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  2. The triangle illustration mentioned by @Dismal_Blissis the best for me. I like it even better when Jehohah is said to be at the top rather thsn the centre, because the couple should put him first, individually. He is not an equal partner. The responsibility of the husband to focus on providing for his wife in a spiritual way then becomes apparent. This link has a few ideas including the triangle one: https://myjwillustration.com/illustrations/M#topicMarriage
  3. Big floppies? 5 1/4" or 8"...? [emoji848] Just Older [emoji856]
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  5. I do agree to limit carbs during lunch time...
  6. I guess people still just want their ears tickled... not really a shocker, more and more people want God out of the picture & the people who identify as Christian (even those in the world) are either ridiculed or eventually change to fit in with their peers...
  7. The engines are the problem and manufacturer tried to compensate this with software. The engines are set slightly higher and further forward than on previous 737s. I do have a problem with 737 Max, will not fly this aircraft in the future.
  8. There’s a 91 year old elder in my congregation who’s a retired pilot and used to teach flight school. He owned his own airplane and would say this all the time. He really knows how to fly a plane.
  9. They claim that since the brothers aren't parading around all that personal and private information to courts and child abuse lawyers, they have to be something to hide. I take a little difference approach to that after thinking about it. What is that approach? Well, look at how the organization has consistently handled confidential issues. When some disfellowshipped person goes to the media because he got upset that he wasn't allowed to be a drunkard or fornicator while remaining an active member, how does the organization respond to a request for comment? They release a statement refusing to comment out of "respect for the privacy" of all parties involved. That includes NOT disclosing information that would exonerate the organization of the false allegations against it. So why would they "hide" information that would prove our innocence? They wouldn't -- and that's my point. Its about respecting privacy and the laws associated with it. So there is the consistency, in my eyes. They have a long-standing practice of honoring privacy rights and not disclosing even confidential information that would exonerate it us. So no one can really accuse of us of hiding anything. Its not like we give out private information on apostates or other former members, but are tight-lipped when it comes to potentially alleged "damaging" information.
  10. From what I've seen on Air Disasters, Smithsonian Channel, they don't teach pilots to fly the plane, they teach them to monitor a computer flying the plane. Many of the pilots in the air now have never landed a large plane with out the radar guided glide slope and many of even experienced pilots have little time and experience flying without auto pilot.
  11. Thanks for all you guys help in keeping this thread alive. @Pjdriver , @EccentricM , @1gemstone , @minister159 , @Katty , and others have contributed so much to this thread. Thank you so much. This is now the second most commented on and viewed thread in this section
  12. FYI, just deleted McAfee after making Window Defender my total antivirus protection. Spoke with a Microsoft rep who agreed that Window Defender was better than aThird Party antivirus program, he even remove it for me, I allow him to do a remote access with my laptop, and checked everything was good with my PC. Thank you again for your help.
  13. Oh how could I forget this classic? Back when songs were just about love between a man and woman and not about immoral sex. You can tell the era from the psychedelic colors/patterns.
  14. Yes, sometimes a couple can/will choose a location other than the KH for reasons not connected to qualification, availability or BOE decision ... they may simply want to get married in a garden, on a ship/boat, near the sea/ocean or keep it very private. There is nothing wrong with this.
  15. This is what I remember listening to on my transitor radio, on my way to school.
  16. I will be teaching a HOT class this Saturday - Carpets and Mats Hmmmmm ... I just noticed the "underline" is not the same color as the text Oh Well, that is a subject for a different thread
  17. Today news told of 2 holistic doctors gunned down by an 11 year old..their own son. He's been arrested and charged but no motive yet. Thing is, the victims are just as dead regardless of the age of the shooter or whether the kid understood what he was doing or not..
  18. Yes, I posted some Roy Orbison songs, including pretty woman. I was surprised when I saw an interview with his blonde haired son and he said his dad’s hair was actually blonde but he dyed it black and wore shades so nobody noticed.
  19. some.... It is a privilege to use the KH occasionally some do not qualify "if someone's courtship has not been entirely honorable - they do not get to use the KH" the local BOE has direction and will decide that locally at that point, some choose a venue - have a wedding talk by a brother and then have the reception in a nearby room...its NOT dishonorable - just maybe not the norm there could be other reasons also - ie a nearby hall has a Saturday meeting and it is not readily available for the saturday wedding the couple is attempting or it is getting remodeled.... we had this happen and the couple asked about a new hall just built -- the groom wrote a letter and included me - to the coordinator of a nearby hall and asked to use the KH turns out they got the Official Certicate of Occupancy - he called me to check on the status of the inquiring couple... later in the week He met with the local brothers and they agreed so it can be elsewhere
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  21. Personally, I am very GRATEFUL that this new file came out for the protection of our children and anyone else's children outside of the christian congregation. Wouldn't you know it that as soon as this beautiful piece of information comes out, that "you know who" has a sensational story one of the media Internet news sites about the organization hiding "files" about molester names and addresses. Hidden from the public. Am so very grateful that Jehovah in the last several weeks has been warning his people world wide that things will become worse and worse r. Lies abound and twisted to make the public and few in the congregation (stumble). I did not dare put this story in this forum (not necessarily this page), couldn't bring myself to do it cause it disgusted me how the media just twists and turns something that is organizational supported by the scriptures to do. How I look forward to the surprise G.T., when it hits! I so look forward to the end of this stinking rulers hip. I couldn't go on reading that nasty article, I found it offensive.
  22. in apple - you can change notifications in setting under the app you can choose notifications and the type of notfication you want - banner or other if this site - then we have notification setting - please review what you have previously chosen or defaulted to now as for the emails - did you mean 3k email notifications - all from the same site viewing them on your ipad or PC or iphone..... if you are viewing them in the mail app you can select the from' xyz website' then it will display only those emails then you can choose to delete all hope that helps a bit if you meant something else - just let us know
  23. You cannot have a private (limited audience) wedding in a Kingdom Hall as weddings are considered a public meeting, open to all. Even a DFd person can attend the wedding ceremony in the KH, but should/would be excluded from joining a reception party of witnesses. Wedding in a private setting are ocassionly preferred. I officiated a wedding on a lake cruise ship. It was RSVP.
  24. try keto on pinterest - thats my wifes goto she also loves substituting cauliflower rice in some of our past favorite dishes these days she also does a great stir fry with cali rice and some veggies then some eggs and maybe some protein i can eat 1-2 large portions (i love that) get and stay filled up and the meal was super healthy near 0 carbs and balanced Protein/FAT i have also come to the hard facts that <calories in =====calories out> is still a huge factor so since i love to eat a large amount of some foods - healthy still - i need to generate some calories out i am NOT a gym person so - sports - walking - bike riding - anything that helps me generate more calories going than coming in = weight loss my favorite food is PIZZA - so grab a cauliflower pizza from Walmart or Sams club - add your favorite protein or good vegetable and truly enjoy
  25. i'm tired of sandwiches and lettuce salads fried chicken - cold or warm tuna salad chicken salad i skip egg salad - for the benefit of others attending chili in a thermos - with or without rice soup/gumbo....again a good thermos sliced fruits and vegetables and pickles and cottage cold pizza - yes that one is a bit off tomato/mozzarella in a balsamic dressing - previous night tomato/cucumber in a italian dressing - previous night tried MREs - had a ton left over after disaster relief work - not that appealing - but 1 guys loved them mini--veggie platter and dips trust me i'm trying everything -- and many are working i just pinterest healthy snacks and quick lunches - from my wifes pinterest of course....lol
  26. Do any witnesses sometimes choose to get married in an outside location provided an elder takes the ceremony?
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