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  2. Hello my dear Brothers, I'm the Territory Servant for my congregation and we use the Territory Helper Program. I've been experiencing problems since last week trying to Login. Each time I attempt to Login I receive an 'Error 500' server message. I've been trying to contact "SUPPORT NETWORK" with no success or send an email. Can any Territory Servants here that use Territory Helper provide me with information or a solution to solve this Error (500) server problem or some other means of contacting the brothers at Support Network? I have certain territories I need to assign to friends for the Memorial Campaign starting Saturday March 23rd and all of our territory is in the system of Territory Helper and I cannot access anything. I need any assistance you brothers can provide me because I have to get these territories assigned to friends no later than Friday. Thanks for your help and support.
  3. What's very interesting is that this individual terror attack is developing into a catalyst for a lot of destabilization and hate. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2019/03/chelsea-clinton-blamed-by-student-for-christchurch-attack.html There's a lot of gunpowder in this story. A Muslim Somali-American Congresswoman complains about Israel's influence on American politics, which can easily and quickly construed as anti-semitism by some. The other side quickly interprets that as blatant islamophobia, even blaming such opinions for the massacre. This is a great example of how quick a political statement can explode and how important our neutrality is. EDIT: Also, expect the unexpected. The room is filled with hydrogen gas. All it needs now is a spark, or actually maybe, that's precisely what just happened, who knows.
  4. I don't know about that whole growing up thing at 30 lol 🤣 I'm 31, but mentally I think my brain got permanently stuck at 16. ❤️
  5. I've long thought that what people today often refer to as "good energy" or "bad energy" is simply the spirit of the person. The Bible makes clear we all have spirit, or energy, which Jehovah gives us. If we do good deeds, try to have good thoughts, and limit our bad associations (contact with 'bad energy'), then our spirit becomes "holy" in the sense of "in line with the Holy Spirit" (and I guess the fruitages of the Spirit are a proof of this). Likewise, Satan has a strong spirit but it is anathema to Jehovah's Spirit. So negative "emotional contagion" is just the spirit of the world, often via worldly people but it could also be from contact with actual demons directly, while "positive emotional contagion" is when we are in being influenced by Jehovah and/or those who are 'aglow with His spirit.'
  6. I don't see the problem with this terminology. I was not "born in the truth" as my dad didn't get baptised until I was 10 years old. Even still, I had no interest in learning from him for a few years after that. My kids on the other hand are "born in the truth", meaning that they were born to a set of witness parents. Likewise, they are being "raised in the truth", meaning that their God-fearing parents are inculcating Jehovah's word into them, and they are learning from Jehovah himself as well. One day I pray they will "make the truth their own" and dedicated their lives to serving him.
  7. I can usually tell when someone is feeling down, or can recognize that someone might be up to no good. "Bad associations spoile useful habits?" - "The one walking with wise persons will become wise". "Smile - it's contagious!" Well, if I am feeling positive and upbeat, it's pretty easy to wear that on me so that everyone sees it. If I am down and out, it's a struggle to fake being positive and upbeat, but I will try my best anyway
  8. I do the same thing with a couple people here. Love the diversity.
  9. Thank you Brother for this reply. I have learnt something new and you also reminded me that only the anointed enter the new covenant. There is a difference between "spiritual age of majority" and "spiritual maturity". I used that the first phrase only to mean the start of legal responsibility. So Jews were literally born into their religion then. This reminds me of Muslims. Being born into religion is a big issue in Islam. It is what they call ethnic religion. They say once born you come under Islamic laws and cannot leave Islam. If you do, you should die. It is an argument they use against Christian converts. It is so annoying. Surprisingly, I was a bit shocked when I read on some profiles here that they are born into the truth and raised in the truth. Some even say "born and raised as JW".
  10. This depends on what heaven do you mean. The bible speaks of the existence of physical heaven. When god created birds. He said "Then God said : let flying creatures fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens.” (Gen 1:20) The Bible also often refers to heaven as celestial bodies (psalms. 19: 1). But we're sure this is not kind of heaven that we are talking about. Jesus himself said "no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the Son of man". We may not imagine heaven like most followers of the Babylon. where heaven is a beautiful place filled with beautiful women. But since Jesus told us to pray 'Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.' Surely in some aspects there is a similarity between heaven and earth.
  11. self sustain just mean cannot perish naturally like humans since they were created perfect When God created the earth Satan already existed. we know the age of the earth is millions of years old. Devil and other angels could live very long if not eternally, unless they are to be destroyed by their creator.
  12. I clicked on a couple of the original song videos and they simply d/l without offering me a d/l option box If I am not mistaken - I think they may also have altered some of the icons in the "drawer" Mine now looks like this looking at it, the icon for the meetings looks to be "new and improved" - I remember I used to think that the icon looked more like a "mortar and pestle" then something from a meeting. Now, it looks like a person at a lectern.
