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A place for dancers and lovers of dance alike to share, discuss and enjoy the art of physical, emotional and musical expression!
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  2. I love the vibe of this, the young girl at 0:55 is incredible! Especially for her age.
  3. Put together a Jazz/Lindyhop playlist, since the original website looks like it's gone down. So here for anyone who is into it, basic grooves and a dictionary of moves. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSXAHz8uwnSZac5qrDYTPA2t
  4. One of the best ones I've seen in a while , wasn't expecting it to be this good.
  5. I unironically like this a bit too much Old flatfooting done to modern music becomes like a form of shuffling, lol.
  6. Updated the Popping and Locking lists (finally found replacement vids for a lot of the ones that were deleted), and also made a new seperate list for American Soul dance. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSWw-_4cwasOAwAnepBw4fPH
  7. So far I've made categories of various styles and some videos in each section, but it only just occured to me NOW to make a thread akin to the Jukebox, just to post any random dance video you might like to share! So I'll start here, posting one of my old school faves.
  8. I made a thread in music akin to this, and I'll do the same here. I can provide quite a few of the best free resources for people wanting to learn various dance styles, for free. I myself used a lot of these resources to learn over the years and have playlists (which I continue to update, sadly on a couple some videos were taken down or put on private, so I'll have to find replacement videos). Locking - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSXfDYcz7dBpE2umusc6ZdI9 Popping/Boogaloo -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSUWEka9swolvzmHypf0hCQr Hip-Hop - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSUbYm3qWgxNo-kJtmCcI7w8 House - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSVvrQH6CX6lRUU65cOFaxM_ Northern Soul - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSXwxOswT9IvWD5oMA6mhkbK Flamenco - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_6BZbn5uPSWHdcTdv9y7x_jyUh2tyF72 Michael Jackson - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQJPAsC9fcA&list=PLE1834AAEB042E92BLindyhop/Jazz - https://lindyhopmoves.com/more-lindy-hop/solo-jazz-steps/ Those were the free playlist resources. And I can also highly recomend this paid site if people wish to learn this specific style of tap. It can be a monthly fee or a one time lifetime payment. American Rhythmic Tap - https://www.tapdanceman.com/
  9. One of the oldest dance clips to be ever recorded. I wish it had sound! Looks great fun, makes you want to jump in there.
  10. So, the 60s were full of some of the wackiest yet lovable dances ever. I already posted Northern Soul as one of them, but I thought it would be fun/funny to have a thread dedicated to the 60s party and fad dances. To start off, the Nitty Gritty. The Austin Powers is strong with this one.
  11. Love these old school poppers. Wish I was at that skill level. Of all the dances, I find this stuff the hardest to learn, so much fine motor skill, muscle control and coordination, whilst also being so soulful at the same time (something a lot of modern popping lacks).
  12. So I just learned not long ago, Don Campbell aka Campellock passed away yesterday, the first originator of the Locking style. Said loss, but hopefully we'll see him again. He left quite a legacy!
  13. Hi, Brother Matthew...thank you for posting those dance videos. I'm in my 70s and was taught how to jitterbug by my mother when I was 6 years old back in the early 1950s. She would be in the kitchen with the radio playing. Rock and roll was just developing. She liked that type of music (me, too). She'd say, "Come on, Jimmy, let's jitterbug." I picked it up, and it's been my dance of choice ever since. I've been married to a nonJW since 1967...she doesn't dance but has no qualms about my dancing. I don't dance much these day, though, because there are no suitable dance venues within 100 miles of where we live.
  14. Fantastic. Looks like fun. I want to learn to do the shuffle dance. While I still have the energy.
  15. I find locking the most "naturalistic" dance for me personally, next to Lindyhop. The moves sort of naturally flow once you learn them and do them a few times. Sometimes though I look up YT playlists of the moves or videos show casing them (with the names one by one) and try to keep up. A lot of it though is learning the "foundations" and core principles of the style, from there you can just add personalised variation to all the things you've learned.
  16. Your practicing is paying off. How can you possibly remember all those moves??????
  17. Well here's some progress, I made an updated practice video It's really weird (and hard) dancing without music, lol. Would have a better groove if dancing to a live track, but added a track in to the video. (I really need a new MP3 player or something).
  18. Toni Basil was an actress and dancer from youth in the 60s, and was later famous for a song known as "Hey Mickey". What a lot of people don't know is how indepth her skill is in dance! She today still dances in her mid 70s, and moves very youthfully for her age and is quite incredible to watch considering. She is very much into the scene and knows quite a lot. She mainly doe House and Locking.
  19. I have no clue. Every time I listen to the old version of The Victory Song, I can picture the miraculously rescued people dancing for joy and praising Jehovah out of gratitude. Their long garments flowing to the beat of the tambourines. The spirit of the dance was more important than the shape...IMHO that is.
  20. So I made a topic a long time ago, however it's so old it got closed off, but I thought I'd re-open it here, and see if anyone else would have anything to add. I'll repeat the opening post here, and people are free to read through the old thread, it's not that long, only a couple posts. I'm curious whether the "real" historical dance of the Hebrews can actually be traced anywhere, or whether the dance they do today "is" that dance, a modern creation, or a false religious dance which they have only done since the Jewish reform when thety took on other practices since the days of rejecting Jesus.
  21. Guess you could say it was the same for me, as I watched him since I was 3 years old and always liked his style.
  22. Nice one, you know your stuff House dancing is cool, but I am not very familiar with it. I used to have a few breaking DVDs and also a "learn to pop" one by Poppin' Pete (or, as I recall the cover saying, "Popin Pete"). It was Michael Jackson that first got me interested in dancing, must have been around 1991/2. Dangerous had come out pretty recently, I think, and I was absolutely rinsing it on my Walkman! If only I had discovered at an early age that locking was not only MJ's thing. So many years went by before I found out! Some of my favourite dancers are Mr. Wiggles, Ken Swift, Mr. Animation, Greenteck and Crazy Legs. Greenteck is my latest discovery and he's an insanely good popper, but unfortunately his behaviour sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Seems well cocky. Seeking great things for oneself can easily lead to bad attitudes...
  23. Hey thanks @Norbro! Yeah it's cool stuff, interestingly some Chicago footwork was adopted into House too. I was only the other day looking up a couple of the moves intergrated (such as Erk and Jerk), just that the way they are perfomed changes a little to mesh into the House "flavour" and beat.

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