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Beginners, Advanced.. Acrylic, Oils, Watercolor... everything welcome. Share your art and tips!!
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  2. I've been trying too. I have a long way to go till I'm as good as these.
  3. That is so so so beautiful. Can I ask.....did you have lessons or are you self taught?
  4. When the pandemic started I had some time on my hands, so I came up with a crazy idea.... try myself at painting. Looks like fun, but I had never tried it before. I started out using acrylic paints, but quickly realized oil was easier for me. Anyway I painted a few pictures throughout the summer of 2020 and then I got busy with other stuff and I haven’t got back to it. Someday. Here are just a few.....It’s nothing great but it turned out better than I expected and it was fun and relaxing. The trick is, don’t rush. I have a tenancy to rush things...it help me to relax and slow down and think
  5. Enjoy looking at the creation of watercolor artists so giving it a try myself. Still a lot to learn but we all have to start somewhere. 😊
  6. Here is another one I tried just using a palette knife and a tea spoon. I was really impressed with this technique and that it actually doesn’t look too bad. I really need to try to do some more. 😃 🎨👩‍🎨
  7. Now that brother had mentioned that interesting bit about his cherished ancestry, I just remembered my mother's brother was a gifted artist but he did only Chinese painting. My mother had taken some of paintings out of China 40 years ago but shortly after that China clamped down on any artwork being taken out of that country. Unfortunately I couldn't draw a thing to save my life. 😭 But artistic talent runs in my family. My 50 year niece was talented in that field but studied business administration in Monash University, Melbourne. Our son loved drawing when he was young but we didn't quite capitalized on his natural talent. He also showed a gift for giving student talks when he was still in the truth in his late teens. Again I was hopeless in that field. Now finally aeons later, my nephew's son is a graphics designer in UK. Very talented but none in my family is in the truth. Sad that all this while I had only concentrated on the academic side of my extended paternal family. My father the eldest in his family was adopted into a well off family so there seems to be some dissonance in familial traits. He was the son of a poor close relative.
  8. My father painted, but he preferred oil. Don’t know why … ? When growing up I often watched him paint…(I come from very artistic family, my grandmother was a director of theatre, so music, painting, acting ..were part of my upbringing ) Beautiful paintings you have produced. Love it.
  9. Start some time ago I started playing around with acrylic paint using brushes, pallet knife, spoons and other items. A lot of fun using different techniques.
  10. Made this some time ago. Haven’t done much for more than a year so looking for inspiration to start again. Love the work displayed here. So talented.
  11. Happy to be here! I’m also an artist by heart 💓 ...thanks to Jehovah for this talent!🥰 IMG_6094.MP4
  12. I've been neglecting this club 🙈 Truth is I'm really busy with commissions... I'll pop few of them here, have any of you been busy this summer with art of any kind?
  13. A new commission... this time for a photographer !
  14. Thanks for joining... I'm really looking forward to all your art, I know you make beautiful things
  15. What beautiful work everyone!! I'm very taken with the eye of your horse Annie ... very expressive - that's difficult to do. Im working on birdlife and flowers and butterflies - when I think I've improved a little I'll show you all. Hope you don't mind Annie, I've just joined your club. Lovely ideas here.
  16. I'm done at last ! The neck looks wrong but the dog was very old and wide 😅
  17. Ohhh look forward to seeing your portraits ❤️

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