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A place to post short stories, novels, poetry and other musings of the imagination. Romantic poems are okay, but Jehovah's view of dating should always be upheld. So no light romance.

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  2. I received A box of ashes I'll place it on a shelf My son he is asleep now But not his former self It wasn't s'posed To happen, Life wasn't meant to end, It shouldn't have been Painful We shouldn't break Just bend. And though my heart Is ripped now And feels beyond repair Jehovah will help heal it With all His tender care. And when He raises Andrew, And earth's a peaceful place, All these scars Within me Jehovah will erase Until then I'll be patient Though tears of loss I'll cry, Because Jehovah's Promised me On Him I can rely.
  3. Together (but not really) Together But separate Isn't it odd You turned To the world And I Turned to God You used to Support it You said You believed But something Removed it You asked it To leave I can't live Without it You can't With it live So here we Live parallel And neither Will give - Up the things That make them The person They are The hardness The softness The healing The scar. We can't share What we have Down deep In our heart Cause Those things That hold us Just keep us Apart.
  4. The blows were dealt The sorrows felt The past is far behind me Yet still the scars The dings and mars Rise up and sometimes find me A sleepless night A dreamful fright A memory forgotten Will find me still Will bind me still The stench of it is rotten So here I sit By night phone lit Recording words so sadly But this I know I did my best Though others it hurt badly But God forgives And I try too And pray for peace and healing And one day hope I will not wake To thoughts that send me reeling
  5. open my eyes and look in the mirror and tell me what i see who is that woman standing there looking back at me i've felt her pain her secrets kept i've even cried her tears but yet she hides her heart from me through all our common years at times i'm close to knowing her i look into her eyes the clearest blue i've ever seen but it's a good disguise she's not sure 'bout who she is or who she wants to be as silent tears roll down her face she wipes them on my sleeve and then she turns to walk away but turns and says to me just be patient you'll be fine... and i know so will she
  6. So much emotion expressed in so few words. It truly is quality, not quantity, that counts.
  7. lonely woman sad and blue lonely woman jokes on you thought you had him but you don't thought he'd love you but he won't he won't let you in his heart show his feelings won't even start leads you on but won't deliver not a taker not a giver never gone he's always home but you still are all alone crawl in bed and go to sleep all emotions inside keep in the morning wake and then choke back tears fake smile again understand he never will it's so sad it makes you ill tried to fix it it won't change so your feelings rearrange make believe it's all okay hide your heart another day never question never ask be a good wife stay on task close your eyes and do not peek another lover do not seek lonely woman sad and blue lonely woman jokes on you
  8. Roads are traveled Dirt or graveled Twisting, turning Direction yearning Sometimes leading Sometimes follow Over hills and Through the hollow Sometimes barely See the path Check the compass Do the math Take a wrong turn Re-adjust To make it through This is a must But it's your choice Which road to take Or you can sit And no choice make I choose the narrow Some choose the wide And other... they Just want to hide But either way Just 'round the bend All Roads End.
  9. Sit in silence Speak your mind Only in your head Print the words On the paper Never to be read Silence gold Truth be told No one wants to hear Your opinion What you need Even what you fear Maybe someday One will listen But until that time Keep it shut Zip it up Because you undermine Words unspoken Embers burning Soon they'll disappear You won't hear me Quiet I'll be You won't know i'm here
  10. Broken promises taste like lies vague excuses alibis living clean is just too hard so you pull the free will card shun my feelings it don't matter all i hear is chatter chatter
  11. disconnected truth rejected faith neglected eyes turned blind can not see it can not be it do not need it then you find all that chatter doesn’t matter his heart tatter him remind that he lost you it will cost you what you learned all left behind he’ll patient wait sealed not fate soon or late you will find this world cold getting old his hand just hold and you’ll be fine in his direction seek protection self correction not a grind do it for you we adore you we implore you hit rewind
  12. if we are to be pawns in a game of life and death i prefer to be on the side of truth of good of life if we are to be pawns of angels and demons and gods and desires i choose light over dark pure over filth i choose knowledge over ignorance kindness over apathy i choose love over hate if we are to be pawns i give myself to the one who designed and created all things. i chose my side whats yours?
  13. What could have been What should have been Rarely is what is. What sight I had What might I had Would always slowly fizz. I lost my head I made my bed With this in mind I live. I lost it then I gain it now the power he can give. My life I give My soul will live within His loving hands. Renew my vow from this day now my future with him lands. So if you read Please take my lead and you will not regret. Just take his hand His purpose grand He will not you forget. It will be soon Morn' night or noon Though day we do not know. But nothing lost can pay the cost if time can't make us grow. So keep in mind and you will find it's right around the bend. His promise grand the promised land and life without an end.
