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  2. Tested TimeWarp on GoPro7 Black today, I like it, speeds that appeal to me are x5 and x10 . x15 or more a way to fast for me ...stabilization works well.
  3. Ok, some testing done...very general (still have to test wide vs Linear mode) Distortion in wide is BIG ...does not bother me. Regular video HD settings, did not test 4K yet. Stabilization when walking 7/10 ...which is GOOD! Stabilization while running.. I have to give 8/10 because I was impressed how the background was stable. HyperSmooth is very effective GoPro isn’t shy about its capabilities, going as far as claiming that its the best in-camera video stabilisation system not just of any action camera, but of any camera. If you buy this camera for photos then, think twice because in it's design GoPro7 Black is not a photo camera, it's really made for videos. It will take decent photos, but I am fussy regarding the photo quality. (would not relay on this camera for good photos) It will take decent photos to post on social media . Transfer of media from GoPro to my phone app was good, no hassle there. From the GoPro app you can view images and footage, control the camera remotely and upload footage and images to the cloud, and you can also set up a Live connection to your chosen social account.... TBC
  4. Testing GoPro7 Black in the park today, update coming soon Likes, dislikes etc...
  5. Got GoPro7 ...initial thoughts ....battery life extremely poor (you need several batteries - they are not that expensive) Image quality ...nahhh very average. Video on "wide" setting ..fish-like ...(can live with that) Portability ..waterproof ..video stabilization are the biggest attributes. Worth the money? hmmmm....NO. I think it's overpriced. Would I buy it again ..yes ..I need waterproof camera.
  6. I am thinking of getting Go Pro 7 black for underwater shots, never had one, and it's bit expensive Any experiences with Go Pro? worth it? (not into 4K stuff - normal HD 1080 is fine with me)
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