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This Club is all about Pro Audio. Hardware: Monitors, Audio Interfaces, Etc Daws,Plugins,Mixing,Editing,Mastering,Engineering Etc.
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  2. Hey bro!! sorry for my late reply. Was kind of busy and also kind of forgot this 😛 You have some examples of what you make? Greets, I.Bosman
  3. Yes, I was referring to the Pre 73 Jr. in the pic when I asked how you like the GAP 😉 What do you typically record through it - vocals, guitars..? Is it nice to run the input gain hot to get some drive and compensating by turning down the output? I am a huge fan of how saturation brings out harmonics so I'm always experimenting with how my gear sounds when it's being pushed into non-linear territory. When it comes to mics I'm a bit of a noob, I know of a few studio staples but have little experience in recording acoustic instruments as I'm a keyboard and synthesiser guy. However, since I'm into mixing I once followed an online Q&A with MJ's longtime mixer, Bruce Swedien. Apparently, the lead vocal mic used on Off the Wall, Bad and Thriller was the Shure SM7, which although dynamic like the 58 is a bit (but not that much) fancier. Wouldn't be too surprised if he used a 58 at some point though, many top artists have These days you can get a Behringer clone of the 57 (and probably 58) for € 30 or maybe less, and it's supposed to be pretty good too! Now I better get to work. Today I'm making drum sounds and loops. I hired a drummer through Fiverr.com to record a bunch of single drum hits as well as a few grooves for me and deliver them with separate files for each mic used. That way I can get different "drumkits" by mixing the tracks differently. Have a nice day, and remember to keep that highpass filter turned on to cut out the negative rumble of the world around us. ( 🎤 <--- this looks quite like a 58, by the way! Lol)
  4. USB microphones are pritty hot too right now. Quality is very good right now. Since everybody is doing things from home now. Quality From Audio Technica is very good, and Rode, Shure. Very friendly prices for a good quality Condensor mic. The best would be to get a good audio interface ofcourse. But simplest solutions is a good usb condesor mic. Greetings, Ilias Bosman
  5. i would love to try more variations of the neve kind of style. Neve preamp itself is the holy grail offcourse. i have a golden age pre amp now. pre 72jr (Not the Premier) its an emulation of the neve preamp. and yes, the sure sm58 is a beast. MJ Used it to record some of his greatest hits. Greets, Your Brother, Ilias Bosman
  6. Hey Norbro, Yes mainly Mixing Engineering, and also recording. Greets, Your Brother, Ilias Bosman
  7. I ended up getting a USB Sound Card for my headphones and mic because when using the internal analog jacks on my laptop, my sound volume when screen sharing was too low in Zoom for other people to hear even when it was unbearably loud for me. When using an external card like this one or bluetooth headphones, the shared volume is always at '100%' even if I turn them down lower. This one also has it's own volume dial. Cheaply made, but it functions just fine for my needs. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J7P0OGI/
  8. How do you like the GAP "1073"? I've always wanted to try a Neve style preamp. Once had an ART MPA 2 which was fantastic, I recorded nearly everything through it. Not a Neve kind of sound of course, I thought of it as my poor man's Culture Vulture. We had a Røde K2 large diaphragm condenser mic for a few years. It was lovely, but had to go eventually. Recently scored a trusty Shure SM58 for $30, can't go wrong with that one! For Zoom I just use the built in mic in my phone, however. But the sound from the meeting is fed through a limiter and EQ to even things out without distorting and to cut some harsh frequencies. One brother in particular has an intense voice combined with a very midrange-forward mic and it's almost painful. Pulling out some 4 kHz helps tame him 😆
  9. Logic user here. Nice to see Irmantas and Jared here! Hope you are well, guys Any new music to share? I put a couple of my bits in the Music club earlier today. Are you on ProTools, Ilias? Noticed that other thread you'd started. I have never used it personally. Had a brief encounter with Cubase when VST was being introduced, but I didn't understand it. Then it was MOTU Vision DSP for maybe a year before my Logic-using cousin taught me the ropes with it. Have tried Reaper and Bitwig, also briefly, and I have Ableton Lite as it came with a keyboard I bought. Use it mainly for sorting samples, not much else. The warping is really good though. Are you mainly into mix engineering then?
