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Court forcing possible blood transfusion

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A Jehovah’s Witness girl may be forced to receive a blood transfusion against her will this weekend when she gives birth in Melbourne


... child psychiatrist Campbell Paul told the hearing he did not believe the girl had the “decision-making capacity” to be considered as having “Gillick competence” – a term used to describe whether a child can consent to their own medical treatment.

Prof Paul said the girl had “been through considerable disruption and trauma through her life” and had “transgressed a major value of her family and her community” by having pre-marital sex.

He said therefore, “you could imagine that she feels very frightened” and worried about “further punishment”.


Justice Cameron Macaulay granted Mercy Hospital the authority to give the girl a transfusion if necessary as “a last resort” but only if they first used all other strategies to stop the bleeding and obtained authority from two doctors.


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8 hours ago, Guri said:

Is there any updates about this case? Is she alright? Did they do the transfusion? How did her labir go? @Gregexplore, do you know anything about it brother? I aksed you as I know you live in Australia and you might have heard about her? 

No I don’t... Melbourne  is a big city of almost 5 million residents and many congregations.

I live in the east, and if this happened in the west I don’t cross over too often to that part of the city.

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If she is a minor, the court system has the authority to force the transfusion. It has happened before and will happen again. They do not give all the details as always. If the pregnancy was a result from pre marital sex or not is irrelevant. The decision if she is capable or not of making an informed decision is always subjective. We do our best and let the matter in Jehovah's hand. The important factor is that she is refusing the treatment. That is what Jehovah is looking at. If it is forced through a court decision, her conscience is clean before God.

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