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Have you noticed the current fashion trend?

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It's called 'half tuck', tuck part of the shirt/blouse into pants/skirt (maybe more pants than skirts), leaving the rest hanging out.

It appears the purpose of it (if there is such a thing) is to show off the brand name of the belt you're wearing... I would say... a marketing fad from some belt designers to sell more belts ??....:shrugs:


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Not sure if I understand what you mean. Over here (Oz) many let their pants sit low on their buttocks so the elastic band (usually brightly emblasened with the brand) is visible. Is that the same thing that you are describing?
Interestingly, I heard a talk that the fad of trousers hanging ridiculously low was from prisoners who had their trouser belts removed for their own safety.
Not sure why you would want to continue with that inconvenience. But there are many things in Satan's system that I don't understand. Good is Bad & Bad is Good I suppose.
I did see one band that had the day of the week brightly visible on the band. Unfortunately, it didn't match the day.
I couldn't bring myself to ask him if he was ahead of schedule or behind...
(I expect the latter...)

Older {waiting for wiser}

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It's not the same trend that you are describing.

This 'new' trend is just this: you tuck just one part of your shirt in your pant, usually the front part of your shirt, so people can see your belt, if you're wearing one. But what I have observed is that people don't wear belts anymore, so actually you just see the upper part of the pant... 

I guess people like to look 'sloppy'... this is the way Satan must be or is...


(when I say You, it's not you personally, it's generic...)

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The 1/2 tucked shirt and the men with 2 days growth beard and unkempt longish hair. Who is this attractive to? No one I've met. Pffft, see it on more and more actors.

Another irritant (sorry, mini rant) is on television programs, the guys are dressed in t-shirts and jeans and the women have 1/2 shirts, cropped shirts, plunging necklines and skin tight pants....good golly, put some cloths on.

I felt vindicated when on the show "Somebody Feed Phil" Phil was visiting a food cart and saw the scantily clad girls there, he told them to put some cloths on (like a dad would do!) Loved it.

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Purpose is to get seen when walking at night...😉

I wonder if fashion designers (for some of them) earn money because they sometimes create clothes that are unwearable... while they tend to keep a low profile themselves.

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