  10. Same boat, man! FL is probably one of the more welcoming DAWs out there- I remember someone noting that using it almost felt like a video game, due to its relative simplicity compared to other DAWs. The pattern/loop based structure makes it very fitting for beats/EDM stuff, but it seems not to be AS good in live instrument tracking/orchestral compositions. Also, the stock plugins are really good. 😃
  11. Oh, one thing you want to make sure of if you're using a mic that uses a TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) analog jack, if you plug them into the headset port on a laptop or phone, you may not get audio out of the speakers... on my laptop I have the TRRS mic plugged into the 3.5mm port, but because it registers as a headset I don't get audio out of my speakers. So I'm also using a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for my headphones, or I can use the audio output from my HDTV, but not my laptop's onboard speakers because it tries to route it through the headset port. There's a plethora of headset splitters/TRRS to TRS/etc adapters, I ordered one that I hope will work so I don't have to use the USB C port if I can avoid it. But that's one good reason to get one with a USB Sound Card if you're only planning to use it with a computer.
  12. They also have one with a USB Sound Card in stock. https://fifinemicrophone.com/collections/lavalier-mic-system/products/lavalier-microphone-for-pc-recording-k053 https://www.amazon.com/Lavalier-Microphone-Cardioid-Condenser-Computer/dp/B077VNGVL2 Aside from the branding, there is probably not much difference between these and one that you can buy for cheaper. I just know the Fifine ones are a good value for me. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Portable-Professional-Grade-Lavalier-Microphone-3-5mm-Jack-Hands-free-Omnidirectional-Mic-Easy-Clip-on-Perfect-for-Recording-Live/786315675
  13. Hey Guys, love the conversation, i myself currently usa a dual diaphragm condensator mic. people do tell me in zoom my mic sounds very clearly. :) i still have to get a stand for it. and i have used it for some projects too. Greets, Ilias Bosman
  14. I'll be on the look out for this one. It'll probably be back in stock eventually. I have thought of getting one but wasn't sure which one to get. It's important to have good microphone audio, especially if you're handling a meeting part. Thanks!
  15. I can recommend the Fifine mics. I have a set with a lavalier I use with my laptop for zoom meetings and a crummy 'headset' with a great mic that I hang upside down off of my desktop monitor for other uses. The quality is fairly good on these modern lavaliers. Unfortunately sold out now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08118HN2H/ https://fifinemicrophone.com/collections/lavalier-mic-system/products/fifine-mobile-lavalier-microphone-c1 However, if you can afford it (It's gone up to almost $50), the best value tabletop microphone that I know of at the moment is the Fifine K669(B) with many great youtube reviews. https://fifinemicrophone.com/products/fifine-usb-microphone-with-volume-control-669 It is the top seller on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/musical-instruments/11974651/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_musical-instruments I have the #3 top seller, which also used to be cheaper. THIS IS GARBAGE AND I HATE IT AND REGRET IT. https://www.amazon.com/Microphone-Omnidirectional-Condenser-indicator-compatible/dp/B0779PKLV9/ TL;DR Get a lavalier or a proper standing condenser.
  16. Nothing to do with microphones...LOL I run maintenance company for 10 years now, and one wing of the business does also "preventative anti-Covid-19 sanitising"
  17. In that case, it's my conclusion also that its the best (but reading again, the one I had was the regular blue yeti and not the nano version - But that one is almost as good)
  18. I use Yeti for voiceover when video editing. In that regard you can’t beat the quality of voice clarity and masking external noises. So my use is not only for zoom.
  19. I'd say the blue Yeti is overkill for zoom needs When I made my self the same question, I made a thorough search and listened to lots of reviews of microphones --> The conclusion was that the Blue Yeti was indeed the best choice But after a couple of meetings I reached the conclusion that I didn't need that and returned to Amazon, bought a lapel one and still got lots of moneys for other things ---> It's not like I was going to make vlogs or interviews or anything for audiences For the sole purpose of attending zoom meetings I really think this type is the best choice --> You can even have one for you and another for your wife Note: You don't need to have it so near the mouth - I have mine in the middle of the tie
  20. David, I use Blue Yeti Nano USB Microphone, and i like it. (would buy it again, highly recommend this product) Down Under it goes for around $158 Aussie donuts (sorry mean dollars LOL ) https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/pc-mac/peripherals/speakers-and-headphones/microphones/blue-microphones-yeti-905163/review
  21. With all the zoom and stuff... I'm thinking about getting a better mic that my built-in mic... There are some tie microphones that have great reviews on Youtube but I'd like to have your opinion on this.

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