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  2. I plan to just release a chapter a day. Each chapter will be about the size of the previous two. Hopefully that will be in small enough increments for you. If that is too much for you to handle, let me know, and I'll gladly send you a synopsis. It is actually more than one story in this book.
  3. I had a toy Manchester terrier/ chihuahua looks a lot like toy miniature pinscher. I don't care for the covid kind. Had my precious for 17 years. Loved her to death. Planning to have tons in the new system. 101 to be exact. RIP the divine Miss M 😭 Can't mention her without crying. My immortal beloved dog-hter Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. We're joined at the hips. Stock photo. An exact representation of my beloved except that she had a white spot on the chest. (A defect, I'm told) But I only want the defective ones. She was a dainty miss. Could jump from sofa to couch in 1 quick sprint. She didn't like Aspie husband at all. I don't use her as my avatar because it would be dead giveaway to my identity. Having such a dog is no picnic. Really feisty type of dog. The Covid variant would be just as daunting.
  4. Russia comments on US ‘religious freedom’ claims “The Americans’ categorical statement on ‘egregious violations of religious freedom’ is outrageous,” Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Gennady Askaldovich told journalists on Monday. “We must repeat again and again that there is no religious persecution in Russia. (...) The most common religion in Russia is Orthodox Christianity, which, according to a 2017 Pew Forum survey, around 70% of people say is their faith, while the country has one of the largest Muslim minorities in the world. Moscow has, however, come under fire from international groups for effectively outlawing Jehovah’s Witnesses as a religious organization. The group was termed ‘extremist’ in 2017 by the Russian Supreme Court over beliefs and activities that officials say are harmful to society. Those breaching the ruling face arrest and prosecution. However, earlier this month, the Supreme Court banned the criminal prosecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses for worshiping together. The justices said that joint prayers among members of banned religious organizations “consisting exclusively in the exercise of their right to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, including through individual or joint profession of religion…do not contain elements of extremism source: https://www.rt.com/russia/541741-comments-us-religion-freedom/
  5. Member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, Alexander Verkhovsky clarified that the Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation could positively affect Jehovah's Witnesses, which are pursued by 282 of the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. This should be the basis for revising some cases. "I think this should be the basis for the revision of the cases where the charges were made immediately in two articles. Now these people have a chance to revise the sentence in the direction of mitigation, because one part of the article should disappear. What a new court needed for this, which will solve this question, "said Verkhovsky. As for the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, which now does not consider joint services to be extremist activities, A.Verkhovsky sees in this "collision between irrevented constitutional law on collective confession of faith and participation in the prohibited organization." "- If the organization was banned, the constitutional right to collectively confess his faith from its participants did not disappear," the director of the Owl informational and analytical center stated. - And the question arises - how can they implement it so as not to get under this article? Entities wrote: if there are no actions aimed at continuing the functioning of the organization, and there are only religious activities, then this is not a crime composition. " But here questions arise, and what is considered to continue the activities of a prohibited organization? If a believer is alone reading the Bible, it is considered to be a continuation of activity? And if several believers study the Bible together, is it a crime? If they read the words of Christ recorded in the Bible - "Go Teach all nations ...." -, and together discuss them, then fall under extremist activities? It remains to hope that 28 art. The Constitution of the Russian Federation still guarantees believing freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, including the right to confess individually or together with others any religion ..., to freely choose, have and disseminating religious and other beliefs and act in accordance with them. Source: https://www.idelreal.org/a/31573576.html ( I tryed to translate the best possible resumee)
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  7. Fallout from Supreme Court ruling still occurring ONE MAY PRAY, BUT WITHOUT EXTREMISM Court overrules verdict for Jehovah's Witness from Pskov oblast The Russian judicial system is continuing to reconsider its attitude toward adherents of the religious teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses. On Friday a court in Pskov oblast cancelled the sentence of Aleksei Khabarov, who had earlier been found guilty of participating in the activity of an extremist organization. Source: https://www2.stetson.edu/religious-news/211129a.html
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  9. Well, I study coronaviruses for years... and this is my opinion as well. But... lets wait and see. we need more time Thanks for sharing this!!
  10. Dr John Campbell has some good news. He explains why some experts feel we will all get the omicron variant but will likely have mild disease. We will know if its true in 3 weeks time. Omicron good news 05:24 pretty inevitable that you are going to be exposed Now the symptoms so far from what we know from south africa tiredness headache body aches scratchy throat and dry cough 09:35 we kind of know now almost for certain that this is in europe and has been in europe for some time and has been circulating for for some time 13:58 very unlikely that a virus is going to be good at everything. So this virus can either probably use its mutations to make you sick or use its mutations to provide immune escape or use its mutations to make it more transmissible. And and it looks like the omicron variant has used all of its mutations up as it were to make it more transmissible. Therefore with it being so transmissible it's less likely that's going to make people very sick and it's less likely there's going to be a lot of vaccine escape. Now of course we don't know this for sure yet but there is precedent for this actually because if we think about if we think about the beta variant from south africa that had good immune escape. That was actually out competed by the delta variant which didn't have such good immune escape but did have very high transmissibility. So what what might happen is this omicron variant might just take over the world giving everyone really mild disease making the whole world's population immune and making this problem basically go away. So that's kind of the best case scenario that could actually happen.
  11. Wednesday, December 1 There is . . . a time to be silent.—Eccl. 3:1, 7. If we fail to control our speech, it can cause a lot of damage. For example, if you meet someone who lives in a land where our work is banned, are you tempted to ask him to give details about how our work is carried out in that country? No doubt your motives are good. We love our brothers and are interested in what is happening to them. We also want to be specific when praying for them. However, this is a time when we should hold back from speaking. If we put pressure on someone who has confidential information, we show a lack of love—both to that person and to the brothers and sisters who are relying on him to keep quiet about their activity. Certainly, none of us would want to add to the difficulties of our brothers and sisters who live in countries where our work is under ban. Similarly, no brother or sister serving in such a land would want to reveal details about how Witnesses living there conduct their ministry or Christian activities. w20.03 21 ¶11-12
  12. Don't try to join a class with the Japanese sisters. These sisters are mercenary in the way they approach a course like SKE. They come like samurai warriors all armed to tackle the job at hand namely to outshine the less disciplined fellow attendees. 😁 Ok lah, they just so well disciplined. Like other well educated Westerners they are sticklers for rules. Seems like 2nd nature to them. Case in point : they will wait patiently at road crossing until the lights changes, come hell or high water. Even if it is snowing and there is no traffic, they will wait patiently for the light to turn green. A wise move indeed. When the Proclaimers book came out, the Japanese sisters set up a schedule to read the book from cover to c in 1 month. After 20+ years since its release I have ...(look right look left, coast clear?) barely read more than 10/320 pages in all, from that very wonderfully informative book about JW history. Got to find a way to listen to the audio. That is going to take awhile. 6.30 am. Have to make a move to go see my specialist about my hearing problem.
  13. I had the first of all the full genome virus. It was not nice, it could cause at least 6 different types of COVID. Now after so many mutations the sars cov 2 seems to have changed from a Rottweiler to a pincher...
  14. No, you'll only feel the tail wagging inside you body, going thump, thump. Good doggie, sit. I'll like a toy Manchester/chihuahua if you don't mind. Alright I can't be picky? OK, just give me a thorough bred then. I can live with any variant.
  15. 10,000 posts!

