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    grew up around the truth and was Bapt Feb-1992

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  1. way cool, but said to lose a job and cant trust it
  2. bobby

    California Fires

    do to the Poor air quality serves has been canceled and to stay in your home there was no school on fri for the kids
  3. bobby

    California Fires

    here is what the SR paper is reporting Butte County Sonoma County schools as wind, smoky air permeates skies
  4. bobby

    California Fires

    just saw a very light dusting of ash on my fence
  5. bobby

    California Fires

    forme yesterday and this morning
  6. bobby

    California Fires

    saw the smoke hear in santa rosa ca
  7. bobby

    My off topic thread

    i was eating my pizza and i found out that i didn't even have ice cream for afterword
  8. oh.... how i would love to
  9. Well I tried to pioneer the 30 Hrs

    I well not make it but it was fun to do it can’t

     wate tell next time

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    2. Good-O


      Brother I am so happy for you and the others who tried as well.  My cong had many who were able to aux pio this month and attend the pio meeting with our new CO. Service is such a joy and the FDS make things so easy for us whether it is door to door or grocery store, Dr office, etc, starting conversations.  In the past I did not complete my 30 hr program due to circumstances but just being out in service knowing I was doing the right thing brought joy to my heart - and I know it made Jehovah happy.  Please try it again and again.  Thanks for your comments and enjoy your service in whatever manner you choose to use.  Great job!  

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      You did your best, and Jehovah knows it. Don’t let this make you hesitate next time the opportunity comes up, and you feel it is within your capability! 

      We try, try, and try again...

    4. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      If you increased your activity at all, then you've done more than you usually do! 


      I did 4 hours in September due to a move and a number of other matters.  I managed 44 hours in October, that's a marked increase!  So if you only usually do 6 or 7 hours and did 20, then same type of deal!  Jehovah loves any time we devote to him! So good for you for trying ❤️ 


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