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  1. I fell yesterday. In service. I was getting out of a back seat, my feet got tangled in my purse strap, and down I went. Initially, flat on my back. Then I bounced, and my head hit the ground, and it bounced. It was a hard fall. I remember as I was in the second phase, thinking, “Oh great, a two phase fall”. 

    I'm sore today. Actually pretty sore, and I did my neck no favors. At my age, it could have been life altering. Have you any idea how grateful I am? I assure you, that will not happen again. 

    I could have broken so many things. I feel like I really jarred myself. As I said, one thankful person, I am. 

    (It was my call, I went on it, then we all went home.) A long day that ended well!)

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Update. Yes, I am very thankful no parts to my body were broken. So much so, that I am grateful for the soreness I am experiencing. That, vs. broken anything. Can you imagine my hip being broken? (Shudder) 

      One of the elders phoned and checked on me. 

      Now, this I don’t know how to take. He said they were talking of having a safety meeting with our group that meets Wednesday(generally 10-12 of us) He said do you have any idea the average age of that group? Most of us in our 70’s, or realizing they are about to join us. In our 70’s. 


      All kidding aside, I am so, so thankful to Jehovah that my neck or back was not broken. So thankful. Unspeakably thankful. 

    3. Santiago2020


      Safety meeting...purse...clear...feet....firm...solid grip...roger that...holy spirit...flowing Sir. Ready to engage target

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Oh poor Miss Bea!  You are made of tough stuff!  So glad you only have bruising and nothing more serious. :flowers:

  2. It just dawned on me. My heart is in the new system. I cannot tell you why I feel that way, but I do. 

    I know we have work to do here, and now, but...hard to articulate. We have a cemetery on our land. My husbands people. His Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles cousins. Some he never met. 

    You know I want him here with me to greet them. The reality just gets closer and closer. 

    Makes not much sense, I know. Who to share it with, but you dear friends! 

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    2. Shawn


      Sister i feel the same way!  My heart is in the kingdom.  I am so done already with this world.  I long for Jehovahs kingdom so much it makes it hard to concentrate on anything else.  I think thats why I love this forum so much is because we are all so like minded.

    3. bagwell1987


      This is indeed strange because we were talking about this in service Wednesday. My thoughts are already in paradise, waiting for the resurrection to begin, sleeping well, eating good food, no pain, no fear, the animals not being afraid (wonder how long that'll take, I want to hold so many of them) Your comment about having visitors and wanting them to go home is spot on for my way of thinking as well.

    4. LeslieDean


      Restless feels like a good word.  Anticipating something so strong that I can’t get ready fast enough for it. Can not focus on other things and feeling constantly side tracked to the point of distraction from what needs to be done. 


      When i I lived in CA and knew my children or family were driving for a visit, I would start to clean the house because  I wanted everything perfect for their arrival, but also so I could spend all my time with them once they arrived.  I could not stay focused on specific tasks even though I knew they had just left Oklahoma.  I would constantly peek out the curtains to see if ‘that’s them’ if I heard a sound. 


      Once they came, I throughly enjoyed their visit and hated to see them go but at the same time I wish they would just so things could ‘get back to normal’.


      Not only do I anticipate the start of the GT and Armageddon so I can have all my questions answered re how it will go down, I can’t wait to start the restoration and find our assignments, I want the 1000 year reign to have past so we can get down To the REAL LIFE,


  3. Techie question. Is there a way to store photos on the iOS devices? I put them In albums, thinking that would work. Then I deleted one, (after taking a screen shot) and when I deleted it, it did disappear from the album. 

    Thanks, in advance for any help out there for me💖💖💖

    1. booboo


      Is it in the recently deleted file?1FDD5B3E-4411-4B22-8001-3C56F84C71D2.thumb.png.f5fc0aa202830e3ee6bd78ac8f33ea48.png

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I did a screen shot, in case it went bye- bye. I saw the potential. Thanks for your kind attention..💖

    3. booboo



  4. Insight into Bea. A dear friend of mine and I go to a jazz festival every year. Two days. We get to dance, laugh, and enjoy ourselves for that two days. (She’s 77, I’m 75) 

    For the last two years, our assemblies have been on that day. First year, mine, second year, hers. We did as we should have. Put it aside. 