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    2. Tortuga



      I have it here in my hand waiting for you...

      Homer Simpson Donut GIF

    3. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      Those who read your posts should be rewarded with a donut! After all you do have donut machine in your back yard, no?

      I was thinking of sending 2 boxes of JCO mini donuts for the dedicated nurses who tended to me for 4 days at the teaching hospital. This 1st morning at 4.30 am, I was given a sponge bath. Surprise! A male nurse did the honors. or should say, the dirty work.  My first being handled by a young handsome Indian Muslim nurse. Like Wow. He looked like one of bollywood hunks. That was the only one done by him during all 3 mornings. He was most thorough - even cleaned the dirt from my head wound. He told me so.




      The next day he cleaned the fat Muslim old lady in the bed in front of mine. 1 whole hour he took because she was diabetic and her left foot had been amputated below her knee. She also bribed him during the 2 weeks she had been there. The doctors wanted her to leave the hospital but she adamantly refused to budge. She gets free treatment because her son a Law lecturer  working for the same University, affiliated to the hospital. He is a handsome and kind bachelor. In his late 30's he was a fantastic cook and would bring food for the nurses and small portions for the wardmates. He was the only one allowed into the ward because of Covid restrictions. His siblings were allowed too. I didn't see the siblings because they come only on weekends but his mother hinted as much.

