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    I have a very dear friend on JWTalk who has been instrumental in helping us (my husband and myself) to feel worthy in Jehovah's eyes - and he knows who he is - in face of some very severe trials ... these brothers and sisters are pivotal in helping all of us to remain firm and by extension - loved not just by Jehovah but by every one of us in our congregations and the extended brotherhood here on JWTalk. In addition to our friend has been many more friends who have pmmed us when times has been horrible, some even showing their love in a more tangible way - again they know who they are - our dear sisters whose hearts speak to us through their own trials and the brothers who give such wonderful scriptural advice. THANK YOU. But, the delight is, is that this is happening to not just Tom and I but everyone on JWTalk are instantly family and friends moreso as they express their love for Jehovah through the threads. So, by way of Encouragement and diamonds sharpening diamonds ... I wanted this opportunity to thank all of you who go out of their way to encourage those privately and those who are hurting. As times progress we are going to see more of our brothers and sisters in pain. I want to encourage not only a continuation of what is positive and beautiful happening behind the scenes here and in our congregations but to those who have not yet reached out to brothers and sisters who need to feel loved despite trials - to do so - as there is more happiness in giving than receiving. I'm so proud of you all on JWTalk from the mods who work so hard behind the scenes (Bob - thank you for your hard work) to the members who are moved to help via pms and encouraging and upbuilding posts. Thank you each and every one of you for your faith and your intense love to us all. PS: I am moved to write this as a very dear friend showed Tom and I how much he cared ... and I think this is a great opportunity for us to express not to me, but to all on this site how much we appreciate the spiritual encouragement we get ... thank you to Jehovah our Soveriegn and your son Jesus - for providing our brotherhood and giving us skills that can encourage ones we have not yet met in the flesh - we are indeed a privileged people
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    On Sunday, March 10, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed shortly after taking off from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. All 157 people on board were killed. Sadly, one of our sisters, Rosemary Mumbi, was among those killed in the plane crash. Sister Mumbi was 66 years old and a full-time minister in the Roma Manzoni Inglese Congregation in Rome, Italy. We are deeply saddened to hear of this tragic loss. We look forward to the resurrection, when we will welcome back faithful servants of Jehovah, including Sister Mumbi.—Revelation 20:13. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/ethiopia/Sister-Killed-in-Ethiopian-Airlines-Plane-Crash/
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    Our website has a good news release from Russia. We won a victory in court and a brother was released. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/russia/Court-Overturns-Sentence-Against-Brother-Akopyan-in-Russia/
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    Can't believe I'm writing this post, but in light of events in Russia, and an expectation of things to come, I think it's prudent to prepare ourselves mentally for what may come. Here are a few tricks that have been used before: (Note: The examples are based on experiences I remember, with some changes made to fit the point I'm making) 1) The Prisoners Dilemma. They know we hold onto each other, so it's not uncommon to split us up; and even claim that the other guy has turned on us. Cops use it all the time to trick a confession out of a criminal with accomplices. Example: "It's okay, you can salute the flag. We talked to your parents, and they say it's alright to do that." Protection: Have set in your mind where you stand. Remember that they can't split you off from God. Bothers put in solitary confinement say that it's easier because it gives them time to pray, and protection from other prisoners. 2) "You Make Me Do This." Our brothers in Russia are being tormented for things like names, and phone keycodes. Every time they say 'no', they get asked the question again, rougher. If someone ever tries to put the blame on you, just remember that it's the same reasoning every abusive husband has used on a battered wife. "This is your own fault." Example: During WW2, a Gestapo man approached a, imprisoned JW with a gun, and then presents him with his wife and kid. Gestapo man orders the Brother to pick which one will get shot. Our brother refuses. The G Man says "Pick, or I shoot both." Our brother stays cool as ice and says "Double Homicide is your choice. Refusing to take the blame for the gun in your hand is my choice." Protection: Remember that by trying to assign blame to us, they are also trying to absolve themselves. Remember that we don't sit in judgement on anyone; that's God's job. We aren't Judge or Jury; we're Witnesses. 3) "You've Been Brainwashed." They can quote a hundred scriptures, and twist anything you say, to poke a hole in your beliefs. Example: When on trial in Russia, the NWT was banned for not conforming to the state sponsored religion, despite the fact that it was a bible, just like the ones the Russian Orthodox Church uses. Protection: Remember, that even in countries where we're not being persecuted yet, we're being reminded not to bother with 'lukewarm' interest. If they're persecuting us outright, I think it's safe to say they aren't genuinely interested in debating the finer points of bible teaching. If they're putting the question to you in a prison cell, it's not a debate; nor is it a study. You don't have to defend yourself to them. Remember, Jesus Christ himself was silent before his accusers when he knew there was nothing worth saying. 