    Well, we are making reservations right now! No conflicting dates, and we are tickled. 

    This is my beach buddy. We both could live there. And we both love to dance! Frivolity, I know, but, I’m smiling as I type this. 💃🏻💃🏻

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      It will be so wonderful. Jehovah’s earth has beauty today. It’s hard to imagine it perfect.  And we get to be the gardeners! Forever. It’s sort of hard to picture. A perfect earth, and, thanks to Jehovah, more perfection. Everywhere you look. Safety. 

      And dear friends💖💖💖

    3. ivy
    4. Rozannnancarrow


      Oh Bea please can I join you 

      I do miss so much my dancing 

      Ohh we can party together 3


      Bea I have good news for you 

      Finally have been approved RP 


      Oh Bea please can I join you 

      I do miss so much my dancing 

      Ohh we can party together 3


      Bea I have good news for you 

      Finally have been approved RP 


  5. Hop-Along...2650E0C3-7345-4602-A22C-474D01ED912A.thumb.jpeg.d5b6c9809ef16eea32e964ca097c630e.jpeg

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    2. bagwell1987


      He has such a sweet face, and the leg is of no consequence♥️

      Because of your pic I went to a web site for 10 of the biggest cats, my goodness, almost makes me want one! I just don't want a litter box.



    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      No. He’s one of a litter that was abandoned. Mom,, and three siblings. 

      We aleady had three cats, but knew because of his leg, they would put him down. One of his rear legs goes up, and,  backwards at the joint. It’s not fixable. He’s the sweetest cat we have ever had. We are still kicking ourselves for not keeping another out of that litter. 

      And, one of the prettiest!

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Try five. Litter boxes. Three cats. And,, they are cleaned twice a day. By my husband. 

      We rescued a pup. (Now I need rescued) Golden Lab. And our other three dogs have about had it with him. Me, too. I think one of our German Shepherds might have a doggy nervous breakdown. And I’d not blame her. While I’m in the house, I finally tied pup up. I’m going outside, so...it’s really quiet right now, and I’m wondering what our Bronco is up to. Hard telling.

      Named him Bronco because there is a LOT of stuff we have to break him from. 

      Old people should not get pups! 

  6. I’m listing to the children’s songs. One brought me to tears. It’s #41. We have a beautiful three legged kitty. A birth defect. I’ve been petting Hop-Along, and quietly thinking, “If he is still alive when the new system comes...maybe, just maybe.”. No, I tell myself, Christ’s Ransom does not cover kitties. 

    Then #41. Yes, I know it’s anticipation we have, rather then hard facts, but there is a tiny glimmer of hope...tiny. 

    1. LeslieDean


      I like to think Jehovah will take care of all. If it hurts us especially.  Have you seen the Boston Terrier in a WC on Murphy Brown?  Google it.  I saw this one and only episode and wish I had been able to see more. 

    2. LeslieDean


      My Sadie Grace is a three legged Great Pyrenees. She gets around well short distances.  I keep a ottoman at the foot of our bed for her to use to take her spot.  Sometimes she gets hung up and cry’s for our help.  It still hurts to see her struggle at times.  I don’t see Jehovah allowing that.  But I’m not privy to all he knows. 

  7. We may have a rough life sometimes, but it’s a wonderful rough life!

    1. Vinnie


      Everything including the kitchen sink can hit the fan, but when we have Jehovah , it's all ok because we know one day all the pieces will come back together and he will make it all ok.

    2. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      That's why I really love our new Year Text.


      "Do not be anxious, for I am your God."