      She has become a good friend and she only knows how to use Nokia type of phone. Her son uses an expensive iphone. I will be visiting her a few months later in her house, 100 km/62 miles  away. I asked to use her phone when the old Chinese woman beside me, refused to lent me her phone. I was 3 days without my Xiaomi phone because husband didn't think of sending phone to me. When Mdm Khatijah overhead our conversation, she quickly send her phone to me. The Chinese woman couldn't speak the national language so I had to interpret for her. I'm glad I didn't harbour any resentment towards her and she bid me farewell when I was discharged. She also had a bad cough and never bothered to cover up. It is a good thing Jehovah protected from her germs. Thanking him for the small mercies and a great friendship I gained. The 4th patient is also going to Khatijah's home but during the coming festive season because Mr. Mohammad will be cooking up a storm. He stays in the federal capital, ditto myself.

      Sorry for hijacking our 2 jokers' post but you both have a sense of humor don't you? I will delete this post as soon as I done with it. Loved this facility in the side bar panel.



      No hard feeling, boys? You both have been very mischievous lads. But the ladies love you, don't we?



    4. happiness IS
  16. Any stories about animals just get me hooked. If you can, please give a brief synopsis of the story to whet my appetite to read the whole passage. I suffer from short attention span or attention deficit so it is hard to get started. I loved reading Mahatma Ghandi's biography and read every word even those few pages regarding the Hindu religion. Definitely skip those passages. A waste of time. The author of the book manages to catch the attention of the reader with an charming introductory chapter. A review
  17. Thanks..so did you send it to Trash? So does that seem to be the answer..just ignore it?
  18. Thanks..my concern is it says if I do nothing, I am still part of the lawsuit..Did you or anyone here get the same email?
  19. Theoretically, everyone who is in the "class" of Zoom users from the dates specified will get a notice. If it is decided in favor of the plaintiffs, it won't amount to much money for each one. It only amounted to something like $20-30 dollars (max).
  20. The way they eat suratrömming in the linkee videos are completely wrong and rather silly, actually. Getting together with the friends for some “surströmming” is lovely and much appreciated. Aside from the fish, you also need some fresh potatoes, sliced red onions, traditional thin crisp bread, proper butter, beer, and perhaps a shot or two of brandy. It is usually eaten outside in the sunshine with a lot of good friends.
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    • Tcvancoops

      Does anyone know a really good article or video to send to someone sick?  My friend’s mother is going to surgery on Monday to remove cancer cells and she’s terrified.  I’d love to send her something very encouraging.  Thanks!
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    • Dages

      That February WT, wow
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    • Kiku

      Which site has the most languages in the world? And why? 
      Hint˸ it's not Wikipedia (Matthew 24:14)
      Check it out and share your opinion with me ˸)
      This presentation you can publish on social networks and the statuses of your profiles. This approach will not only encourage people to visit the site, but it will make it clear that this is not just some religion and will create a number of questions.
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    • bobby

      Wall i have been doing well just had my checkup for my port for the
      Dialysis the Doc said it look good and they look at it in 2 years 
      I took some time off form playing star trek online, and they change it , 
      Been working on my yard putting in planets, desert planets, will see how long 
      If they live or not. Really i should banned for life or something 
      Got my temp scegael form the dialysis place for the holidays don't like it 
      But not much i can do about it 
          Even tho i see everyone on zoom i miss seeing people in real life 
      Been busy more than ever with meeting, serves,  and studying. 
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    • AH173

      I think I just seen "Neeta" on the new Organizational Accomplishments video today.
      With what seems to be her husband.
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    • Miss Bea

      Maybe i can get some help here. I touched this whatever in my iPad, now things are like a negative. I watched our newest update, with our dear brother Splane, being blue. 
      I have fussed with it, went to settings, and tried. The best I got was to lighten it. 
      When we go to town, I’m going to leave this at the Apple store, and pay them to fix it, if it’s not done by then. Today, I printed two letters in the ministry, white typing, black background. I have to take out the background every time I print a letter.
      it’s been interesting…
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    • Witness1970  »  walkr2

      Answering your question might be getting off-topic for that post.
      The best way to verify address is through the USPS site.  I have attached a video I created to explain the way to use USPS for verification.  Some addresses on DATA-AXLE actually do not receive mail at the address.  Sometimes people do not put-up mail boxes at their street addresses, but may get mail some other way, such as a PO Box.
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    • normaclutter

      Does anyone know of any field service (letter writing) zoom group going on right now that I can join?
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    • Old Guy  »  WilliamChew

      Here's the February 2015 Transcript for the Monthly Broadcase.
      005 - Feb 2015 Broadcast Transcript.pdf
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