4) "You're Going To Die In Here." Rule Number One in a high stress situation: Time is a weapon. If you're the one being held prisoner, they will use it against you. It takes less than 21 days to break a habit, or grow accustomed to new surroundings. I was once in hospital for a few months, and by the three week mark, I couldn't remember what my bedroom back home looked like. Example: Too many to count. How long did Joseph spend in jail? Or Paul? Or any of the Apostles? How much of the bible was penned in a prison cell? Protection: Persecution is bad. Death is bad. It's also temporary. Something the other side can't say. In some places, being in jail is safer than being on the streets. (And during GT, the world will be coming apart) Speaking for myself, the country I live in is unlikely to launch full scale persecution until GT; but seeing the Tribulation unfold will conquer any lingering doubts or uncertainties about the Truth that I could ever have. They can threaten us with a 30 year prison sentence after the Cry of Peace and Security, and then wonder why we're all laughing at them. Our brothers in the Camps didn't know when the war would end, or how; but if they had known at the time, it'd be a source of terrific endurance to know that they were likely to outlive their jailers by many years. Other Important Points: "Worthy to be Dishonored." Several brothers have stated that in some ways, it was easier to stay faithful under trial, because the choice was black and white. We've lost more people to the lure of Big Screen TV's than we ever did to the Nazis. "Keep your eye simple." Don't be intimidated by numbers, or by the scale of what's coming. Military parades, national propaganda, even the design of cities is designed to humble opposition and intimidate us. But as overwhelming as the odds may be, the whole world put together is nothing compared to Jehovah. When Gideon marched with his army, God told him to trim down his army to 300 men. Going against thousands and thousands. At the last talk of the District last year, one speaker at my convention said: "JW's are outnumbered 850 to one by worldly people. Brothers, those are the kind of odds Jehovah can work with." "God won't let you be tested beyond what you can bear." If you can't take it, you won't have to. Everything that happens to us happens at God's sufferance; down to, and including the amount of pain we feel. There have been multiple reports of that kind of protection. "Cross The Red Sea." This is a showdown between the world, and heaven. It has very little to do with us and our actions. We don't have to win anything, because the winner was decided long before we came onto the scene. Every world power in Daniel's prophecy has come against God at some point, and none of them have prevailed. We aren't expected to fight back, to outsmart anyone, or to get the last word. We tell ourselves that we could never be like Moses. We don't have to be. A million Hebrews crossed the Red Sea, and that's all we need for ourselves. "Fear No Evil." The GB has, quite correctly, made the point that a hundred Russian brothers are in detention. That leaves over a hundred thousand that are not. Sometimes it's scarier to be chased than to be caught. A black car parked outside your house can be more intimidating than a large cell with two dozen of your fellow brothers locked up alongside you. Remember that when facing trials and tests, you're never on your own. All you have to do is trust God to fix the problem, and in the interim we only have to say 'No, I won't' one time more than they say 'Yes, you will'. "Nor will ever occur again." The brothers in the camps during WW2 were all free by 1946. They didn't know when the war would end. They couldn't be sure who would win. And they didn't know what would be left for them to go back to once the dust settled. The duration of their endurance was a lot longer than their persecution. Our generation has the unique privileged of knowing that once the dust settles from our trial, it'll be a thousand years before we ever have to face anything remotely like it again. Imagine being in those Camps in WW2, and being the only person who knows exactly when the war will end, and what will become of the guards beating you. What a source of endurance that would be. "Eyes on the Prize." This one seems obvious, but remember that 'Enduring to the End' has a double meaning for us; because what's ending in our case isn't a war, or a government, or a prison term. it's so much bigger than that. Because once it's over, nobody in the world will ever be persecuted again. There won't be anyone left to try their hand at Totalitarianism or Fascism or Slavery. Not ever again. We are, quite literally, the last people who will ever have to endure persecution.
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    For anyone who downloaded the RC program when it first was posted on the JW.ORG website, check for an error in the session timing. My original download shows all of the sessions starting at 8:20 AM. There is a new revised program available now with the start times adjusted by one hour. Discard the old version and use the new. I seem to remember this happening before (a few years back).
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    This is a bit off-topic but I thought it might be good to mention. A sister sent my wife today a video of Putin speaking in Russian. The video was subtitled and it said Jehovah's Witnesses need to go to jail because they are extremists for not accepting military service and several other things. I always distrust this kind of videos. Besides, although I know no Russian at all, the subtitles mentioned Jehovah's Witnesses several times but I didn't hear Putin say "iegova". So we asked a Russian friend to translate it, and he confirmed the subtitles didn't have anything to do with what Putin was saying. It was a conference about economy and commerce. I wonder who prepares this kind of fake videos for Witnesses. Either they are well-intentioned but rather stupid brothers who don't realize the harm they can do, or they are our enemies trying to create problems for us. True Christians never need to resort to fake news. Please if you receive a video like that don't spread it forward.
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    The Watchtower, June 2019