  8. 21,000+ In email! Yep. I’ve been sort of bedridden for a week or so. I’ve got it down to under 3000! It’s a Gmail account. Anyone know how to do a, “fell-swoop” on it. Besides tried true one by one? 

    1. RichardPNZ


      21,000 emails never had that many ever.

      Delete all emails. Deleting all your emails in Gmail is simple: open Gmail, select the inbox tab you want to clear out (Primary, Promotions, etc.) and click the small empty box in the top left corner, just above the Compose button. This will select everything on the current page of your inbox.

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Okay, I will try this. Thanks. A lot!

  9. Whine time. (Wine!) My car’s tire was hit by a rock. It was down for a week. My husband came home with a new Dodge Ram, pick up. We have a new dog. And we love him. The point of all this. I really, really don’t like change. And, this happened all within a week, and, my system’s response? A case of shingles. Not a bad one, but enough to grumble. (Actually, sometimes it is bad) I went to the doctor. He was not impressed. No meds. But, I think sometimes it’s mostly internal. I did phone in for the meds today. He said if I thought I needed them...

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    2. bagwell1987


      Do not do well with change, like you. I love mundane....repetitive...consistent. It's comfortable. 

      Right now its full on holiday time, throws my work schedule out of wack, I have to focus to figger out where I'm going!

    3. RichardPNZ


      Also, it depends on the type of change a new dog is good the rest is kind of meh. I don't like change either, try to plan it if I can.

    4. Rozannnancarrow


      Oh Bea sorry  shingles not nice 

      Hope you better soon 

  10. On way home from service, (and errands) a rock hit my front tire. Flattened it. Immediately. I sat beside the road, in the dark, for an hour and a half. I prayed for safety. And, I wasn’t moved to put on my flashers, but to wait. I’d phoned Triple A, the roadside service. 

    There was a place to park, a miracle, (almost) 

    I know I didn’t have my flashers on, but a good thirty cars, even a sheriffs vehicle sailed past me. And, people know my car. That shocked me. 

    I told them at the store what happened. They will let the community know. 

    I drive a Subaru. And I know the rock hit the sidewall. Now, I get to find out if I will have to get new tires. It’s parked outside, with the sissy tire on.


    1. rlyem


      I'm sorry hearing about it miss Bea, we experience it too but thankfully there's a nearby gas station :)

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I will have to travel 2 hours on that little tire to get it fixed. Of course, this is our first rain, which we desperately needed. But, I’m not driving my husband’s big truck at night. No meeting tonight, and I hope I can get it fixed Friday. And, pretty well, no phone service. So, I will be happy with preparing. For the meeting. 

    3. MizPeg


      Preparing for the meeting can make any problem disappear,  can't it?  😕

  11. Tv on in the background. I need to remind myself, keep the iPod charged, with me, and earphones, the same. 

    This I need and want as that music tries to invade my brain.

    How I long for the very last December 25th musical observance! 

  12. If I have an extra 5 minutes, I’m a happy camper. Well, today, I have an extra hour! I leave the one clock in the house on old time to remind me! It’s not atomic...eeek, we are being bombarded with atomic something. Time I know, but, still...

  13. A plane went down in Athens Jarkata Sea. 184 people were in it, including some high individuals in the finance department in Indonesia. Not a speck of a word on the news this morning. It seems easy for them to get enveloped in a subject. And then repeat themselves. 

    1. ivy


      Reading the news this morning truly depressing... :nope:

      Still not hearing anybody survived yet... :nope:

    2. Gregexplore


      Australiaian Government issued advisory against flying Lion Air.... very sad with the loss of so many lives.. Hope brothers were not on the plane

    3. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      It is so comforting to know that Jehovah knows each person who was on that plane individually.  He knows the number of hairs on their heads, the freckles on their nose, the crinkly wrinkles that make up their smile lines, their beautiful hair and eye colors and every other aspect of them that the news media doesn't deem worthy to even report.  How much more these precious ones were worth than the sparrow. May Jehovah comfort their living relatives.  

