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  2. You can watch YouTube of those who visit Japan
  3. It was inevitable, Greg, you'd want to go there too. Living up to your name 🤣 Yep! On my list for sure.
  4. Visitors to Rome soon notice how many of its streets and alleyways are paved with cobblestones. They're very much part of the fabric of the historic heart of the city. But while the tourists may admire them, many Romans are far from keen. A local newspaper recently put it like this: "Only the tourists and the angels love the cobblestones unconditionally. The rest of us, those who have the stones under our feet or under our wheels every day, detest them, or fear them... or admire them from a distance." https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22639754 I was one of those tourists ..took more interest in them, then posing for the photo LOL ...LOL ....LOL
  5. OK....I want to go to Japan.....thanks for ruining my finances LOL
  6. Ah, wasn't notified that I got a reply. Yes, that is Arashiyama. Worth visiting!
  7. Great pics! Is that Arashiyama in Kyoto? I’ll be in Osaka and Kyoto for the special talk and Memorial this year. Hokkaido is for next time.
  8. So far: Japan (2016). Especially liked Hokkaido. Hokkaido... Kyoto... Osaka...
  9. Canadian side is definitely the side you want to visit. The New York side is behind the falls, whereas the Canadian side has a spectacular view of them. On the Canadian side, the boat is called the Hornblower. Your options are laid out for you in packages, here... https://www.niagarafallstourism.com/attraction-packages We got the Adventure Pass if I remember. We we're only staying 2 nights so time was limited and we thought it was the best one. There is an amusement park called MarineLand that's just out of town that was nice. Also, if you want to eat, you should drive 10 minutes or so north away from the touristy areas. You'll find the same restaurants but the prices are less.
  10. My favorite vacation albeit with worldly associates was when we flew to Las Vegas (as our arrival & departure place) and we went to about 6 states, 9-10 national parks and one national monument and put way over 3,000 miles on our rental car. We had already been to the north side of the Grand Canyon one other time, so this time we went to the south. Imagine being at a beautiful place and you are with people that believe in God “but also believe in evolution”. Because I didn’t feel comfortable praising Jehovah out loud I remember my eyes welling up with tears as I silently thank him for being able to see such beauty. Went back to Zion National Park (Utah) and did the river walk, and Angels Landing. Mike stopped me and had me sit down and wait for him and Mary cause they were going up further where all you have to hold on to was a chain that was nailed(?) into the rocks. Went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the Mill Iron Ranch. Our package included a horseback ride up a mountain. I was in my element there. 😁 After the ride we had a wonderful steak dinner. One steak could have fed 2 people. Went to Yellowstone. Got to see the boiling pots. Old Faithful had already blew before we got there so we just walked around looking everything over. As we were leaving Yellowstone and it was dark a big herd of buffalo was crossing the highway, we could see little babies in the headlights. Wow! That was truly amazing seeing Jehovah’s absolutely beautiful creations. If it wasn’t for the west drying up (fire danger) I would love to live out there. I love the mountains. But I’ll wait till Jehovah cleans up the earth where everything will be just right.
  11. Bob, I will be visiting Niagara Falls soon (Canadian side) on my way from Canada to US Got a GoPro 7 for “wet videos and photos” on a Hornblower ..o whatever the name of that boat is ... Excited as we are staying in a hotel top floor which overviews Niagara Falls (until now I even didn’t know such hotels existed) Any tips?
  12. My topi picks would be Seyschelles, Hawaii, Mauritius Island which included Rodrigues Island, Cruising New Caledonia (so relaxing) Any Europe trip ... but love Venice despite tourists ... Don’t have favourite they all different, for example Mediterranean Cruise was much packed then Pacific Cruises but enjoyed both equally. In July, I am going to USA and Canada, so again probably not the most relaxing holiday, but I think it’s going to be interesting. Perhaps we need sub categories to pin holidays to ( as of favourite) Ok, Poland is my favourite for food and donuts!
  13. My best vacation is all of it because my parents bear the expenses
  14. Wow, nice pictures, Lucy! I love these Japanese traditional clothes
  15. All going well, this year I hope to attend the special talk in Osaka, and the memorial in Kyoto. This time it'll be during the Cherry Blossom season, sakura. So, my best trip may be the one that's coming 😁 Some pics Bob? Would love to see what the beaches are like over your way.
  16. Those are some nice albums, both of you I've been to both Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach several times. I love the ocean. Whenever we go, we usually stop off at Luray Caverns as well. I was up at Niagara Falls a couple years ago and it was sight to see for sure.
  17. These pics include Japan Bethel, Tokyo, Kanazawa, Shirakawago, Takayama, Matsumoto and Hakone. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BP1QKMuKdfgCjeQCTu2H6WBUwLmCH-so
  18. Your pics are exquisite!!! Loved exploring the world through your lens (what big lens it is too!). Some very exotique locations I can only dream about. And some I've visited too, so lovely to view your pics and reminisce. I'll get some pics up of Japan soon.
  19. No problem, dear sister Lucy https://www.chrissy-on-tour.de/ Do you have pictures from Japan?
  20. I’d love to see some pics! My favourite trip so far is Japan in winter.
  21. What was your best vacation ever and why? I got around a lot, but my 2 best trips (I can´t decide which one was better) are: - Tansania (2011) - Costa Rica (2016) I guess I liked these two most because they impressed me so much. So many impressions of Jehovah´s creation! Such beautiful landscapes and cordial people….
  22. Looking for recommendations of suburbs or areas to rent apartment through Airbnb in San Francisco. July 2019 Which locations are safe and practical?
  23. Yes I found another Bethel tours run by brothers and booked with them ... oasis does not communicate with me . At this stage at least for me they are not reliable. (Sad but true)
  24. Found another provider ...booked it with them Excited....
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