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    Jehovah is indeed a God who teaches us to benefit ourselves -Is 48:17,18

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  1. another fave..heart warming from our cuties
  2. Keep building Theocratic life in your life.

  3. Attitude of Gratitude :)

    1. bagwell1987


      I am grateful for so many things. Jah is good even when times are tough.

  4. yangfu

    The Message

    Oh! How beautifully express!
  5. I appreciate deeply on how the FDS prepares every drama we have. And for the benefit of all the convention attendees and to strengthen spiritualy, how important it is to give our extra mile our time and our effort for the preparation. And Im glad and much appreciation that Ive always been part of the drama team either Im playing some char or im in the backstage assiting for the makeups and costumes. Truly wonderful experience not to mention the countless drama practice and of course the good association indeed All of us are always looking forward with the drama..right?
  6. Huge success for local public witnessing aka cart witnssing orientation this morning. Finally we are able to experienced it and its truly a wonderful experience! Praise Jah for His chariot is keep on moving, xciting times indeed!

    1. MyCookies


      That's wonderful to hear!More and more people are being reached!

  7. When we serve, we benefit - Mal 3:10

    1. LuanaGlobal
    2. SUNRAY


      Everyone benefits but our adversary!

  8. Pioneers meeting with circuit pioneers in a couple of hours!! Feeling blessed!

    1. MyCookies


      Oh,tell us how it went!

    2. carlos


      That's always a beautiful meeting, and very encouraging. Pioneers have a special place in Jehovah's heart.

  9. Gen18:1,2 A study of this account will help us to see that hospitality is not simply a matter of custom or upbringing. Rather, it is a godly quality that brings marvelous blessings.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Thank you, sister, for that kindly reminder.

    2. GrumpysWife


      I'll 2nd that Miss Bea

  10. Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.

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    2. LeslieDean
    3. JudyO


      I want a prescription for THAT medication, please.....

    4. Jewelz
  11. Be Peaceable- James 3:17

    1. paulc


      Such a powerful quality.

  12. Be remained effective like Samuel by waiting patiently on Jehovah, by faithfully keeping at his work in spite of disappointments and by showing an appreciative spirit - Heb 11:32,33

  13. We should take the initiative to commend fellow believers who are exemplary in faith and love. -Philemon 4-7

  14. Always be Rejoicing! -1Thess 4:15

  15. The best antiques are old friends!


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