  14. Technology...yesterday, after Service, I can’t find my phone. I did the necessary search. Then, “Go find my phone”. 

    As it ends up, I’m 9-10 miles from my phone. (It went home in the brothers car I was in for the morning) and, my iPod was 10 miles in the other direction.(Home!) 

    I’d have never imagined such would be possible, even 10 years ago. 

    I’ll get my phone at the meeting tonight! 

    1. LeslieDean


      Remember, We were just talking about this! Rick has put that tracker device on our key rings too!  I am sure it was an instant relief just to know where it is too!  So expensive to replace but I am sure it has become such a part of our life we would find a way to do so ASAP.  I have a love /hate relationship with my phone.  Hard to remember life without it.  

  15. When did the news become x-rated? Then I started thinking. Women’s products, men advertising catheters, (in the doctors office, thank you) um, men’s products.

    I remember my, “not in the truth yet”, daughter saying she was being made uncomfortable with the tv’s adds, because of her young daughters. 

    Nevermind the, “news”. 

    Its flat out disgusting.

    1. bagwell1987


      I hear you Bea. Was listening to the radio news when a young woman began to graphically describe a men's enhancement product. Had to shut off the radio! Sheesh, nothing's private anymore.

  16. Well, we’ve done it. Old people who take our blood pressure, then get concerned about results. My husband and I. 

    1. cricket246


      I do that all that time, don't feel bad. I'm thirty and my blood pressure still freaks me out sometimes...

  17. Good news. It’s beea bit since I’ve felt like if I were a horse, they’d shoot me! 

    1. Rozannnancarrow


      Hahaha  that's my saying 

  18. I’m rethinking the, “eating like a bird”. We just bought 80 pounds of bird seed. Should last us a little over a month. Or less!

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      And,  in reality, they do it, and without our help, almost all the time. I see coveys of quail below the house. They know nothing of their cousins, “on the take”, up the hill, above them. 

      I saw a mama with a bunch of birds under her wings. I thought, “Oh I have to get some bird seed down her”. Then came to my sanity. Jehovah will do well, thank you.

    3. tekmantwo


      80 pounds?...

      Well, a little olive oil, a skillet, might not be too bad....lol

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Um, part of the company at the bird feeders are big fat quail! My husband calls them, “prairie chickens”. We have to be pretty hungry, though.

  19. Okay, Ross just had a geothermal heating unit put in. For heat, we have a wood stove, and one of those kerosene heaters. 

    My husband is considering a pellet stove. (He is in his 70’s, and really tired of the 5 cords of wood a year routine. 

    Today at our lunch, we were talking about it. And a thing came up I have never heard of. I think it is called a HVAC system. Runs off of electricity. 

    Anyone familiar with it. 

    I just hate the thought of being dependent on pellets for heat! 

    Now that we have electricity...

    It’s supposed to heat in winter, cool in summer, and purify the air in the house. Sounds too good to be true to me! 

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    2. bagwell1987


      HVAC is ok, it depends on where you are. If the PUD or local electric company is competitive then it'll work. Please look into a ductless heating system.  We've had it for 3 years and we got a great tax deduction on our taxes for it. It's also forced air but much cheaper and it has air conditioning too.

      Here's a link, one of many you can research


    3. tekmantwo


      I lived with a pellet stove for a couple of years,  I can't really say I recommend then.

      It wasn't serious cold there, mid 20F at the worst and not that for any length of time. The bags were 50pnds, about $5 buxs US each, we could use a bag a day and it only heated that one room. It was noisy, it has a fan and the parts that deliver the pellets to the burn box are all electric driven. No power, no heat, no fun...

      The HVAC deal is better but having steel insert in your fireplace is the hot tip....

    4. bagwell1987


      We actually have 4 different sources of heating. Cadet in the wall (no way), Individual infrared fireplaces in each bedroom (works great) ductless Mitsubishi heat- (works great) and pellet fireplace insert (wonderful).  Our house is rather large, being a remodeled church, so we've had to adapt to alternative sources of heat.