    Love the article ‘ Help others deal with stress’ particularly the sub heading ‘ Speak consolingly.’ A nice gentle reminder that we widows need support, not only in the months after losing a mate, but maybe for many years after. For me, it’s been four years since my husband of 31 years just suddenly died, I can totally understand & agree with the illustration the paragraph used of two trees growing together, & how after many years the roots intertwine. Then if one tree gets uprooted the other suffers too! Yes it does feel like a limb is missing. Every day. It really does feel like a gentle hug from Jehovah.....😊
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    Lovely Illustration ...

    ... and an interesting question. I was listening to a talk of a circuit overseer please don't ask his name ... my memory is holier than swiss cheese. You may have heard it already but here it is: The Viking Ship. The Vikings were well known as plunderers and took advantage of foreign women in their barbaric crusades that people remember down to this day. But they were well known for something else too ... that was their skills as ship builders. They have very strong ships that could withstand the perils of the North Sea and other bodies of water they travelled. The strongest part of their ship was not the rudder, but rather it was the main mast - why? Because the trees they chose for their main masts were trees that stood tall facing the ocean. Why? Because it was these trees that had withstood many many storms and they grew facing these storms so their hearts were strong and they would not crack easily in storms at sea. (Unless of course they encountered Asterix and Obelix - but that's another story). So that leaves us with an interesting question ... Are we allowing our trials and tests to make our heart grow strong for Jehovah and make us a mighty tree? You see, NONE of us want the first test on our Faith to be The Great Tribulation. Makes you think doesn't it?
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    Just look at his face (reflects Jesus words.. Lift up your heads, your deliverance is near) So proud of him!
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    Wedding Talk

