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  1. Actually, Dilip, you are correct - the male mosquito does not bite ... in fact, the male mosquito does not have the jaw equipment for biting animals. Then again, mosquitos don't really "bite" as much as "poke a hole". While both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant and fruit nectar, the female needs the blood to help with her eggs.
  2. Mine was available a bit earlier than that - update successful
  3. I have used this one before: Getting involved in this system is like applying for a job/career at a place that has a "Going Out Of Business" sign on the door
  4. Qapla

    Public talk

    Just keep in mind that, in mist cases, the simpler the illustration, the better it is - after all, we want people to remember the point of the illustration ... not get lost in the complexities.
  5. I noticed that none of the upgrades will make the devices cost any less ... Now THAT would be an improvement!
  6. All of mine have been sent as a link in an email
  7. Yes, I have recently taken 3 surveys One was for a skill I have actively been doing since before any quick build arrangements even existed and still do now One was for a skill I recently worked as for DIsaster Relief One for a skill I have never been used for with LDC or RBC before we had LDC
  8. With things like HDR and Photoshop many are able to attempt and have some success with doing what one of the Darkroom Masters from our are pioneered with actual photography. Jerry N. Uelsmann (born June 11, 1934) is an American photographer, and was an early exponent of photomontage in the 20th century in America. His work in darkroom effects foreshadowed the use of Adobe Photoshop to make surrealistic images in the late 20th century Uelsmann is a masterful printer, producing composite photographs with multiple negatives and extensive darkroom work. He uses up to a dozen enlargers at a time to produce his final images, and has a large archive of negatives that he has shot over the years. Uelsmann does not carry multiple attachments, but only one camera He still lives in our area. I have seen some of his work first-hand, up-close and personal. I used to be acquainted with him some in the early 1970's and was able to spend a little time in his darkroom at the University - I was never in the one at his home
  9. I just checked. My Android tablet does not have the clouds but my Windows PC does
  10. While I agree that "things" are not worth your life - if you do not or never have lived in a hurricane prone area you can't really understand the thinking of those who are willing to "weather the storm" I, for one, cannot understand how people can live in an area where earthquakes are "common" and would leave the area with the first shudder under my feet. I would pack up and find a new place to live. But, as far as I understand, people in California are "used to it" and don't pay any attention unless a quake is "high enough" on the Richter Scale. The same holds true for those who live in a "hurricane state". Many people here in Florida do not even think about evacuating for a Cat 1 hurricane. Is the smart thing - No! Is it common ....
  11. I had one daughter take statistics in school. One of the things she learned is that statistics can be made to give the result you want Let me illustrate: 10 people are asked do you prefer item A or Item B? Here are their answers A B B B B A A A A A At first glance you would conclude that item A is the prefered item - after all, 6 out of 10 prefer item A However, these same results can also be used to show that 4 out of 5 prefer item B So, it doesn't really matter what the actual result may be, a clever person can get the result they predicted/wanted/theorized/guessed/aimed for
  12. Our Hall still schedules cleaning on the weekly schedule. I do not think the Branch has given instructions for monthly scheduling, this sounds like something the local BOE has decided.
  13. My Sister-in-law's sister lives just outside Columbia, SC
  14. I hadn't really thought of that - I was thinking along the lines of it having sarcasm, pleading, beseeching, bragging .... you know, fun stuff maybe we better pick something better ...
  15. Qapla

    A new game

    (Esther 7:8) . . .The king returned from the palace garden to the house of the wine banquet and saw that Haʹman had thrown himself on the couch where Esther was. The king exclaimed: “Is he also going to rape the queen in my own house?”. . . New Word: constellation

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