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Creation, Astronomy, Physics, Math, Science...ect How does the Universe work? What can we learn about the Creator just by studying it? What if we combine biblical knowledge and science to this goal? Here you will find a lot of Physics, Math, great illustrations, links to YouTube Videos which explain in detail a topic and much more.
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  2. Awesome 👍👍. I can use this in my letter writing. Agape.
  3. So this is what our neighbourhood looks like in space. It’s so amazing that this can be known and mapped.
  4. Where 'local' means 1000 light years or so. https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/bad-astronomy-local-bubble-around-sun-mapped-for-the-first-time This was a fascinating article that makes me wonder if this is yet another protective shield around the earth at just the right time, another seeming 'coincidence'
  5. There was an Awake article that said that if there were intelligent beings somewhere else, and they did solve the issue of universal sovereignty in their civilization, then there may not be a need to take humanity through it again. We have discussed that either here or in Deep Space Zone before it closed. Frankly, I would prefer that we are the first with this issue, and when those who choose to, will take their stand to serve Jehovah, THEN we can visit life friendly planets, solar systems, or even multiverses, if they exist, and perhaps even populate them, if Jehovah allows it.
  6. Hi Brother Albert. I have no idea if there are multiple Universes or if they are populated. I don’t believe they are, but even if scientist are right.... I can’t think of anything from scripture that would rule it out.
  7. space engine can help you make great wallpapers
  8. I am on the same path with my ideas, thoughts and conceptions. And I have been doing so for a very long time, dear Vassilidis. I have not followed everything from this video at the moment. I am watching it right now. What we, as Jehovah's Witnesses, will not support is that there are any multiverse creatures in existence at this time. They will then be filled with offspring from the earth!
  9. I have found this in order to be able to imagine or understand the dimensions above our generally known 3 dimensions. In all dimensions there are different physical forces, which have different strengths. In addition there is the potentiation or accumulation of the forces, which increases from dimension to dimension. In the very highest unlimited dimension exists our creator Jehovah. This is my immaterial opinion about dimensions and spaces.
  10. I can't wait to have all the world to be able to see something like this. Scenes like this have to be away from air pollution and light pollution and have good optics to get those excellent images. One day the whole earth will be free from all forms of pollution.
  11. I found these photos of our Milky Way Galaxy GLORIOUSLY beautiful: https://earthsky.org/todays-image/photos-summer-milky-way-aug-2020? Javier Elias captured this image on August 21, 2020, and wrote: “Milky Way at Costa Ballena Beach in Chipiona, Cadiz, Spain, with Jupiter and Saturn standing out in the picture.” William Mathe captured this image on August 15, 2020, and wrote: “Hiked up to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado … just below 12,000 feet. Was greeted with a raging forest fire about 10 miles to the west. This is/was the Cameron Peak fire when it was ‘only’ 4,000 acres. It’s now more than triple that size at 17,500 acres … This is the 2nd- or 3rd-largest fire burning right now in Colorado. Took a few snaps of it at sunset with the smoke and ash raining down like a summer snow … hung around long enough to get a couple of snaps of the Milky Way. Super nasty conditions and you can see the brown clouds of smoke hanging in the valley below the rock outcrop on which I was perched.” Puya Hosseini caught this image on August 12, 2020, and wrote: “Went backpacking in the John Muir Wilderness. This shot was taken at the very end of ‘blue light’ before a terrifically clear, dark night set in. There was no wind, and Duck Lake – up at 11,000 feet elevation – was so glassy calm the Milky Way reflected in the water. Jupiter and Saturn can be seen shining bright next to the galactic core.” __________________________________________________ All the glory for this glorious creation goes to our Creator, Jehovah God.
  12. Dear friends, how do you think about the cosmos or the universe? Do you have an idea of its shape? Are there higher dimensions beyond the 3/4 D continuum?
  13. Purple Rain: a popular tune by Prince. Plasma Rain: an amazing feature of our planet's 'day' light--Jehovah's sun. Adds an entirely new meaning to the term 'sunshower'. Sharing some "sun" ny Scriptures from Psalms to 'brighten' your day: "... In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun;" (19:4) "May his name endure forever, And may it prosper as long as the sun. May people obtain a blessing for themselves by means of him; May all nations pronounce him happy." (72:17) "The day belongs to you, also the night. You made the light and the sun." (74:16) "He made the great lights, For his loyal love endures forever, 8 The sun to rule over the day, For his loyal love endures forever," (136:7, 8) "Praise him, sun and moon. Praise him, all shining stars." (148:3 )
  14. I just googled "strange lights in the sky", and got this: http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150928-ten-strange-lights-that-appear-in-the-sky Apparently there are a number of different doo hickey's up there. No wonder people in lands near or above the arctic circle have supernatural explanations for these strange sites! My guess is that it is a combination of the moving magnetic fields affecting the atmosphere up near the North Pole, along with the unique refractions of light from the sun hitting the earth at strange angles...or something. Anyway, it would make a fascinating trip - in the new system.
  15. I first found it by Googling 'three suns' phenomenon.
  16. Cool! Apparently the people who recorded the video did not know what it was. I wonder how a person who isn't previously knowing about it could look that up? If I were to google it, I might have gotten a Disney movie!!
  17. Amazing sun dog footage! Thanks for sharing, Sister Roberta. My family and I got to see a sun dog one frigidly cold Winter day while driving home from the city. Freaked us out, cuz, way back then, (pre-Wikipedia) we had no idea what we were looking at.
  18. This showed up in my facebook WHEW!!: https://www.facebook.com/happening.page/videos/731373277602549
  19. I actually bought their starter telescope and its been so great, this is a great website! 👍
  20. A Japanese company has just launched a meteor shower satellite last Friday to show off a spectacle for next year, I guess this would be the equivalent to having a fireworks show but in space. You can read the article here. https://spaceflightnow.com/2019/11/28/japanese-company-to-launch-artificial-meteor-shower-satellite/ Our night sky is getting cluttered with more and more Satellites. Here’s a video just released by the Netherlands of how polluted our sky is, in this video you will see 32 meteors, 34 airplanes and 161 Satellites. Can’t wait for the day when our night sky to be more visible without the city lights and without space junk, that will be the true spectacle to see. Jehovahs creation is the best showcase, not this manmade stuff.
  21. That's why I enjoy playing Elite Dangerous, from time to time.

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