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This afternoon was our homeschool workshop investigating the 'golden ages' of our local community. I wrote  a pre-workshop packet for the high schoolers, who are studying economics, and included a youtube featuring interviews in which folks from these parts postulate that gambling and casinos will be the financial bailout for this area. One question on the pre-lab handout was why this was not a positive answer for Christians. Since our local library has an exhibit on canals and trains (this month), all their displays are now in the public domain and I could reproduce some of the photos (checked this out with the library) and I included these in the handout. We had high winds and rain today, so I did not attempt walking the rail-trail, but last Thurs. during our midweek part, the brothers mentioned that in their relief work, they ran across the need to clear out rail trails and did so. It added to our appreciation of the input of our loving brotherhood, whether it is widely acknowledged, or not. I have walked the canal berms and rail trails and gave them some things to look for, should they choose to follow these paths. We travailed the parts that were navigable on foot.  We also went in to a local hardware store, b/c I know a person who works there and it was once a spur on the local railroad, directly providing goods.  The owner was out of town, and quite knowledgeable on these subjects as his family was involved in the railroad for generations. The staff at this store were very intrigued by our inquisitive group and gave us lots of info and shared the displays at that locale, which is right near the former train depot. I had additional photos of  historic/hysteric points that were not accessible at this moment.  In the packets, I asked each  of the high school students to write two 'problems' for the kindergartner, who is home schooling and goes on our adventures.   To be continued.........

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On one of our stops yesterday, a man told us that during canal and train eras, there were two same-denomination-protestant churches (he believes they were methdists) within very short distance of each other. One was for locals. The other was for travelers, who were considered transients. I might check that out.

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