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My mom wrote me a long poem so I wrote her a short one back:




“Momma”, I cry. “I got hurt.” She brushes a tear from my eye while breathing a silent sigh. She kisses me tenderly and says “It will be all right”. She was right, it didn’t hurt all night.


“Momma”, I cry. “I’m so sick.” She feels my forehead and says “Oh my!”  She strokes my hair and whispers, “It will be all right.” She was right, I got well after a gallant fight.


“Momma”, I cry. “I’m so scared.” She comforts me and asks, “What caused you such a fright?” I snuggle up and said, “it was a bad, bad dream.” “There, there”, she whispers. “Dream of Paradise.


From boy to a man, I grew, and all the while I never knew the end of such love so true.


Now she lives so far away, and I often say, “Momma, are you okay?” She’s grown older as so have I. Both a bit wiser, both a bit kinder, both a little lonelier, both a little weaker. She says, “It will be okay, trust in Jehovah and keep His way.”


“Thank you, Momma”, I say and then I long to see her another day. I thank Jehovah for a Mom who cared to rear her children the true God to fear.


From Bryan

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Lovely! My mama used to comfort me with the same sayings....."if you're scared and it's dark in the middle of the night....pray to Jehovah and He will be there with you".


Now she's lost her way....and hasn't come back yet.


How wonderful that your mom is still serving Jehovah 

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We all constantly need that reassurance. Some of us can use self talk to help, but for most, that little voice inside the head is always yakking about how worthless we are, how we can't do anything right...how could we possibly be lovable.......



You're just human like the rest of us, trying to struggle through one day (or hour) at a time.


And there's something so special about mama saying "good girl!" or "good boy!"........so comforting!

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        Thanks for sharing that touching poem about your mother. Although I can not say I was particularly

close to my mother in my younger years, now that I have grown older and hopefully  somewhat wiser I

have come to appreciate so much more that my mother was. I say was because sadly three years ago

this summer she passed away, after several years battle with Dementia. That is why for some of you who

are coming to know me on this forum it is one of the reasons I have such deep concerns over Mental /

Emotional Health issues. Your poem was so touching Brian and makes me think about the time in Jeho-

vah's new system when my Mom will come back in the resurrection. What a blessed day that will be for

all of us as the dead begin to return to life. I can imagine we may feel like Jesus' disciples did when he

was first resurrected. At first kind of dumbstruck and somewhat skeptical, then with leaps of joy and hap-

pines unbounded. What a time that will be !



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