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Are action figuures, models, or anime plushes idols? Added to that, are wallscrolls or posters of anime characters idolizing them? Looking at my collectibles over the years and I'm unsure if this stuff is appropriate. Like the Funko of Spyro or plush of a pokemon.

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Almost anything can be an idol, if it's replacing worship or even taking time away from Jehovah.


Folk art interestingly was formed by artists who had a reverence for the scripture that tells you not to make graven images. 

So they'd picture flowers that weren't like the originals, made up. EG: pansies with only three petals instead of the usual four.

But that's taking it to the extreme. 

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Just now, Nirex said:

And if it’s doing neither but just sitting on a wall or shelf as a collectors item or fandom  item? :confused:

Same arguement with a picture of Jesus or Mary though ... it's just a picture .. it's what you do with it or how you revere it at the end of the day. 

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34 minutes ago, Stormswift said:

it's what you do with it or how you revere it at the end of the day.  

And that 's the key ...

Mario or Donkey Kong (Nintendo stuff) surly do not deserve to be put in a category of "idols" but some people can take even those "harmless" figurines to the extreme.


Interesting article:

Not All Images Are Idols. God’s law not to form images (Ex 20:4, 5) did not rule out the making of all representations and statues. This is indicated by Jehovah’s later command to make two golden cherubs on the cover of the Ark and to embroider representations of cherubs on the inner tent covering of ten tent cloths for the tabernacle and the curtain separating the Holy from the Most Holy. (Ex 25:18; 26:1, 31, 33) Likewise, the interior of Solomon’s temple, the architectural plans for which were given to David by divine inspiration (1Ch 28:11, 12), was beautifully embellished with engraved carvings of cherubs, palm-tree figures, and blossoms. Two cherubs of oil-tree wood overlaid with gold stood in the Most Holy of that temple. (1Ki 6:23, 28, 29) The molten sea rested upon 12 copper bulls, and the sidewalls of the copper carriages for temple use were decorated with figures of lions, bulls, and cherubs. (1Ki 7:25, 28, 29) Twelve lions lined the steps leading up to Solomon’s throne.—2Ch 9:17-19.
These representations, however, were not idols for worship. Only the officiating priests saw the representations of the tabernacle interior and, later, of the temple interior. No one but the high priest entered the Most Holy, and that only on the Day of Atonement. (Heb 9:7) Thus there was no danger of the Israelites’ being ensnared into idolizing the golden cherubs in the sanctuary. These representations primarily served as a picture of the heavenly cherubs. (Compare Heb 9:23, 24.) That they were not to be venerated is evident from the fact that the angels themselves were not to be worshiped.—Col 2:18; Re 19:10; 22:8, 9.
Of course, there were times when images became idols, although not originally intended as objects of veneration. The copper serpent that Moses formed in the wilderness came to be worshiped, and therefore faithful King Hezekiah crushed it to pieces. (Nu 21:9; 2Ki 18:1, 4) The ephod made by Judge Gideon became “a snare” to him and to his household.—Jg 8:27.


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Hi Regina,


When it comes to action figures, models, anime plushes, wall scrolls, posters, etc, there are certain things we can consider to first train our conscience and then this can help us determine how Jehovah views such things. For example, you could:

  • Research about what exactly Jehovah considers an "idol"?  In the WT Library you can use search words like "Idols" or "Idolatry". For example, when researching "idols" there is a sub-topic called "Meaning of Term" and then it cites this article:

*** w93 1/15 p. 20 Why Guard Against Idolatry? ***
What Idolatry Is
Generally, idolatry involves a ceremony or a ritual. Idolatry is the veneration, love, worship, or adoration of an idol. And what is an idol? It is an image, a representation of something, or a symbol, that is an object of devotion. Usually, idolatry is directed toward a real or supposed higher power believed to have animate existence (a human, an animal, or an organization). But idolatry can also be practiced with regard to things inanimate (a force or a lifeless object of nature).

So you will find some excellent information and principles when researching about "Idols" and "Idolatry" which will help with getting Jehovah's view. But to further train our conscience, we need to understand whether there might be any other factors/reasons we need to consider that might make certain posters, action figures, models, anime plushes, etc, not proper for us as Christians. So for example, we could:

  • Research on the WT Library using search words like "images" and "posters". You can even try other search words that might provide more principles concerning anime plushes. For example, you could research "toys". Why research toys? Because while many toys can be fun, some toys may not be proper for Christians. So maybe there are certain principles when researching about toys that would help you to see how Jehovah may view "anime plushes". I am not saying anime plushes are good or bad, but here is an example of an article that can be found when researching "toys". This article was designed to help parents but it can also provide some interesting principles to help us train our conscience. As you are reading this article, in your mind, you can substitute the word "anime" every time you see the word "toys" and this can help you even further. :)

*** g94 9/8 p. 9 Parents—Choose Your Child’s Toys Wisely ***
What values and standards does the toy (Anime) teach? Professor of child study David Elkind cautions that “toys should stimulate children’s imaginations in positive, not negative, ways.” Avoid toys/Anime that are gruesome, that clearly promote violence, or that mimic adult vices, such as gambling.
What about toys/Anime based on popular fairy-tale or science-fiction characters? Such stories generally deal with the triumph of good over evil. Some parents thus view the ‘magical elements’ in these tales as simple flights of a childish imagination and see no harm in letting their children enjoy them. Others may fear that the stories could stimulate an interest in the occult. (Deuteronomy 18:10-13) Without judging others, parents must make their own decisions in this regard, considering the effects such stories—and any toys based on them—have on their children.
Remember too the principle at 1 Corinthians 10:23: “All things are lawful; but not all things are advantageous.” While a popular toy may not be objectionable to you, is it truly advantageous to purchase it? Could it offend or stumble others?


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6 hours ago, Nirex said:

And if it’s doing neither but just sitting on a wall or shelf as a collectors item or fandom  item? :confused:

That's the point, Regina. Objects or collectibles are not idols in themselves. It's our attitude to them that makes them idols.


Look at those definitions the brothers have quoted above. For example, "idolatry is the veneration, love, worship, or adoration of an idol". Ask yourself: Do I venerate those figurines or posters? Do I attribute them any special powers? Is my hobby replacing or hindering my worship to Jehovah?


If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then they are idols. Get rid of them or stop using them that way.

If the answer is no, they are just harmless collectibles.


That is the way Christians work. Rather than rules, Jehovah gives us principles and let's us decide by ourselves. The way we apply those principles will show how much we love him. :)

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