      We got a refund for adding economical heating making it more affordable.

  20. Fires. Bad air. Main highway closed. No meetings for a few days. I hope, just a few days.

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    2. Daniel244


      I am so sorry all this is going on. Only thing to ask Jehovah is: Your kingdom come!

    3. bagwell1987


      Today the air quality was much better, wayyyy much better.

    4. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      We see that full moon and stars! Actually, we went to the coast. Expected it to be miserable here at home. Nope that beautiful full moon! 

  21. I’m 74, and I have been a part of, well, our mid week education for some time, and at this moment, I am stymied. I have the initial call, and my assistant is like 5 or 6. And, no father in her home. Any suggestions? 

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    2. rlyem


      I think its not a bother sis because she might be with her parent or grandparent to be able to get to you in ministry :)

      Or if she is a householder you can mention it sis :)

    3. JudyO


      Maybe a little friend has a father, and the young person is wondering about something? Maybe mom is dating again? Or thinking about getting married? 

    4. carlos


      Even if it's the initial call it doesn't have to be door to door witnessing. You can find some setting in informal witnessing that works.

      Bea, why don't you start a topic about this? That way many more members will read it and maybe give some useful suggestions. :)

  22. I’m home, to wonderful, wonderful blue sky and fresh air. It was so upsetting g to see ones out in the smoke, (Redding, Carr Fire) with no masks on. It was just terrible! 

    1. hatcheckgirl


      The fires are just enormous.  No way to escape the consequences of the smoke.

  23. Did it! I’m here, in Sacramento for the convention! Had to take a round about way to get here, (because of the fires, and closed highways) but it was a good drive, and I’m so thankful to be here...Tomorrow’s the day! 

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    2. SueFrog


      Ooooh! So excited for you. You have a truly wonderful spiritual feast ahead. Well done too for making the journey despite the obstacles and disruptions. 💙

    3. hatcheckgirl


      Enjoy sis!  😁:ecstatic:

    4. GrumpysWife


      We got to ours too Bea. Oh soooo wonderful. 

  24. Weird day. I have two sons. One is a brother. The, “not in the truth yet”, called about that cult show. He recognized local Kingdom Halls on national television. We had a talk about that mess.

    Then my other son called. There was a show on Fox  TV about the persecution of our brothers in Russia. He said it was positive towards us. I caught the tail end. 

    But, I, not going to watch Fox News to catch it again. 

    Like I said...

  25. For those of you with a iPhone 6, (that is what mine is) it started not holding a charge the full day. I think an update did it to me. I figured they’d fix the update. Well, they replaced the battery. Total was 52 something. 

    This offer is good until the end of the year. 25 dollars was labor...

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    2. Good-O


      Sister Bea, My mistake - I did go to Apple store in Baton Rouge and the above was what I was told.  So, I'll go back once more.  Sorry for your problems; that can be frustrating!  In our service territory we have many 'dead areas', no matter what kind of phone you have.  So if it is an emergency, I tell my family what car group I am with and then they can call one of them, or text, hoping their phone works, when mine doesn't.  I usually call home several times to make sure all is ok.  Technology!  

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I live in an area with no cell phone coverage. The only reason we can use the cell in our home is my husband set up a signal amplifier. For bars in whole house. But not dependable. It’s contingent on the quality of internet signal. Which is sketchy. If we have an important call, we have had to get in the car, travel four miles or so, down the highway, to a decent signal. (There’s is a utility pole down there that someone has written, “cell”.) 

      We have no landline. 

      The way it is. I was talking to a person about our lack of cell coverage, and the cell phone lady said they sold you a phone and you have no service there. Yep. 

    4. Rozannnancarrow


      Samsung for me miss Brea

      Well it will.be time to. Return ho me to.my husband soon 

      Don't like my Australian  culture 

      Not for me lol


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