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  1. very nice I used to play sax - I have an alto - like the second from the left in the concert Looks like they have a soprano, alto, baritone and tenor in their quartet (from left to right)
  2. Qapla

    California Fires

    On the Weather Channel this morning they did mention that rain may be the only thing that will actually stop these fires ... then, they followed that up with the dim prospect that, if the rains do come, it may cause debris slides that could cause more destruction and could even take lives Sad, indeed!
  3. I have a Lenovo I got after Black Friday at Walmart for less than it was on sale for - they had a number left over Anyway, we just had our CA (BR) and it lasted all day even using the FM it has built in to listen to the program
  4. Qapla

    JW Library

    Has your Windows 10 updated? There is/was a problem with the latest update and Windows removed/halted the update but, some got the update before it was halted ☹️
  5. And ... we never know what updates may be in some of those videos and images as well as some of the other files/publications we already have loaded
  6. Wouldn't this apply to the venison as well as any other animals, domestic or wild
  7. I know chicken is a bird and brisket is beef - but aren't they both considered "Meat"?
  8. Qapla

    My off topic thread

    It was very foggy this morning and then it stayed very warm and muggy all day
  9. Qapla

    "The Eagle"

    Yes, the eagle can be a large bird However, as large as they are, they are not the largest
  10. Qapla

    "The Eagle"

    And, as birds of prey go - look where the eagle fits in Bald Eagle Great Horned Owl Red-tailed Hawk Peregrine Falcon Osprey American Kestrel When it comes to the food chain, the Eagle is the top predator of the birds, even though he is not the fastest or the largest ... is it any wonder Jehovah used him in so many scriptures
  11. Qapla

    3 D Street Art

    This may sound a bit complex but here goes ... my Brother's wife's sister's husband has two brothers that are in the art department at US Bethel. Their art background was doing wall murals on the sides of buildings
  12. I'm just glad that after today it will be over ... I am getting so tired of those political ads Hopefully, after today I won't have to keep cleaning all that mud off the TV! I sure do get tired of all those "mudslinging" ads
  13. Do you serve that dinner on these?

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