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  1. I have decided not to buy Apple phones any longer, trying to transfer some movies on Iphone8+ is a pain in comparison to Samsung9+

    1. hatcheckgirl


      So, any other reasons why samsung 9+ is preferable to iphone?  I'm thinking of a new phone too... decisions decisions...


    2. Gregexplore


      Lucy .. where to start? Ok ..major reasons. Samsung  9plus has better screen ..clarity, crispness, brightness. 

      Better camera ... I really like it ( for a phone at least) 

      You can expand memory via micro card 

      Easy to transfer files.. videos, music ..etc 

      Better quality speakers .. they sound very nice. 

      From now on I will stay away from iPhone.

      My wife has iPhone 8 Plus and acknowledges advantages of Samsung 9 plus. 

      Samsung... super slow videos option .. again better then iPhone ... 


  2. Mr.Tortuga ...nice profile! :)

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    2. Tortuga


      I might leave it up for a little while but it's not very funny and I prefer something humorous. :lol2:

    3. Sheep


      Yeah. We want the turtle back here!


      Once upon a time, I tried to change my profile picture to something that looked a little more human. But one of the sisters on the forum (who has a picture of a little dog as her profile picture) complained about it and wanted the sheep back! So I finally decided to concede to her wishes. (The things I do for a cute puppy.)

    4. Gregexplore


      Real picture is better.

  3. Nice blood moon is visible here as we speak :)


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    2. Omoyeme


      I saw the ruddy-brownish moon also. So close I could almost touch it!

      Seeing this special moon had me singing to Jehovah yesterday evening: 


      "I see your wonders and I, I sing to youuuuuu! ...lol

    3. Gregexplore


      Yes...took photo.


    4. hatcheckgirl


      That's a great pic Greg! Knew you'd get a good one.  Mine from last time's blood moon was rubbish - iphone 👎

  4. Off to deliver Public Talk.. Religion's Time Of Judgment ...pray for me friends :)

    1. Good-O


      You will do great!

    2. Brenda


      Powerful talk...I would love to hear it.  You're probably through now...I know Jehovah helped you give a stirring discourse.

    3. Gregexplore


      Thank you ALL ..yes it was powerful talk ..but Jehovah amazingly carried me through!


  5. I love your kindness in your answers! :hugs:

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Thank you but I wish I was more like Gregexplore! :yes:

    2. Gregexplore


      Ok..give me some of your kindness, and I'll give you some of my straightforwardness LOL


  6. Thank you John for Gems! :thumbsup:

    1. Cort24


      Your Welcome and just remember it all Jehovah doing.

  7. You know that there is something wrong, when you try to zoom in printed photo with two fingers LOL :)


  8. I love your Avatar (:P)

    1. DavidMc


      Thanks! I like the character because he reminds me of my father who died about ten years ago. I took a screen-shot from 'Geri's Game' a Pixar cartoon film about an old man playing chess. Google Geri's Game to see a YouTube video.

    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Me, too! 

  9. How to save pictures from Watchtower Library?

  10. Congratulations John! You'll be wonderful moderator

    Your maturity will benefit this forum a lot! :thumbsup:

  11. In the city, I saw a line composed of roughly 40-50 people, lining up to get donuts from Donut Shop...the end is near..LOL :lol1:

    ( Krispy Kreme Swanston Street)

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    2. Gregexplore


      You're speechless? I thought that GT has already started..:lol1:

    3. Stormswift


      Hey! I'm often speechless ty - at night.

    4. Wren


      I thought you were going to say literature from from one of our carts 😉

  12. Wednesday
    23 May

    World Turtle Day 2018

    Congratulations Tortuga! :)

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    2. Stormswift


      Well Kajedo that would rule you out eating turtle on turtle day then as well won't it? 😂

      and... why hasn't tort answered in this status?

    3. Gregexplore


      Don't tell me he lost his sense of humor ??? :scared:

    4. Stormswift


      Think he is tired of all the attention someone of his age gets.

  13. It only takes 3 oranges to make you and others happy!


    1. RichardPNZ


      Or in your case 3 doughnuts

  14. I don’t get notifications for followed content, it’s hit and miss at the moment 


    1. Dismal_Bliss


      You have "Do not send me notifications" checked.

    2. Gregexplore


      Thanks, trying new settings. :whistling:

    3. hatcheckgirl


      Greg, you're funny :raspberry:

  15. Tortuga: more photos from your trip please :popcorn:

  16. I don't get notifications for the topics I start. If someone comments there, I simply don't know.


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    2. Vinnie


      Strange, I noticed that too.  It's almost hit and miss at times.

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I know. Then, There’s the topic I see announced as I open my iPad, never to be seen again. And I’ve searched....

    4. Lance



      check the first section of your notifications... you have the bullet ... check mark ..in the do not send me notifications option...I will let you mess with it.

