Will the World end this month?

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Conspiracy theorists are making new claims about the end of the world coming on Sept 23 which they say are supported by the bible.


The explanation they give has been scrambled up with a few numerology theories and science fiction story lines that will surely cause any honest hearted ones still out there to dismiss what the bible actually says.


They quote Matt 24:29 about how 'the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from heaven', as they point to an eclipse that is forecast for August 21. Despite the timing of this darkened moon being immediately after the 'tribulation', if they read on in the same chapter they would read in verse 36 how nobody, not even the Son of God knows the day or the hour.


All these people actually do is discredit the bible by misusing it in this way.


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Whenever someone makes a precise prediction of what date the end of the world will be, using some kind of reasoning rather than a completely random guess, I tend to think that it can't be that date, as then they could say that they knew they day it would happen ~ and only Jehovah knows the day.

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wow Chocobro I was baptized on Sept 23rd too ... 1983 ... congrats to your wife that is awesome news.  Oh no sorry it was Sept 24th my bad ... almost though! lol. 

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