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This is a home (no pun intended) for home maintenance issues, questions, tips and hints.
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  2. For the deeper areas (6-8 inches), I would use fill dirt/clay as a fill in, but what I would also do is use some gypsum over the top, which will break down the clay down. Other thing you can use is fine lawn clippings to assist with the breakdown of the poor soil, as this will too break the clay down. Then for the top 2-3 inches, I would use topsoil/maybe with a slight mix of sand (3:1 or 4:1). Once you have laid some turf (or seeded it with grass seeds) you can use sand to even up slight ditches in the lawn. But this is not knowing exactly what the conditions of your soil is, as you do live in a another part of the globe.
  3. I have a to-do list that is so long, I think I need to live forever to see the end of it. As we the house we are living in was built in the mid-70's, there is many fix ups to do. Found some nasty cancer in one of a door jambs, which i had to cut sections of the door jamb out and replace them with pieces of steel that I had to fold into shape and pop rivet together, as I couldn't weld these due to being inside the house and timber walls being so close.
  4. Always remember - If you don't use the right screwdriver on the right screw head, you'll be screwed either way.
  5. The old (not working) dishwasher has been removed by the landlord, and replaced with one that works
  6. A mixture of soil and sand makes good fill as does just sand. The sand will filter down into the soil as time goes on leaving the soil on top. Clay will not do what sand does. It will pack and may become slick when it rains and will hard to dig in later. At least that has been my experience
  7. Would like to level my yard a bit for trip hazards and looks. If I was to raise certain areas up by 6 - 8 inches, would you use fill dirt or clay than topsoil? Thoughts?
  8. Hot wire should go to switch first, typically a black wire. The white wire or neutral goes driectly to the device. Ground, green wire or bare would go to the ground. If you wire the hot to the neutral the cassis or case could be hot. White is the current carrying ground or center tap on the trasnformer. Green is non current carrying ground. Sounds like a good way to kill someone. Switch on the neutral side would allow for power on the device and touching the device, you coul dbecome the neutral, or path to ground. That is deadly. You can buy these with GFCI testing buttons. Good to test you GFCI's, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor outlets at least once a year.
  9. As a procrastinator - I deserve an award. . . LOL I opened a small section of the exterior siding to access plumbing. That was 15 months ago. Still haven't returned the piece of siding back to where it belongs. Now, squirrels and/or chipmunk are enjoying life in the attic. I heard these creatures don't like peppermint. Also heard that shavings of Irish Spring bar soap is a deterrent. Does anyone have other non-lethal solutions? Once I know they are gone I will put that piece of siding back. That's a promise !!!
  10. I have cleared out that space I mentioned ... a while ago ... and inserted the drawers that actually was meant to be there. One more for my procrastination-list: Mount a bracket for my newly purchased cordless vacuum cleaner. I must first decide whether to hang it downstairs or upstairs ...
  11. On Saturday, I took care of drilling through mortar to hang 2 dusk to dawn lights outside garage. Used a Ryobi SDS+ hammer drill with 3/8 masonry drill 12 inches long. I made a few mistakes but got it done safely. On the light by my front door that was done first as a replacement of an older light fixture.
  12. A step closer to doing something about the dishwasher: Some time next week (but not tomorrow), I will be clearing out a small storage space for easier access. When that is done, I'll be calling ... either Bosch service or a plumber.
  13. I just said the same thing ... because my toe hurts. Vacuuming the car needs to be done before Friday. I thought yesterday that I would be doing it today ... And it’s raining a little, I think.
  14. I always keep saying: tomorrow I’ll fix it..... but when someone asks me te next day when I start..... I say.... Tomorrow 😇😂
  15. I called the car repair. He has retired! I called TWO other car repairs. Both were closed for summer. Is that possible?!! Yup. I stopped by the nearest car repair after it opened again, and I am HAPPY to report that my car will be checked in less than two weeks
  16. That sounds like a nice job for reinforced concrete for a hammer drill. I wish my dog could hear. He seems to be deaf. He can see well and smell for an older dog. I've installed some Ring cameras for exterior surveillance. All exterior cams 1080p. And installed some anti rabbit hard plastic at the bottom of pvc fence (small gaps). It was fun
  17. Hmmm. Seems I am the only actual procrastinator with a need to confess 😄 I knew I didn't make a complete list. Since I can't edit my original post, here it goes: My dishwasher has been out of order for a while now. Time to call someone ... but who? The appliance was here already when I moved in. The landlord won't do anything about it. An electrician I know says it's not his table. A plumber, maybe ... or Bosch service. Oh, and I really need to call the car repair for EU control of my lovely Honda Prelude vehicle.
  18. I have updated my studio computer. I forgot to put in on the list in my first post, but hey: Studio computer updated That satisfied feeling ... Drawers and door hinges, however ...
  19. Oh, I did so many repairs during the lockdown that some keep coming to mind. The kitchen door used to scratch the floor. Sometimes a bit of gravel got stuck and it made a horrible screeching noise. So I unmounted the door and shaved the lower end with a sander machine. The sander cost me like 20 euro and made the job much easier. It wasn't perfect, but nobody can see it anyway and now it doesn't scratch anymore.
  20. Which model do you have? Personally, I haven't gotten around to putting the jobs off ... I'm too busy putting off making the list
  21. Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately she already bought the camera some months ago and I have kept delaying it.
  22. That is good to know. I might jump right in and do the same. My Mom enjoys watching the birds and the deers and I would love for her to have an upclose view of them. Thanks for the encouragement.
  23. If you check the Wyze cameras on Amazon, they supposedly have solar power now to run them. The camera themselves is very good, but haven't tried the solar panel option yet. I plan to do so soon though.

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