  14. forgotten verses inside my head of unspoken words thought when i’m in bed i wake in the morning and find they are gone why didn’t i write them down when they were strong keep meaning to leave a notepad by my bed but fear i’d forget it where it could be read then what would i do then you’d know how i feel and i just don’t know if you’d ever heal so most of the good stuff stays right where it started cause when morning comes the verse has departed
  15. Wow! Awesome bit of poetry, Sister Norma! I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Very moving. I was able to identify with so much of what you had expressed. Thanks for sharing YOU. ❤️ ((((Sister Norma))))
  16. I wrote this to my sons father when my son died. He lives in another state. I never sent the letter. His death certificate says cause of death: Complications of chronic alcoholism. What a sad inheritance. A legacy passed from father to son and father to son to celebrate the pain of loss, or the gain of victory any excuse. celebration with inebriation. They live on, but he paid the ultimate sacrifice. They sit in their homes Misers in their old age. My son paid the price. For following in their example. The men who should have taught him strength and love and purpose. They taught him how to turn not to his family, but his bottle. They taught him not love, but drunken love and drunken anger, and now in his prime his broken body and broken mind finally broke his spirit. The son that loved to live and give could not survive. I must wait to see him again. I will never receive an apology for years taken from me. And this will be the same. Guilt never admitted. one more thing taken from me and him Time and life.
  17. A poem never given Did you let your spirit harden, Did you let your love grow cold Did you lose hope on the promise, the prophecy foretold. Did you listen to the doubters, did you let the lies sink in, forget all that he taught you, did you broaden out your sin. Did you put it all behind you, did you cover up your eyes, did you bury all the knowledge, and forget about the prize. Did you let someone deceive you, he does his job so well Did his freedom and rebellion for a large price to you sell. Did another cause your stumble, did you fall and not get up. Did your stomach for sin rumble, did your pureness it corrupt. Did you think "It's just to strict for me" "I don't like any rules", Would you die for so called freedom, this world, you it fools. Does your selfish pride prevent you, from looking past your nose. Will you dig your heels in deeper, as this system starts to close. When every church has fallen but God's Witnesses still stand, will you think you mad the right choice, will you let go of my hand. When i stand with all the others, will you then just walk away, or will this poem I wrote for you, touch your heart today.
  18. I tried to sift Through bits and Pieces Of an incomplete Life A belt A knife Drumsticks and Guitar picks A wooden box Trinkets inside Baby clothes A teddy bear With a singed leg A file box Filled with papers Ball caps And beanies. And tears Returned As sadness Draped over me. And only Hope In God's promise Of a new life And resurrection To come Helped me Breathe Again.
  19. Message preach Truth teace World signs Unspeakable crimes Critical times Great Babylon fall Affects all Turn on us Big fuss Message alter Never falter Angels wait Anticipate Change course Gather force Jesus leads No more pleads Jehovah backs Nothing lacks Fair and square Done with flair All united All excited One
  20. You asked what I was thinking But you didn't want to know Where all my thoughts were going But you knew you wouldn't go You knew you were invited You were always welcome there You used to visit sometimes Now you really just don't care You think I can displace them And think of only now This day, this hour and minute Should be what I allow But what you do not understand What you cannot see That all these thoughts I'm thinking If they're gone Then I lose Me.
  21. Back from the Brink A solemn promise Pushed aside But not forgotten. It was not guilt That brought me Back to Jehovah, But Love and Belief in His promise. It was loss Of parents And the hope And trust Of a young child And the loss Of a son A young man Full of life And love But broken and lost For many years That will Always Help me remember How important I am to Jehovah And the Son He gave So one day I can see mine Again.
  22. incomplete I am a puzzle missing pieces Not entirely complete A portrait of a mother With a face of bittersweet A flood of raw emotion A dam cannot contain A hurricane a brewing From a single drop of rain A sunset missing color A cake that's missing sweet A heart that's full of happy With sadness tucked in neat A strong will sometimes broken But patched with hope again Remembered voices spoken In daydreams now and then A head that's full of letters Forming words of how I feel Sharing them with others It seems to help me deal And another year has vanished He was nowhere to be seen 'cept every other thought I had Intwined with that saline And so I beg my Maker Get me through just one more day Let all my missing pieces Please convince my faith to stay So one day I will feel it One day I will see That God has healed my broken heart And brought him back to me. Looking forward to future days Job 14:15 Revelation 21:4 Philippians 4:6&7 Acts 24:15
  23. You will not see My aching You will not see My pain I keep it Fairly hidden And tight I hold The rein If it were Somehow Set free To do It's Bidding well The temporary Madness No one could E're quell And yet Sometimes Thoughts Leak through Upon the pages White And stain with Hopes And memories That never Turned out right.
  24. Safely tucked away And so she put her needs away and put her dreams on hold, she keeps them safely hidden in a place where no ones told. and the life that she had hoped for, her tears have swept away. time has long forgotten it, how long she couldn't say. and she really can't remember when she last truly smiled, or the last time she felt giddy, her heartbeat running wild. and she cannot see tomorrow as a place where love flows free. and if you haven't guessed it yet the name of her is me.
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