  13. I never knew that this was a 'thing'.. I have experienced this, I just figured it was an internal sensing on my part, not a broadcast capability of someone else...interesting.
  14. Strange. I can’t remember any video being available in only one resolution. Even with old movies I have the choice of 240/360/480p.
  15. On the videos - you now have to be careful where you click In the past I could click anywhere on the video image and I would get the d/l options. Now, I have to click on the little cloud with the down arrow to get the d/l options - if I click anywhere else on the image it starts streaming the video instead of d/l Also, I only get the d/l options if the video is available in multiple resolutions. I have had some videos d/l as soon as I click on the little cloud - this tells me that they must only have one resolution and that is why no option box
  16. I'd say that view of heaven is more akin to Christendom's. Heaven is not said to be a place of pleasure and holidays, or delights. It's holy, peaceful, but I'd say it was like of a place of duty, steadfastness, order. The pleasure angels have is very different I imagine to what humans have, another context altogether. Animals are fleshy creatures, and made for those with fleshy minds to enjoy. Perhaps the way angels are entertained would be something we can't even concieve of. Heaven is not just some Earth-like place in another dimention with white walls, angels are nothing like men. Even the annointed must accept they will no longer be men or women, they'll have no sexual organs or physical sensations as we know. The best way to explain spirit creatures I'd say.. is, "disembodied" consciousness'. Even though angels can interact and even fight each other in heaven, and can take a "physical station" as it were, it would be something we don't understand fully still. Jehovah made animals on Earth I'd say, because it was "different" to heaven. If life in heaven was like life on Earth, in all respects, with animals and things like that, why bother making Earth in the first place? Just create us all as angels because they'd be no difference.
  17. Br, Jonathan, I am updating an older tablet tonight. As I am sitting here I thought about your comments. I just realized the difficulty in doing what you requested. Many people updating have their WT-Library in different stages of update. Not all update every time. So just limiting an update to specific books or a specific time period might not get all of the updates to everyone. You might be current and only need a Meeting Workbook, a magazine or two and a new invitation. But I am sitting here and updating 2018 and 2019. Your update would not work for me. We could go to an annual update base and then just update a few things but it would only be a matter of 2-3 months and we would all be out of sync again. So I guess, it is best to just load it all at one time. Unless you anticipate an intelligent "downloader" program that scans for what you need and then just loads that portion. Seems unlikely. It was a good thought though.
  18. The right hand pane now identifies which scripture verse has a reference guide entry. Makes it easier to research.
  19. Yeah Windows 10 was a big boost in loading speed for me also. That intel optane is definitely helping. It's basically a small ssd in a way that holds the important files you use most for fast loading. Great thing for a laptop.
  20. Interestingly, some other nations practiced circumcision. The Egyptians, the Edomites the moabites, and the Amorites. Except the Egyptians, all the others were closely related to the Jews through Abraham. That might have something to do with it.
  21. If they were indestructible then Matthew 25:41 and Revelation 20:10 would ring a little hollow.
  22. Hi Brother Nurzat. Baptism is not a marker or sign of spiritual maturity. You could say It is just beginning of our spiritual lives, but it wouldn’t be spiritual “maturity”. That comes after baptism, if we apply ourselves and gain knowledge and experience.... we gradually progress towards maturity. Literal circumcision was for descendants of Abraham who also came under Mosaic law and were required to be circumcised in most cases, as babies. So there was no maturity there. Regarding the new and old covenants. Only those anointed to rule in the kingdom are in the new covenant and they enter into the new covenant not through baptism but through anointing by Holy Spirit. On your other comment.....The Jews did not enter the old covenant (Mosaic law) by getting circumcised. After Moses day they were born into the that old covenant. As a nation at Mt. Sinai they agreed to become Jehovah’s special property and obey the laws. Circumcision was just one of those laws.
  23. Have you ever come into work and just the moment you stepped through the door you felt that something was “ off” or “ wrong”? Have you ever “ just known” that something was not right about a person ? A friend, spouse, brother or sister? That feeling is what is scientifically termed as Emotional Contagion. A documented psychological phenomenon in which the emotions of one person can spread throughout an entire group by various means . I myself am a strong transmitter of my personal emotions according to many around me. If ever you were in a building with me , not even knowing I was their you might have the experience of sensing either my cheerfulness or an “ ominous “ ( per one of my managers at work ) feeling on an “ off” day. This is why I make a practice of singing at work to counteract this effect personally. What do you do to project or counter “ Emotional Contagion”?
  24. Vienna is now number #1 after a 7 year run by Melbourne. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-15/melbourne-loses-most-liveable-city-crown-but-why-live-in-vienna/10120356 Just Older [emoji856]
  25. I dont understand the attachment self sustain is the definition of immortal. Angels are not immortal. Therefore, they do not self sustain.
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