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  1. NW2018

    2019 Calendar

    Yes please!! I too would love to have the calendar file ~ Many thanks!!
  2. Wonderful!! Thank you so much! Does anyone have access and the ability and time to convert the PDF list of names to an Excel file? The PDFs are heavy on the toner (and my printer is functioning on very little ink right now) and was hoping to make it an excel file but don't have the program to do it. That would make this project all the easier! Many thanks to anyone considering making that happen!
  3. Thanks for the link … According to that site we share the highest on the graph with the Mormons... both at 89% … Interesting and refreshing on the stats for those with a sense of gratitude
  4. I know a couple here that have made it their first choice ~ and it would be mine if I were able. I hope that you do get to go - It would be so nice for everyone to get their choices
  5. 1. Name a Kingdom song or Original song. Give Me Courage 2. Name a prophecy from the Bible. Kingdom of God 3. Name a prophet/prophetess of Jehovah. Jonah/Deborah 4. Name a favorite scripture. Throw all your anxiety on Jehovah, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 5. Name a city or town from the Bible. Nazareth 6. Name someone with a very long name from the Bible. Nebuchadnezzar
  6. Hubby's contribution: 1. Name a Kingdom song or Original song. 123 Ever Loyal 2. Name a prophecy from the Bible. Resurrection 3. Name a prophet/prophetess of Jehovah. Elijah/Anna 4. Name a favorite scripture. Proverbs 13:20 The one walking with the wise will become wise, but the one who have dealings with the stupid will fare badly. 5. Name a city or town from the Bible. Jerusalem 6. Name someone with a very long name from the Bible. Machnadebai - an Israelite who was one of those who sent their foreign wives away in Ezra’s day
  7. You mean like when a spider smiles at me I will no longer be fearful?
  8. Thank you so much for the link and the list of interveners I watched this once - last year - into the wee hours of the night and so appreciated the procedure. Thank you for pointing me back to it - so much to learn from it and although I am by no means short on things to watch I am glad to add this back to my play list.
  9. Truthfully - my heart breaks for all those suffering at the hands of fellow man - regardless of dates - I just found myself reading it out loud to those in the room with me and then when I saw the date. But ya … it changes the pain not and appreciate these injustices in the world being brought to our attention .
  10. The link shows the story being from March of 2013?
  11. Likewise - no rings - mind you - no tattoos either - rings went on and off not much later after nearly loosing a finger - neither one of us have worn a ring since - 40 years later. ALTHOUGH … Hubby had visited a hall a few times while away for work and a sweet lady of 120 () mentioned to him that there were several available sisters - telling him that she noted he was not wearing a ring. He was flattered. And myself - I too looked for my ring when I first started attending and on my own when I realized I could be seen as misrepresenting myself - the ring is back in the jewelry box
  12. Just a note - the tattoo wedding ring need not be a bad thing though - for many their jobs make it even dangerous to be wearing a wedding ring.
  13. Ahhh! So there in lies the problem - too many wearing the wrong length of tie - adding to the trouble is an incorrect fit on the jacket. It is just down right creepy looking.

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