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  2. Sometimes we get together and have seed swaps... or share the seeds we have, I think that's a great idea!
  3. Yay! I ordered seeds yesterday to go with the seeds I already have. I ordered from Pinetree Garden Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I still have seed from several other companies that I am sure are still viable, especially Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Supposed to get my trays next week and set up my shelves and lights to start. It’s not really warm enough to start outdoors here yet. Last frost for this area is first to second week of May. This will be my first garden on this property. I am soooo excited.
  4. Thank you for letting me know.. 😊 That's precisely why I posted pictures here...
  5. Rhododendron thanks to google images and wikipedia
  6. The plant was discovered in a half dead condition on a backyard of an old house I'm currently living in. Have no idea what is this? Could that be some sort of magnolia?
  7. The patch that I treated with pure vinegar has died, I'll try take a photo tomorrow
  8. I think I read that when armies wanted to get back at their enemies, they 'salted' their land so that no crops could grow..I thought it was in the Bible somewhere.. I have mixed salt and vinegar, but just high concentration of vinegar works well..
  9. I use a combination of one teaspoon degreasing dish detergent, half a cup of salt, and one gallon of vinegar and half a gallon of water. I have a backpack sprayer that I found on sale that can hold 4 gallons. I absolutely love this type of grass killer. Mainly because I can't be around the chemical stuff at all. And also because I'm environmentally conscious.
  10. Sorry about your lawn mower, we had to buy a new one last year, they're a awful price! Yes I use white vinegar as a weed killer, it's fantastic... I've seen it in the creamery, but I get the very large gallon containers in the wholesaler.. it even kills grass
  11. Unfortunately an hour after taking that photo my lawnmower died...and there's definetly not going to be a ressurection.Anybody recommend a lawnmower under 300?I'm thinking Hyundai. Is the vinegar for the weeds?do you put the compost and soil over the cardboard?
  12. I've just put a couple of raised beds in place today, nothing grows in this spot at all so I think it will be ok. I sprayed it with vinegar, tomorrow I'll cover with cardboard... then compost and soil
  13. That's a lot of grass Dane... it's my job to do here and I hate it!
  14. First Grass cut off the year...never had to do it this early before...i like it at the begining but by Autumn I'm fair tired of it...this is half of my front lawn,it takes me about 2 days to do everything.
  15. I'll take more pics this year. I fed 5 families and got what I needed out of my garden last year. Since it's not a big garden I felt good about it. Not having any potato in my limited space this year I'll have more room for other veg. I'm planning on growing a coastal melon, diverse squashes (keeper squashes because they usually sit on my counter until almost March) different cucumbers, green beans, beets (there is still one growing in there now! Plus other stuff I need to decide on. Here are some pics from today, for starters. I can't seem to resize the pics here, hope they're not to big. The 'z' shaped garden This was 4 butts of walla walla sweet onions I stuck in the ground last fall. Been cutting off them as I cook Leeks, winter hearty. I did not know beets were so hearty. I'm going to plant and harvest early then replant in July for winter harvesting. The tub of carrots I'm still picking from. I'll replant them again this year, it's a great spot for them.
  16. The skunk was eating the drowned escargot and must have gotten drunk that way. Drunk skunks are mean. It tore up all of my aluminum pie tins and tried to chase me. Couldn't run in a straight line, though.
  17. There is an expression 'drunk as a skunk' but I didn't think skunks drank alcohol..
  18. I can't garden anymore but I do so enjoy seeing the birds coming back; cardinals, always in pairs, wrens, sparrows, even saw my first robin yesterday..even enjoy the squirrels as pesky as they can be. Seems like so little wildlife around anymore..😢
  19. You have the kind of home and land I can only dream about!! So beautiful... this will be me in the new world 😍
  20. I've used beer traps, too. Once got a skunk really drunk.
  21. I second that WOW!!! Gorgeous!! I have pictures of years gone by and homes no longer … With seeds just delivered - we are hoping to once again create an oasis to retreat to ~ looking forward to the green of spring, the sound of birds and the warm of the sun and tomatoes that taste like tomatoes.
  22. We do have deer, but not so many that they would munch their way through a crop!! My main problem is slugs they can decimate a plant overnight, I use organic methods... so I put down beer traps and crushed egg shell
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