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  1. I have watched some of the matches on BBC America. I had to look up how darts are scored since I have never really played darts. It is a rather interesting scoring system I will say - I do not understand the weird way they dress and wear their hair
  2. From the time I was in my teens I did best with about 5 hours a night. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and need to use a CPAP. I need to sleep at least 4 hours per night with the mask on for my insurance to continue to pay for the machine. Some nights this just is not the case. Other nights I sleep for nearly 7 hours. If I sleep too long every night I will not only feel groggy, I will be back aches. My wife, on the other hand, is a full 8 hour a night sleeper and always has been. If she does not get her 8 hours she does not function as well. The only problem is, she tends to drop off around 8 PM if it is not meeting night and she is up at 4 AM. I usually do not get to sleep until after midnight. Please explain how or why the sleeping needs/habits of the rest of us gives you a "source of encouragement"
  3. Qapla

    Do You Roku?

    One of my daughters has the express. She has found it to work exceptionally well for streaming TV, watching Netflix and, of course, JWB I have an older Roku Stick - I have thought about getting a newer one, especially since I lost my remote, but it still works just fine - I just keep using it for JWB (I have the Roku Remote app on my tablet and phone)
  4. And this is a bad thing ? Love Bugs ARE pesky ones ...
  5. There is a difference in quoting extensive portions of an article and discussing the part(s) you find interesting - especially if you use your own words There should be no warnings if you simply explain, in your own words, the reason for the article you posted a link to.
  6. Yes - and my update went smoothly ...
  7. It looks like you used very good spiritual reasoning with this man. Part of his problem may be that he is using "secular" thinking. With that in mind, here is an illustration that may help. We all need to work to pay our bills and make ends meet. Many people seek high-paying jobs that have them work long, hard hours in a dead-end job that they really don't like. However, they continue to work at that job since it pays their bills now and has a good retirement program. However, there are some who work in a field they they really love. They go to work each day looking forward to their job. Should they quit their job and get one they hate because it is selfish to enjoy your job? The same holds true of the God we worship. Serving Him should be something we enjoy - not something we only do out of compulsion.
  8. I know there is concern about the loss of bees worldwide - bees are responsible for more pollination that any other single method. Jehovah will correct this problem. However, living where I do in Florida, we have not noticed any decline in insects. They are still bothersome when you are trying to do things outside, deafening on a warm evening and need to b cleaned off the windshield.
  9. Hows the fishin trip? When are you coming back?

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      Just shows we miss him!

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      Had a good time ...




      Tasty :thumbsup:

    4. rocket


      Gator boots.

  10. I like your new profile picture...

  11. That's the kind of weather we can have from mid-June through mid-September ... with a heat index adding another 10-15 degrees to how it feels
  12. Qapla

    16 Books

    I only see one more "almost" name ... if the sentence was worded slightly different - If the sentence, "But finally, the truth struck home to numbers of those searching. " said, "But finally, the truth struck home to numbers of those a searching. ", it would include three Bible books: "But finally, the truth struck home to numbers of those a searching." But, that is not what it says ... I think it is time for Jay to give us Bible book #16
  13. Perhaps it will include a short movie about Social Media ...

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