    One that I like is that the three-fold cord in Ecclesiastes can be likened to a triangle, with Jehovah at the top, and the husband on one bottom corner and the wife on opposite bottom corner. As they focus on drawing closer to Jehovah, they will naturally draw closer to each other. Likewise, if one of them starts to draw away from Jehovah, they will also start to distance themselves from their mate. So the key to maintaining that threefold cord to to keep Jehovah at the center of your marriage.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    This is in my city .. it feels so unreal right now. I don't think there was any shooting in any hospital, but the mosque on Deans ave is very close to the major public hospital so there may have been some confused reports from nearby neighbours. My parents work in the health industry but not at the hospital (about 5km away from it, and from one of the shooting locations), and they have just been released from lockdown about an hour ago (approximately 5 hours after the shootings began). Schools were let out of lockdown about half an hour before my parents were. The police and media are being very cautious about announcing the death toll and a lot of other information. Breaking news right now says that 40 are dead. One of the shooters live-streamed it to facebook, and beforehand he published a 'manifesto' stating that he was born in Australia, to a lower class family and has had 'extreme views'. It's not real, it doesn't feel real right now.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Seems to be a shooting an hour ago in a Christchurch Hospital as well ... some reports saying as many as 37 dead, but I would like to see more facts to back that up. Schools, in fact, the whole city of Christchurch is on lock-down and the NZ Islamic population are being told not to go into any mosque in New Zealand until further notice. Our member - Dalbyj is safe, and so far as we can ascertain so are brothers and sisters, but with this latest unconfirmed shooting in a hospital which is more indiscriminate that may change and if it does then it will be updated. All our love to all the families involved ... this is just heartbreaking. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/live-police-say-multiple-fatalities-in-mass-shooting-two-christchurch-mosques-one-person-arrested?variant=tb_v_3
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    28 Page Booklet (pdf) available for download: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/special-report-20190322/ This report provides recent information on criminal trials, imprisonment, property confiscation, and police raids on homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Just Older [emoji856]
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    Street Preachers charged

    Recently, where we live..Daytona Beach, Fl.; we had a special 10 day Cart Witnessing Initiative on either side of the highway (International Speedway Blvd.) for Speed Week, including the Daytona 500 race. It was a first for our city! The brothers and sisters were so well dressed and poised that many made favorable comments about us..in fact we were invited back for another event! The organizer for the whole event at the race track compared us and some who had placards saying "You will burn in hell!" saying that we were encouraging to ones attending the race, whereas the others were driving people away!! An excellent 10 day witness with carts set up beside the public sidewalks!
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    Tomorrow will be my 58th year of marriage. Wow who knew the system would go on this long.
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    JW Broadcasting for March 2019

    JWB Mar 2019 transcript JWB Mar 2019 Transcript.pdf
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    It seems like every movie I watch or song I like that's contemporary, I ended hearing about the actor or singer mouthing off on some kind of pro LGBT social justice cause, or spouting something anti-Christian. While I can still enjoy the music or film after, it's not really the same. Plus more and more movies seem to have no plot but plenty of Mary Sues. I find myself watching a lot of older movies, older TV shows, and listening to old music, save the stuff on the JW broadscasting network. Anyone starting to feel the same?
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    Tuesday evening, after the meeting, waiting for the bus with my family, a couple of spanish people with their 20yo english speaking son ask us some question about where to find a restaurant in the area... turns our they are JW !!! So happy to make new friends !!! They are from Costa Rica, visiting Europe... what were the odds? Angels at work? So nice.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    I think, here in New Zealand, this is a profound event for different reasons than it would normally be in other parts of the world. First of all, we need to, here on JWTalk, stop making it about specific groups, because as already pointed out focusing on specific groups who are targeted in this instance, means its a distraction from other groups that could cause just as much harm. But what is different here is, New Zealand has always been seen as everyone's little sibling, everyone moves to New Zealand from well known Hollywood Icons through to diverse groups as is seen in this event. Why? Because we have little by way of harmful racism, we accept everyone into our lifestyle no matter their ethnic background - (a FEW activist notwithstanding - certainly not a perfect country by any means). Now, interestingly, this type of position we have found ourselves in is detrimental spiritually, because New Zealanders for a long time and this spills over to the brotherhood, have lived life with our heads in the sand ... even in the truth we hear of atrocities overseas but it doesn't affect us so the empathy is not as profound as it should have been. A materialistic and social types of lifestyles seem to be the norm in pockets of New Zealand. New Zealand has changed in an instant ... as Brother RIchard said in a status update, New Zealand is very sombre, I think they /we have just grown up in an instant, is that good? No. It's like a child losing it's innocence. Is there a silver lining? Yes. It's time our Brothers and Sisters realized, not just with their ears and eyes, but with their hearts, that we are living in a sinnking system and that endeavours to maintain a lifestyle NZers are accustomed to, is futile. May Jehovah be with us all as more and more of these type of events happen not just here, but around the world.
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    From Sad to Glad

