined it for us, then how should it be defined? Could it be any living creature that exists on earth or in heaven? Or does a "being" only mean the Creator himself? Or could it include any self-sustaining/immortal creature such as Jesus and the 144,00? Or could a "being" even include robots or an android? Are animals beings? If so, what about an insect? What is the deciding factor or factors for something to truly be defined as a "being"? A fun discussion but this would be just about the term and not about whether a person should use the term as that is what Brother Nnaemeka's topic is mostly about. Or unless Brother Nnaemeka or the Moderators feel that these topics should be merged? Either way, sounds like an interesting discussion. Any thoughts?