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  1. I liked to watch Fixer Upper. I thought it was good that they quit while they were ahead and before they got burned out. We had 4 - all girls - but, I am not sure I would have naded a child "Crew" I recently read an article where Chip got hit by a large fine because of the way he handled existing pain on the walls of some of those pre-70's houses. Seems he didn't handle the lead remediation correctly. Now, if only they would accept the Truth.
  2. Since it is an Android tablet, I doubt an iOS update would help
  3. We used to be in the same Congregation with a Brother who was related to one of those Brothers
  4. I have talked to Brandon, Mountain Man and Brother Arellano on the Discord voice chat. We also text chat along with Cerebral Ecstacy, EccentricM, rlyem, Skyelr and a couple more. Also, it seems normaclutter and I were in the same small Congregation in Florida at one time. We were not on JWTalk at that time Additionally, another Brother and I are talking about taking a trip together. If we do, we will most likely come through New Orleans on Amtrak. We will have a layover while waiting for the next train. Who knows, if you, Katty, are near there, maybe we could meet and get a bite to eat
  5. Have you checked the amount of memory? It almost sounds like you are close to the memory limit of the tablet.
  6. I am sure that there are young people in Edinburgh, Scotland - there are young people in most cities/locations. Now, as to there being any young people there who are, not only in the Truth, but also on this Forum ...... As The Doctor (played by Tom Baker) would have said "well ...... that is a different question"
  7. I plan on using Amazon and publish on-line instead of paper.
  8. Qapla

    KH Conf

    KHConf has nothing to do with JW Talk KHConf is a service offered to Congregations for phone tie-ins for meetings. You either listen in by phone or use an electronic device with one of the apps listed in Stavro's post. You will have to find out from your Congregation what service they use. If they do not use KHConf, non of the KHConf apps will help you. You will need whatever app or program ot method that is used by YOUR Congregation. We do not know what they use. Hope this helps.
  9. As for the cameras - they are motion activated and time/date stamp the pictures. This lets the hunter know what time of day is the best time to wait for the deer. They are usually fastened to a tree with a strap that goes around the tree. It is a simple matter to see where they are aimed to make certain one is not aimed at your house. Also, most states have game laws that require hunters to be a minimum distance from houses/building for them to fire a gun. There are different laws for bow hunting. In addition, there are also regulations on how many deer and when hunters can take them. He will have to register any deer he takes from your land. You would have to make sure he properly registers any deer he takes. This would prevent him from being "in the business of supplying meat or selling meat to other people." As for the deer - I have lived on the same land for 58 years. We have deer on our land. Next door to us is a 40 acre pecan grove. It also has deer. Behind us is 3,000 wooded acres owned by a timber company. It also has deer. Our property has not been hunted on. The pecan grove has had hunting as does the 3,000 acres. In the 58 years we have been here we have not noticed the deer favoring our property over our neighbors because our land is not hunted. The deer have not avoided the grove even though hunters have taken deer there. The deer that live in this area are wild animals and have never seen Disney movies so they do not "trust" one land owner over another. They simply go where the food is. Now, a question .... if you had a pond/lake on your property and he made the same offer if you would let him fish, would you have the same concerns? Of course, he would not use a camera for fishing, but he would come there to take fresh fish. I ask because there is really no difference in fishing and hunting. Both are used to gather wild meat to eat.
  10. That must be an interesting train ride ..... I guess you have to keep some sort of seatbelt on to hold you in the seat so you don't slip sideways
  11. In addition to praying together and serving Jehovah together (meetings, service) - encourage them to do "normal, mundane" things together .... like shopping, cleaning, the dishes, etc. Let her know you want them to keep Jehovah in their marriage. I know we often speak of the "3-fold" cord. I recently had a Brother explain a "5-fold" cord that makes marriage strong. It goes like this: She should keep her life woven around Jehovah He should keep his life woven around Jehovah They should keep their life together woven around Jehovah By keeping Jehovah woven in as three of the 5 strands - that cord is unbreakable!
  12. Until I read your post I had never heard of the Honda Fit. Honda is known for making a good car. We used to have a Dodge Caliber with the CVT - ended up getting rid of the car. Seems when the tranny has problems, it is not fixable, it has to be replaced. It was not made to be taken apart without damaging it.

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