    The topic of depression has been dealt with in many publications previously. And for good reason! Many of our brothers and sisters suffer from this unsettling and sometimes unexplainable illness. It's good to see something addressed specifically to adolescent depression again, as it was in 2017. (Click on the picture.)
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    Mayan Assembly in US

    The first Mayan assembly in the US was held at a local Assembly Hall on Saturday. There is a Mayan congregation in San Francisco, a group in Los Angeles and a group in Portland Oregon, a total of 92 publishers. They were expecting a total attendance of 200 for the assembly, however I found out today there were 450 there and 2 were baptized!
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    Dog attacks cart

    I don't know which is worse.. I was attacked by a crazy guy who looked homeless or high on drugs.. He wanted to grab my private. He swung his hand while passing by and it almost hit my front bottom private (embarassing to mention).. then from the distance, he kept on looking at us .. I felt so nervous that I told the sister that I felt uncomfortable with the guy.. And yes, he came back to us and stood infront of me staring on my chest.. Then I said, why? what do you need? Then I nervously walk away from him and kept following me so I screamed. The sister came to the rescue and don't be scared, I can hit him with umbrella. (though, we had training I think that the sister was just shocked).. I said, we better packed up... I was a little traumatized with the incident.
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    Jw.org this week highlights this article: https://www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/do-animals-go-to-heaven/ As we have pets, I found the article very heartwarming. Any thoughts? E.g. - none of my pets have a religion! On the other hand, I do believe many Mosquitoes and fleas disobey God's law on blood.
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    The Watchtower, June 2019

    In the June Watchtower we will learn to “Rely on Jehovah When Under Stress”, as well as how to help others undergoing stress. We will also focus on how to “Overturn Every Reasoning That Is Against the Knowledge of God”. And you don’t want to miss the article on the charred Ein Gedi fragment of Leviticus. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/watchtower-study-june-2019/
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    Thank you, Mandi, for a good topic. I also wanted to express my appreciation to everyone on jwtalk for their contributions to this wonderful agape-driven community of fellow believers. A separate thank-you to the admins and mods for their hard work that is not always seen, but is vital in the technical and spiritual sense. Personally, I find this website a godsend, as I can interact with brothers and sisters from many parts of the world, learn something new every day and keep myself sane while I am going through a difficult period in life. Lots of agape to you all!
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    Dog attacks cart

    A man's dog attacks a cart after the man gets into argument with the brothers. https://www.nbc-2.com/story/40031377/dog-bites-religious-books-on-south-florida-beach-but-his-owner-gets-put-in-the-dog-house
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    JW Broadcasting for March 2019

    Brother Morris... Morning worship in the monthly broadcast.. Excellent information about the great tribulation...
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    Letter from Russia

    Got this today from my friends. Sounds to me like a song.... We know how to not afraid of sickness Not losing courage if we have to die. Give up all we posses without sadness And face the death of friends without cry. We now learning how at home be fearless How keep the house empty for the "guests" Keep everything encrypted, sleep in dresses And how to be not speaking, but speachless. All our life is now a pure adventure Noone can tell what nearest future holds But this is love not mere infatuation The bigger pressure, faster water boils. Adrenaline is speeding up my moving Sometimes it seems like I'm in a trap But in the trials our faith improving Between my faith and deeds there is no gap. I won't give up, cause it's for my life racing It does not matter how this world behave. They give me names as so as I'm crazy... Not extremist, extremal faith i have! Excuse my amateur translation, please 😶
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    New‐York‐based privately‐owned Russian RTVI TV network has published an interview with a brother, Igor Trifonov, who has been detained by the Russian FSB for 9 hours and told to renounce his faith or face longer detention at a remand center where he was told he would be "raped". The brother refused to comply and was sacked from his job as a fire fighter at the Russian Emergencies Ministry. He was told his family would suffer if he did not do as told. He firmly said he was ready to suffer for his faith just like our Lord Jesus. You can see the interview both in the form of a video and text at the link below in Russian: https://rtvi.com/broadcast/intervyu-pozharnogo-iz-obshchiny-svideteley-iegovy-kotorogo-uvolili-iz-za-ugolovnogo-dela/ Amazingly, he looks calm and confident in God. I think we need to pray for this brother and his family. I am glad that he has this kind of strong attitude, but feel sorry for his wife and three kids.
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    He is ok
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    Comeon! They do not need oure names! They have full lists with our names. The only thing they really want is to break our integrity and get a confession that we are extremists.
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    New on tv.jw.org: Robert Ciranko: Jehovah Guards Loyal Ones (Ps. 97:10) Directlinks: https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/84/jwb_E_201903_12_r240P.mp4 https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/ae/jwb_E_201903_12_r360P.mp4 https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/6b/jwb_E_201903_12_r480P.mp4 https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/6c/jwb_E_201903_12_r720P.mp4
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    JW broadcasting - April 2019

