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I long for all the grand masters of Opera to be brought back, those that Jehovah will choose through his son to resurrect  One of my all time favorite tenors, non other then Luciano Pavarotti.   I just love his voice, it was the best tenor voice the 20th century ever had.  Yes, I give myself away, I love opera, (ones that don't promote death ((as most do)) but not this one.  The song:

Amor ti vieta


From the opera Fedora





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agree  :thumbsup:


 aside from his amazing talent & gifted voice,

  his expressions in music are simply beautiful.


  just wait til the resurrection when he really has something to smile about :D

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Lisa, if you like operatic music, go to Google and type in Britain's Got Talent, 2012.  Then click on Jonathon and Charlotte.  At that time they were 16 and 17. Beautiful voices.  I don't know the words they were singing but it was fantastic.


I have been missing from the forum since Oct. 29th.  I had an accident.  My dog, Buttons, got his leash wrapped around my legs and pulled me down on the sidewalk.  I had a broken hip, surgery, then a long stay in a nursing home.  I am home now, but I'm in a wheel chair.  I'm glad to be home.

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