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    Head Programmer
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    Happily married to my lovely wife Crystal
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    Northeast Ohio
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    I grew up in a divided household. My parents fought like cats and dogs, and as a result, I didn't want to hear about religion. But at 13 years old I wanted to fix my family, and so I prayed to whoever might be up there listening and purchased my first bible, a New Revised Standard Version, and began reading. In time, I became passionate over Koine Greek and translation issues, and the more I read the Bible and the deeper I dug into spiritual things, the clearer it became to me that Jehovah's Witnesses were in complete harmony with the word of God.

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    Family - doing things together with my wife and children is wonderful - a family that plays together (and prays together), stays together. I'm a Bible teacher and much of my interests center around following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:21). I'm also an internet junkie - probably not a good thing.
  • My favorite books
    God's Word, the Holy Bible (I've collected over 40 translations of this book in Hebrew, Greek, English, and Spanish).
    Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament by Jason David BeDuhn
    The Role of Theology and Bias in Bible Translation by Rolf Furuli
  • My favorite music
    Such a broad range that it is too much to list. Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Peeping Tom, Mondo Cane, and more), The Cure, Andrea Bocelli, and classical music too. Popular music is okay, until it has been played to death. Probably shouldn't mention some of these. Sadly, you have to listen to an album and weed out the bad songs on just about anything these days.
  • My favorite quotes
    And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free - Jesus at John 8:32

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  1. The content of an Open Club is visible to the world wide web including unregistered guests, but only Club Members can post. The content of a Closed Club is only visible to Club Members, and only they can post. A Private Club will not be listed in the Club Directory and cannot be found by others. The Club Owner must send invites. Remember that the JWTalk Staff can see the content of all clubs, regardless of the type, and has Leader privileges in them as well.
  2. At this time, we are limiting this privilege to Full Access Members. If you are still a Limited Access User and want to start a club, please keep participating at JWTalk. You may also talk to the Staff in the Confidential Talk Forum.
  3. Yes. Go visit the "Members" tab in your Club. There will be a gear icon next to each member. When you click that icon, you can do the following... 1. Make this member a Leader 2. Make this member a Moderator 3. Remove this member from your Club A Club Leader will have all the same authority as you do. They can moderate posts as well as manage members, including making other members moderators and leaders. You would only do this if you trusted that person well, or wanted to hand the Club over to someone else. If you abandon your club, the JWTalk Staff might assign ownership to someone else. A Club Moderator can moderate posts (pin, split, merge, move, hide, etc), but cannot manage membership. Removing a member from your club should be a last resort, as this will cause some drama and hurt feelings. Before taking this step, we recommend discussing problem members with the JWTalk Staff, as they may not qualify to be part of our larger community either.
  4. Turns out only I had the ability to see and approve Clubs. I think I have found the settings that open this up to our entire Staff. This will be good for the times when work gets busy and I disappear from JWTalk from time to time.
  5. Dismal_Bliss

    Moderating a club

    Practice makes perfect. When you start a Club, you will see that you have a measure of control over it's content. You can Pin posts, Unpin posts, Hide posts, Unhide posts, Merge posts, Merge topics, Split topics, Approve posts from members in Limited Access mode, and more. These are essentially the same controls we have throughout the board, and you have them in your club. We expect you not to abuse them. As a Club Leader, you would be expected to enforce the Forum Membership Policy. If something concerns you, you can bring it to our attention. Likewise, all members and guests can click the Report button on a post to file a complaint about it to the JWTalk Staff. And last but not least, the JWTalk Staff has authority over your Club and will be moderating posts in there just like we do in the main forums.
  6. You may notice that you can create a forum for your club by going to MANAGE CLUBS -> ADD NEW CLUB FEATURE -> TOPICS, and you may notice that you can create several of these forums. Each forum gets its own tab on your Club header/masthead. However, we recommend that you start with ONE forum, because a bunch of empty forums will likely kill your group before it even gets started. There is nothing worse than looking around and seeing a bunch of empty rooms. It conveys the idea that your Club isn't interesting because it looks like a ghost-town. When JWTalk Forums started in 2006, it was just ONE forum called the "Interchange of Encouragement". As membership grew and participation increased, we realized the need to create more forums to help categorize the various topics our members wanted to discuss. Over time, we came to the format we have today. I would strongly encourage you to treat your Club in the same manner. Start small, and then grow and add forums only as needed. When that time comes, you'll be able to MOVE topics between forums as needed. Hope this helps!
  7. I just noticed that when you click "Unread Content" there is an options for "Content Type" at the top of the page. You can uncheck "All content" and then check off which items you want to see in the stream. The gear icon will show you your clubs, but once you uncheck "All content" then those Clubs are automatically deselected like everything else.
  8. I haven't tested this yet, but it looks like you can create a custom activity stream. In the masthead at the top of the page, click Activity, and then My Activity Streams. In the drop-down menu you will see a button to "Create New Stream" (Here is a shortcut). There's a gear icon next to Content Type that represents a "Club Filter". Click it. Uncheck "All content" and then check off all the content you DO want to see (Clubs should be off by default now). Save the Activity Stream and now this will be the one you have to return to in the manner you've been doing before.
  9. Simply put, Clubs that only mirror one of our main forums. For example, we will not allow Clubs that revolve around Our Ministry, Our Meetings, or Life as a Christian. We also won't allow Clubs that are essentially another Comfort & Support forum or Clubs that discuss the News. Clubs are for specific interests that aren't theocratic in nature.
  10. There is a Donate link in the footer. But let's wait. The admins are just testing out Clubs at the moment. If we decided to keep them then we will review that plug-in and see if it's something we want to add here.
  11. Just being typing their Display Name (without the @ symbol) and a list should appear..... The more you type, the more refined the list becomes. Then you can click on the name of the person you want to invite....
  12. Especially to other fishermen 😉 I have not joined, because I want to test and see for sure that JWTalk Staff still have site-wide privileges even within Clubs.
  13. Under "Add a feature".... TOPICS creates a forum. You can add multiple forums. FILES creates an area where you can upload files for others to download. CALENDAR is something I don't really use, but should be self-explanatory, namely, for scheduling events, etc, IMAGE creates a photo gallery for the club alone. Some of the remaining options there may be visible to me only since it's my computer, lol. But I would imagine the Invite Members is available to you.
  14. So like Status Updates, Downloads, and Photos from moderated members that are awaiting approval, we get no indicator like we do for posts/topics awaiting approval. We have to remember to manually visit the "Approval Queue" to see things that are waiting for us to review. If you're waiting an unusually long time for your Club to be approved, please start a discussion in here and tag a member or two of the JWTalk Staff.
  15. I'll go poke around. As of this moment, there is no clear indicator that a Club is waiting approval on the front end.

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