    I am sure that the Host will
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    Here in New Zealand, everyone is feeling down. This has never happened before (not to this degree) and has visibly shaken the country. We found out the news while in the ministry around the same time, though we are from the north of New Zealand. The householders were really concerned- frightened even. I have been flooded with texts, messages and posts about how people are feeling. Makes our preaching work and the message we bring so much more important. We will be in the city with the literature carts tomorrow morning. Very tragic what has happened.
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    Yes it is just so unbelievable for it to happen in your part of the world. May Jehovah comfort our brothers and sisters there. We don’t know what’s around the corner (before the end I mean).
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    Something positive and upbuilding! Article featured in an online construction magazine about the Branch relocation. Nice read. http://www.constructionmanagermagazine.com/onsite/witness-model-construction-project/
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    Words of wisdom: Those who leave everything in Jehovah's hands will eventually see Jehovah's hand in everything!
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    Mine worship me .... and food
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    Good Morning Family

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    Miss Bea

    Torture of JWs in Russia

    We had the CO’s visit this week. He said that, historically, when Jehovah’s people are persecuted, that they are really helped by Jehovah, in Those countries. He named some of them. And he said that, undoubtedly we will get the same sort of reports from Russia. Special help from our Father. We need to continue to pray for them, and use the integrity shown by them as an example when things start to roll in this country. Or whatever country you are living in right now, with relative freedom. It’s coming, and it is a grand opportunity to show our support for all that Jehovah has done for us, and will do for us. His final talk was on endurance. And how we can do that with joy.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

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    JW Broadcasting for March 2019

    Sorry I won't be able to post the transcript this month as I'm away on holiday in Japan till mid March
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    Space, Our Eternal Frontier?

