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On 4/16/2017 at 9:26 PM, mserskine said:

where I could purchase low sodium meals that I could re heat in the oven or microwave.

I have to agree with Brother Greg, "low sodium" packaged/boxed meals can be a health risk, especially to those with medical needs.  Indeed, the best solution you can do Bro. Michael is cook your own meals.  Please, go online and look for simple recipes to start off with.  Google the phrase "simple recipes for non-cooks".  Here's one website I came by using the search engine:  http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/20770/cooking-methods/quick-easy/no-cook/dinners/.


You can also get some tips here.  Do you like salads?  They are wonderful, filling and satisfying.  Aside from the basic ingredients, one can change up salads by adding your choice of avocados, hard-boiled egg, beans, fruit. etc.  Easiest whole foods to boil are basmati rice, quinoa, oatmeal for breakfast, noodles and vegetables for starters. How about a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or a hard-boiled egg and toasted bread?  Non-cook sandwiches included tuna or protein-rich peanut-butter, lean turkey, etc.


I have a family member who's in a similar situation and I've been encouraging him to start cooking his own meals instead of eating take-away foods all the time.  With a little motivation and will--it can be done.     Wish you the best! :)

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Sister Sandra is absolutely right. There are foods that tend to be easy to prepare and some without any sodium at all. I love instant rice for something quick, it takes only 2 min in the microwave. Take canned beans (maybe black or pinto already cooked), rinse them under the tap and add to your rice with some seasoning, then add a low sodium cheese like shredded Monterrey jack. Most whole grain bread is lower in sodium, and so is tunafish & salmon, adding a light spread like Miracle Whip & mustard  + boiled eggs whites that are low in sodium, you can have a salad sandwich. If you want something sweet and light for breakfast, try granola with soy or almond milk. I really like frosted wheat as well.


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Mike, I wish I lived closer. I could cook for you like I cook for another brother here. He has sodium issues too. He has COPD, sometimes his fluid retention is horrible. I make him a tea that helps. But he doesn't like it, oh well, it works.


I could PM you, it's really easy. I can help.

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