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Found 10 results

  1. I have not found a tablet I'm happy with that has good sound quality for showing videos at the door in the Ministry. I have bought an external speaker but it can be cumbersome. I would like suggestions for either a tablet (android preferred) or external speaker. Thank You.
  2. Well, I finally took the plunge and rooted my Nexus 10 yesterday. Talk about nerve wrecking! Got caught in a bootloop but was able to fix that and it's totally rooted. Just got to figure out what I want to do with it now. Think I'll wait till this winter on a day when we are snowed in to flash a ROM to it. I'm just glad I didn't end up bricking it. May strip it down to bare essentials, put on a few useful app's that are easy to use and give it to an older one in my congregation. Any suggestions on app's? Has anyone used Titanium Backup on their rooted tablet? Any good app's out there for rooted devices?
  3. My Samsung Tab A 8" updated today ( at meeting no less ) to Marshmallow from Lollipop. Glad I had phone with today's WT study on it. I was hoping they would jump to Nougat and bypass Lollipop.
  4. I tried updating my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1' from 4.4 to 6.01. I got it to work, however it is too new and could not access my apps that I use. Thus I am installing 5.1 right now- it is just auto installing a few apps. When done will swap backin my 64 Gb sd card then install my fav apps. Looks like it install them for me because I was signed in. Will see if need more. All but my tomtom go app.
  5. Here is a video tutorial with step by step instructions on how to study the Meeting Workbook for Our Christian Life and Ministry Meeting using Play Books. Play Books is a free app that is pre-installed on most Android devices and is also available for iOs devices and PC's. It allows highlighting and note taking amongst other features and automatically syncs information across all devices and platforms. This is what I'll be using. What app will you use to study the Meeting Workbook?
  6. So a couple weeks ago I took Verizon's offer - 7" android based tablet... Ellipsis 7 Now I need help understanding and learning how best to use it. How do I know which apps are trustworthy in the JW field? There are so many? What will help with service info? tracking time, placements, RVs, etc. I do have JW Library and JW Language already and have been able to access all materials needed for meetings. Not sure how to underline/highlight points I'd like to remember or comment on. Not sure how to add on my own personal notes. Wondering about writing a talk so it's on my tablet when I give it. Still trying to figure out playing back audios too. I know I downloaded them but can't seem to find them anywhere. Any suggestions would help me at this point! Is there a forum thread somewhere on JWtalk that has all this info already? I must not be looking in the right places if there is so please give me a link to it. Thank you all so much!
  7. Hello, I currently use Google Nexus 7 with MoonReader Pro to study epub publications. Great to highlight and underline the desired text. Having said that, I still use the hard-copy of Watchtower to write in the margin some comments i want to share at meeting. I've been looking at the Galaxy Note 10.1 to do so. To the users of Note 10.1, how and where do you write comments? Can I use the the S-Pen to write on the epub? Or what program do you use with S-Pen to record your comments? Your insight is much appreciated.
  8. Does anyone have the Evernote templates for the the Regional Convention? If so, could you please share them along with your experience in using them? Thanks.
  9. A brother in my congregation just got a Windows 8 tablet. It looks like the Microsoft Surface and is running Windows 8 Pro, so it should be possible to install Watchtower Library on the device, as well as ANY other Windows compatible program. The question is, how is this done?.... since most software comes from the store on a CD or DVD.
  10. Many people have a definite preference for the type of operating system they use on their computer. I use Windows Vista on my laptop, and recently acquired an Asus Transformer Prime tf201 running Android 4.1. My husband has an Apple iPad. I didn't know how seriously people took their OS until our household became "divided." Suddenly, everyone has an opinion! How about y'all? What is your experience with operating systems and the people who love them...or hate them? The only thing I can compare it to is the rivalry between certain football teams here in the US. (You know who you are.)

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