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Tuesday, March 13 From now on you will be catching men alive.​—Luke 5:10.

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Tuesday, March 13

From now on you will be catching men alive.—Luke 5:10.

Jesus had limited time to carry out his ministry. Nevertheless, he took time to cultivate the interest people showed in the good news. For instance, Jesus taught a crowd, using a boat as a platform. On that occasion, he miraculously gave Peter a huge catch of fish and said the words of today’s text. What result did Jesus’ words and actions produce? Peter and his associates “abandoned everything and followed [Jesus].” (Luke 5:1-11) Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedrin, became interested in Jesus’ teaching. He wanted to learn more but was afraid of what others would say if he spoke with Jesus in public. Jesus was flexible and generous with his time; he met with Nicodemus at night—away from the crowds. (John 3:1, 2) God’s Son set aside time to build up the faith of individuals. Should we not be diligent in making return visits and conducting Bible studies with interested ones? w16.08 4:10, 

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