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This Club is for sharing tips on planting, pruning and growing Roses. Pictures Welcome.
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  2. Oh...my...even more breathtaking with the pause function. They are ALL incredibly beautiful, but, my favorites are Dark Night 💜 and Rio Samba💜.
  3. Too much beauty for just sixty seconds, Brother Lynn. Will have to rewatch with my mouse on the pause button. Thanks for sharing the eye candy. 💜
  4. Of all those cuttings only two Grand Impression cuttings made plants and they are getting their first bloom buds. Hardwood cuttings take a long time to root.
  5. I have a number of Roses growing in the yard from cutting, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, English and Old Garden Roses. Below is a pic of two Hybrid Tea Varieties I buried in bark dust in November 2018. Early indications are that a few of them might actually make it. I will plant what ever makes it in August.
  6. A number of Rose bushes in the yard are Own Root Roses that I started from Cuttings. I have been successful with Hybrid Tea, Floribunda. Old Garden, English and Mini Roses. At the moment I have a half dozen or so Hybrid Tea hard wood cuttings buried and wintering under bark dust. I have used a similar process as described in the video below with some variations.
  7. To prevent the spread of diseases clean and disinfect your pruning shears with alcohol or bleach ahead of your first plant and between plants. This is especially important to prevent the spread of Crown Gall caused by the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The only easy way to get rid of crown gall is to destroy the bush and the soil before replanting. By destroying only the bush it takes up to 8 years for the soil to rid itself of the bacteria that causes the disease. This past year I destroyed 8 bushes and the soil because of not keeping my pruning shears disinfected. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/roses/crown-gall-in-roses.htm
  8. One important thing to remember when pruning Roses any time of the year is to clean your pruning shears with alcohol or bleach ahead of your first plant and between plants. This prevents the spread of diseases.
  9. Lets say you saw a rose in someones garden. You know the Name of the Rose but you need help finding a place to buy or order it from. Help Me Find a Rose Places to order from or just see what's available this year. I have had success from the Following growers/sellers: Edmunds Roses Jackson & Perkins Roses Weeks Roses Witherspoon Roses Heirloom Old Garden & English Roses
  10. Yes they need 2" of water per week. In normal weather I water deep once a week. In 90°F temp. I water deep twice a week. Unless you have very good drainage watering every day will contribute to root rot.
  11. We have more then 20 Roses in the garden planted 6 months ago .... with the current heat they are not doing well, and we lost 2 already. My wife is watering them daily Do Roses need a lot of water?
  12. https://www.rose.org/diseases http://www.rosemagazine.com/community/forums/23.aspx http://www.witherspoonrose.com/diseases/
  13. Yes there is a difference between Own Root Roses and Grafted Roses but the pruning is similar.
  14. Best way to kill a Rose is to over fertilize. Other resources for Fertilizing Roses https://www.heirloomroses.com/info/care/how-to/fertilize/ https://www.joyusgarden.com/ask-nell-the-best-way-to-feed-roses-organically-naturally/ Chicken Soup For Roses Recipe
  15. I had a Sterling Silver Rose in the early 80's. It was a dog of a plant but the few roses I got on it were nice. I don't think it survived the second winter. In our area it's one that you will need to plant a big group of in order to get enough blooms to equal one good bush. I have a variety of colors among the 200 or so bushes. Some roses have unique colors like Hot Coco with its burnt cinnamon coloring or the silvery blue of Sterling Silver. Pushing my mom around the garden I would stop at a pretty pink rose and she would complain, "OH, it's just a plain ole pink rose, I like the multi-color ones like Princess de Monaco/Grace Kelly." To each their own.
  16. Beautiful! My wife likes the Sterling Silver but I like roses with yellow and orange like yours.
  17. Video on soil preparation and planting Roses. For bare root roses a much bigger hole is needed.
  18. Nice Video with Dr. Keith Zary about pruning bare root roses for planting. He knows his stuff even though it is shocking to see what he recommends. https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.weeksroses.com/downloads/Videos/Niles-1.mp4

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