    When Witnesses mention this, I like to refer them to one of our publications: https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1101986092 Worldwide Security Under the Prince of Peace Chapter 22, Paragraph 10 10 To all eternity our earth will bear a distinction that no other planet throughout endless space will enjoy, though the earth may not be the only planet that will ever be inhabited. Uniquely, it will be where Jehovah has indisputably vindicated his universal sovereignty, establishing an eternal and universal legal precedent. It will be the only planet on which Jehovah of armies will have fought “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” It will be the only planet to which God sent his dearest Son to become a man and die in order to recover the planet’s inhabitants from sin and death. It will be the only planet from which Jehovah will have taken 144,000 of its inhabitants to be “heirs indeed of God, but joint heirs with Christ.”—Romans 8:17. So the possibility exists. After all, there are only 2 options. Either humans will at some point in time stop having children or we will spread humanity out from Earth among the stars. There simply is no other choice. There is only so much room on the planet. At some point it will be filled with humans who will never die. The viewpoint that Jehovah would prohibit or forbid humans from going to other planets because "the heavens belong to Jehovah" is very narrow-minded. By that logic, humans should not fly in airplanes or balloons because that is in the heavens. Jehovah creates everything for a purpose. It is estimated there are 2 trillion, (that's 2 thousand billion) galaxies. Why would Jehovah make that many galaxies, each of them containing billions of stars and billions of planets, if humans who are supposed to live forever would never go to any of those places? That would be like building houses but never letting anyone live in them but can only look at them through telescopes.
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    The 737 MAX, a new plane from US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, faces fresh scrutiny of its safety record after being involved in two crashes in six months. The single-aisle airliner, which undertook its first commercial flight in May 2017, came under the spotlight in October last year in the wake of a fatal accident in Indonesia. Lion Air Flight 610 vanished from radar shortly after taking off from Jakarta on October 29, crashing into waters off the north coast of Java Island and killing all 189 people on board. About 30 relatives of the crash victims have since filed lawsuits in the United States against Boeing, alleging that faults with the new airliner, including with its anti-stalling system, led to the deaths. Its main competitor is the Airbus A320, which is also designed for short and medium-haul flights. https://www.nation.co.ke/news/The-new-Boeing-737-MAX-two-crashes-in-six-months/1056-5018414-tfig6qz/ There is no suggestion yet as to what caused the latest disaster, and no evidence that the two incidents are linked in causality. What is known, however, is that both flights took place on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 -- a new model recently unveiled to great fanfare by the US aviation giant, that saw its first flight less than two years ago. "It's highly suspicious," said Mary Schiavo, a CNN aviation analyst and the former Inspector General of the U.S. Transportation Department. "Here we have a brand-new aircraft that's gone down twice in a year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry, because that just doesn't happen." "The similarities with Lion Air are too great not to be concerned," Schiavo said. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/10/africa/ethiopian-airlines-crash-boeing-max-8-intl/index.html No 737 Max for me.... too scared. Would book Airbus instead.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Mass shooting in New Zealand City on lockdown until further notice. Possibly more than one shooter in more than one location. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/many-dead-in-new-zealand-shooting-at-two-mosques/ar-BBUN8Pn?li=BBnb7Kz
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    I do understand the frustration. We as Jehovah’s people don’t hate anyone but we hate the bad things others do. Inspired words encourage us: «’Hate what is bad, and love what is good, Let justice prevail in the city gate’». We not avenge yourselves but yield place to the wrath; for it is written «Vengeance is mine; I will repay,’ says Jehovah.» We can only pray to Jehovah to give us strong faith and endurance. We well know that «the world is passing away and so is its desire, but the one who does the will of God remains forever»
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Some field service experience: We have heard from brothers in Auckland that Friday night (the day of the attack) police were stationed at most, if not, all mosques. Multiple field service groups were warned of use of literature carts as it can be dangerous. Either householders would be really happy to hear a comforting message or they would be very angry that we are talking about God at this moment in time. We were able to setup a cart at our popular marketplace 6am in the morning. People were very pleasant with us. Various field service groups across our circuit and in Auckland focused on what comforting scriptures we could use. Some included: ”We are here to share a positive scripture in light of yesterday’s events- Rev 21:4.” ”Genesis 6:5, 6- How do you think God feels about what has and is happening? Hurt. Like us.” ”Pr 17:22 says “a crushed spirit saps one’s strength.” That’s how we feel right now. But the hope the Bible gives makes us to see up” New Zealand, is not a big place. The littlest of news here is the biggest of news here. Just a few months ago, one young tourist girl disappeared and the whole of New Zealand felt heavily affected by the whole ordeal (later became a murder case.) Any news here is big news. New Zealand feels like they have lost their innocence and their “pure” image. I have met so many householders who would tell us that nothing will ever happen in New Zealand. It is faraway from everyone. People come to our country to escape the worlds problems. They see New Zealand as a paradise. A bubble. And that changed yesterday. Some Brothers and Sisters did not have the strength to go out in the ministry today. So we didn’t spend too much in the house-to-house work. It was a time to check in with our calls (return visits), friends and family.
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    Waving to the brothers and sisters in South Korea 👋
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    UPDATE: Was just informed that 2 of the fatalities was in fact Witnesses: don’t know names or details yet [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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