      Bill is in the snail mail compound interest daily... :)

  17. Just came back from Special Metropolitan Witnessing training day, lots of changes again...Sydney and Melbourne will have same scheduling system/software going. No longer literature oriented.

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    2. ivy


      Tell us more...

    3. booboo


      Wow that is a change. But what about the Teach Us books!? Are they no longer on the carts?

    4. Gregexplore


      The dust is still settling down, and to be honest I am not sure if the Teach book will be featured. But Even if it is, it’s going to be set up light, and just Teach book on the Cart (15 copies) 

      We were told that a lot of literature is being overstocked on the Cart and being exposed to weather gets wasted. All is being very surgically streamlined. Very Spartan approach introduced. 

      We no longer feature variety of literature on one particular Cart. 

      The Cart will contain only one type of literature with limited copies. 

  18. Humor keeps us alive.Humor and food.Don't forget food.You can go a week without laughing :D

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I so agree. And, most of the time, I’m laughing at myself! 

    3. Myew


      (Nehemiah 8:12) So all the people went away to eat and to drink and to send out portions of food and to carry on a great rejoicing, for they understood the words that had been made known to them.

    4. Stormswift


      I have more rejoicing over a pav than a donut.

  19. Bug? I get notifications to the posts from 2017 ..all relating to status updates ...got around 10 of them ...something is wrong..as I write I got another one.

    1. Good-O


      Me too - and those sent to me go back to 2016 at least.  ????

    2. Dismal_Bliss


      I just looked at the Approval Queue, and realized it hasn't been touched in several years, lol. So, I just approved about a hundred old status updates, replies, file comments, and gallery comments. Unfortunately, there is no way to get a notification of such things, so we have to manually look in the queue, the link for which is kinda tucked out of sight.

    3. Miss Bea
  20. So...., who is going to press dislike reaction first? LOL :popcorn:

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    2. Vinnie


      if I dislike the dislike button and I get dislikes from others about this post about the dislike button, does that mean they dislike  the dislike button too?


      or better yet


      How many dislikes can a disliker dislike if a disliker dislikes dislikes

    3. Good-O


      I really like the new 'do-hickies' - thanks.  

    4. Myew


      :shifty: Be careful, you might regret giving me options to express my viewpoint!  (td)

      (Proverbs 15:15) All the days of the afflicted one are bad

  21. Working on photobook for my mum, lots of organizing, selecting etc..goodbye Saturday! :coffee:Although Momento software is great!

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    2. GrumpysWife


      What a loving thing to do. She's gonna love it. 

    3. Gregexplore


      She's gonna love it ...although the pain of doing it is incredible

      I use Momento books which is used by wedding photographers..quality product.

      Yes, final result will be fantastic.

    4. Good-O


      You all will enjoy this so much!  I did this many years ago while recuperating after back surgery.  I made several albums of JW pictures, about 30 years worth, and the congregation enjoys it to this day.  Your mom will be so happy.   Also made DVDs....so nice to go back to see these grown b/s when they were babies.  The KH spring cleanings and the get-to-gathers are such favorites.....some go back to the 70s.  Only sad when we see those we have  lost in death or just wandered away.  Hope to see them all one day.  Enjoy!   

  22. Your avatar cracks me up ...:lol1:

  23. My first day on a new location on Metropolitan Witnessing and the study was started ..love it! As a surprise we have been re-united with our old friend .. What a wonderful day! did not want to leave the City today.:)

  24. I am getting lots of emails from the forum from followed content (notifications) and in my option I have ticked as not to receive emails ..what I am doing wrong? :confused:

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    2. Gregexplore


      So you DO-NUT nothing ? :zipmouth:LOL

    3. Shawnster


      I checked your settings. Try to check out your followed content.  Perhaps uncheck the options to receive notifications.  It looks like you still have some options checked positive that you want notifications.  

      Carlos is better at this than I am.  He might have a solution 

    4. Gregexplore


      All seems working fine now ..I only get email notification for personal messenger which I don't mind. 

      Thanks Shawn :D

  25. Metropolitan Witnessing in Melbourne is being streamlined ..I am re-assigned to a new location.

    Big training session following soon. I love changes!

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      Oh yeah, I forgot!  Ok, next time  (I'll bring you some Krispy Creams :) )

    3. Hartley


      What is it with cart workers and coffee? In a county nearby, a young brother left the cart to get a coffee, the council grabbed the unattended cart, and now the brothers in that area can't use carts. Coffee is bad, bad.

    4. Gregexplore


      Unattended Cart? Tasmania right? LOL :lol1: no! we don't subscribe to it here.

      There is always 4 publishers with 2 carts on Metro Melbourne ..no problem sending someone to grab coffee or a donut! :)


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