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  2. https://shanza07.medium.com/how-cats-help-you-emotionally-and-are-a-great-companion-of-your-loneliness-4e06d0df7908 How cats help you emotionally and are a great companion of your loneliness? Feb 11, 2021·3 min read Effects on your mental health Cat purr calms our nervous system what helps us improve our control of the emotional state, it also has a therapeutic healing ability on human bones and muscles. Cat purr generates vibrations at a frequency of 20 to 140Hz, and researches have shown that frequencies between 18–35Hz range have a positive effect on joint mobility after an injury.
  3. https://www.rover.com/blog/dogs-called-mans-best-friend/ Since dogs have been domesticated to a point where they need us to survive, and we tend to find that we need them almost as much, people and dogs developed a symbiotic relationship. Most dog owners will tell you that their dog is a family member. And having a faithful dog at home gives us a listening ear, a warm paw to hold, and even strong legs to run beside.
  4. A dog will say, 'he feeds me, he waters me, he pets me, he must be God' A cat will say, 'he feeds me, he waters me, he pets me, I must be God'
  5. Thanks Br. John for giving me the impetus to start this topic. https://jwtalk.net/topic/46920-construct-a-sentence-with-the-last-word-of-the-previous-sentence/?do=findComment&comment=854976 How Do Whales Breathe? ... whales need to rise to the surface of the water to inhale and exhale oxygen through their blowholes. While whales are known to breathe through their blowholes they are unable to breathe through their mouth because the trachea is not connected to the whales throat. This separation is important for a number of reasons. Diving To assist with long dives whales have developed special lungs that help them inhale additional oxygen and transfer it to enlarged blood vessels where it can be used by the body. According to some researchers whales are also able to use up to 90% of the oxygen they inhale as compared to humans that are only able to use around 15% of the oxygen they inhale. https://www.whalefacts.org/how-do-whales-breathe/
  6. Ok, nice small animals, but why when scrolling down to similar topics ...goulash comes up? LOL 🤣
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marsupial All extant marsupials are endemic to Australasia, Wallacea and the Americas. Close to 70% of the 334 extant species occur on the Australian continent (the mainland, Tasmania, New Guinea and nearby islands). The remaining 30% are found in the Americas—primarily in South America, thirteen in Central America, and one species, the Virginia opossum, in North America, north of Mexico.
  8. Well, what would you call a mixture of a fish and an elephant? "Fishyphant"? "Elefish"? I´ll try to explain it.... Very often I consider myself as absent-minded as my friend Dory here: But I´m also a little bit like Meena from the movie "Sing": I sing a lot, but I would never dare to do it in front of an audience (the only difference is that Meena suffers from stage fright while I simply CAN´T sing - which doesn´t prevent me from doing it). But when I first saw that character in the movie, I couldn´t help it - she reminded me of myself So, although I´d love to be a pretty proud big cat like a leopard for example, I guess I´m just a "fishyphant"
  9. https://excitedcats.com/maine-coon-size/ Maine Coons are known to be some of the biggest domestic cats there are. These cats are native to the state of Maine, where they had to face some brutally cold winters, helping them develop into a rugged breed that’s fit for any cold climate. But how big are these gentle giants compared to other house cats? In reality, some Maine Coons are actually smaller than other house cats! But that’s not necessarily the norm. Many of these cats are quite sizable. The longest Maine Coon on record was an amazing 48.5 inches from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.
  10. Sister Barbara of Switzerland. Her cat's instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/mycatdarling/ Oh what a lovely view. A balcony that overlooks a wooded area.
  11. 3. She Gives You Love Bites Some cats express their affection through love bites. You can tell the difference between a love bite and an aggressive bite by how hard she bites you. If it hurts, you better watch out. A light, playful bite that merely tickles is one way your cat lets you know she loves you. If your cat likes to nibble on your toes or arm, she wants to play with you. You are likely one of her favorite humans!
  12. Oh what a lovely name for my next cat. It's easy to pronounce also. The 'a' is pronounced as 'ah' (/a/) not 'ai' (/æ/ or /ɛɪ/). Fancy, that is one similarity between Croatian and many Asian languages. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/37283/pronouncing-a-ai-vs-ah
  13. My cat. Male. Have no name, just call him mačak (cat) 😅
  14. Ideal cats for allergy sufferers – Top 7 breeds 1. Balinese Often referred to as the “longhaired Siamese,” the Balinese looks like an unlikely candidate for a hypoallergenic cat breed. But it is one of the few breeds that produce less of the Fel D1 protein than other cats, thus causing fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.
  15. https://www.thelabradorsite.com/puppy-worms/ How to get rid of worms in puppies Although you can buy products for worming puppies, it’s always best to take them to the vet. This way you can also make sure that it isn’t another illness causing the symptoms rather than worm infestation. Take a fecal sample along as well. The vet can put this sample under a microscope and look for worms and eggs. Other tests include the fecal float, in which the sample is placed in a special solution causing worm eggs to float to the top. Not all worm infestations are obvious from a fecal sample. Tapeworm segments are only shed intermittently. Female whipworms lay eggs periodically. Once your vet knows what types of worms are lurking inside your puppy, they can prescribe the right medicine and dosage for worming puppies.
  16. My family would like to get a Siberian kitten, because they have allergy but love cats. But these cats are SOOOO expensive...
  17. https://www.petsmart.com/learning-center/dog-care/puppy-vaccinations-when-to-get-them-and-why/A0067.html Puppy Vaccinations: When to Get Them and Why In their first year of life, puppies will need to visit their veterinarian numerous times to get vaccinated for and become immunized against potentially fatal, yet preventable infectious diseases. The worst of these are Distemper and Parvo. The timing and interval between booster vaccinations is critical to ensure your puppy is protected, as their mother’s antibodies can interfere with a vaccination’s ability to mount your puppy’s own immune response. Thus, puppies need a series of vaccinations to allow their immune system to “break through” waning maternal antibody.
  18. https://www.chewy.com/frontline-flea-tick-spray-dogs-cats/dp/119351 https://www.drugs.com/vet/frontline-plus-for-dogs-puppies.html Stops and prevents infestations - Kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae - Prevents all flea stages (eggs, larvae, pupae) from developing - Prevents and controls reinfestations - Fast-acting - Long-lasting - Waterproof
  19. https://img.ifunny.co/videos/f3b9be8164150583497b6e2851ea620739e92ac206082463dbe58673f378ee4a_1.mp4 Every morning ....
  20. We have an older cats that doesn't like to drink water. For several years I have tried several ways to keep her hydrated and be able to give her liquid compound medication. A small amount of meat base baby food mixed in her water works very well, she can see and smell the water. The best thing I have found is olive oil. I put a couple of drops in her bowl of water and she loves it. I add a few drops to her wet food and sometimes I'll put a few drops on a plate by itself. She use to have a problem with constipation but the olive oil really helps.
  21. That´s not so easy to answer I´ll have to think about it a little bit longer
  22. Red panda Mei Mei at Oregon Zoo. https://www.redpandanetwork.org/2021/03/12/red-pandas-love-the-snow-and-are-well-adapted-to-it/ On clear winter days, red pandas will climb to the top of the trees to sunbathe! Thus, all of the adaptations pandas have for climbing and gripping such as the furry bottoms of their feet, pseudo-thumbs and retractable claws, and their rotating wrist bones that allow for climbing up or down headfirst...those adaptations all also help red pandas survive in snowy weather!

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