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I know KhanAcademy has some computer science content, but I don't think it gives any qualification as such.


Computer Science is the kind of subject you can often get by without any qualification in, job-wise - the 11th item on 'The Joel Test' is 'Do new candidates write code during their interview?', basically meaning it's recognised in the industry that you should test candidates' abilities when hiring them, instead of asking what qualifications they have.  A qualification in CS may be of some use, but I've never seen a job offer requiring one - they always ask for experience instead of qualifications.  And there's loads of material on YouTube covering it at every level, from stuff aimed at children to stuff aimed at professionals.


In any case, training children towards an actual job in computer science may be undesirable - I know a few brothers with such jobs, they tend to be forced to miss meetings and be unable to progress in the truth due to lack of time.  I (and a brother I knew who later became a circuit overseer) do the same thing self-employed, but of course, that allows much more control over my time, and qualifications are irrelevant - I can just learn stuff from YouTube or other websites when I need to.

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