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    Do you enjoy playing violent video games? Then you can't avoid military service. That appears to be the message South Korea is sending conscientious objectors. Prosecutors said they were investigating whether a number of men seeking exemption from military service played "online shooting games" in the past. "We need to verify their genuine faith. So we need to examine their personal life," an official with the prosecutors office on the southern island of Jeju told CNN. "We check whether they had been attending (religious) service. Checking their history with shooting games is another method." hat ruling came after a decades-long fight by conscientious objectors, many of them Jehova's Witnesses, to push back against the country's stringent military service law, under which all men between the ages of 18 and 35 are required to perform at least 21 months of service in the South Korean armed forces. Since then, however, conservative politicians and prosecutors have attempted to get around the court's ruling, by, for example, requiring conscientious objectors to carry out more stringent -- and potentially more dangerous -- forms of non-military service. Following an earlier ruling by a constitutional court ordering the government to provide alternate ways to serve for objectors, the right-wing Liberty Korea Party put forward a bill to force objectors to perform 44 months -- double the usual length -- of service, including mine sweeping and other dangerous activities. "This is a form of retaliatory punishment against conscientious objectors that is anachronistic and in violation of human rights," South Korea's Hankyoreh newspaper said in an editorial at the time. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/01/11/asia/conscientious-objector-south-korea-gaming-intl/index.html
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    Watchtower Library on DVD

    One of the reasons for the popularity of the WOL online library, is that you can access it from Apple or Android devices where the DVD version is Windows only. But as mentioned, you need an internet connect to use it. This is a problem in the rural area I live in.
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    https://jw-russia.org/news/19011114-561.html On October 9, 2018 searches were conducted in several houses of Jehovah's Witnesses in Kirov. According to their results, 5 people were arrested, including a citizen of Poland. Their families tell the details of what happened and how they live now. Kirovchanka Nina Korobeynikova, who has a disability, draws a postcard for her father Vladimir. For two months now, he and four other Jehovah's Witnesses have been held in the remand prison. “When I was little, Dad was my best friend,” says Nina.We played together, talked, went fishing. And all my life I have always lived with my parents, and dad was always there. ” ... https://jw-russia.org/news/19011114-561.html Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I've heard many talk about how too much meat at a meal can slow weight loss. I found it to be true. I've been on a stir fry or sauerkraut kick lately, everyday about the last week at least. Each dish gets about 2-3 oz of protein. My goodness, seems like I lose weight like crazy. I had a steak last night, so hungry because of such an erratic schedule lately, and this morning I felt heavy. So it proved it to me. Back to stir fry.
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    I knew it all along!!! ALF is real! [emoji1787]
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    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/radio-signals-fast-radio-bursts-frbs-galaxy-signal-repeated-space-scientists-a8719886.html I'm sure this will spark a lot of "alien talk" in the media soon.
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    Miss Bea


    I’m noticing good ideas on retirement in a thread on personal loans. Both my husband and I are retired. On not a lot of money, by the world’s standards. We have our Social Security, some union retirement funds for both of us, and he bought land to sell for our retirement. And it has worked. We should not care much when we are bare bones, in our 90’s! No morgage, land taxes are there, but not bad. We also both have 401k’s that are not impressive, but for us, nice. We both can do what is important to us. Are there plans or ideas you’d like to share?
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    This reminds me of something a brother said many years ago, he asked 'if you were arrested as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, would there be enough evidence to convict you?' We think the limits of our conscience is just between us and Jehovah, there may be times that we do something that our conscience allows us to do, however again we need to think of how others will view the things we do. In this case, whether or not a brother felt it was okay to play violent video games may make the difference whether or not he goes to jail.
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    Perhaps constitutional laws overwrite personal rights in this instance ..I don't know Korean law , but it just shows that Satan is relentless in his attacks, and it's a protection for us when we lead a clean life as we are encouraged week by week.
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    Suggestions please

    Best thing to do is to educate yourself as best as you can. I suggest looking at these You Tube videos as a starting point. Take some things with a grain of salt because everyone's budget is different and usually the deciding factor. Mike Holmes brings out a good point in the first video,, basically Start on the outside to protect the inside. Roof - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F1Gocuy_qM Not by Mike Holmes but gives you a good idea on how to determine if your roof has enough insulation during winter time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6nJbk2Ux3k Other tips to help get you started, from in my opinion, a trusted professional - Mike Holmes who shows people how to do the job right. https://makeitright.ca/holmes-advice/home-safety-maintenance/preventing-heat-loss-in-your-basement/
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    I am contributing for my 401 K Plan, the max that is matched by my employer. So 10% of my annual income goes to that account. Besides ss contributions I am obliged to contribute to a pension plan. We re financed our house for 15 years to match with my early retirement (62) if the law does not change. Since the houses where I live are more expensive than the national average, we will be able to buy a smaller house in Florida in 15 years if this system lasts. If it does not, and hopefully wont , we do not have to worry about it. The worse scenario is to move to another country where the cost of living is lower and does not have a high crime rate. I moved from a different country already. Moving again would not bother me as long as it is warm and sunny. All the countries in that classification need help in the English field. And there are safe and cheaper countries close to US. Panama and Costa Rica are only two examples. There are websites for retirees that want to move to more affordable places. I checked a few already. Anyway compared with the rest of the planet , being in US is not bad at all.
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    Well, I understand on one hand how they're want to make sure conscientious objectors are practicing what they preach, but at the same time, this is a clear invasion of privacy and a violation of your right to play whatever sort of video game you want. Yes, a brother objecting to military service but playing shooting games can be seen as a hypocrite, but my biggest fear is the subjective precedent that can be set. What subjective criteria will they now use to determine if an objector is lying? Owning a pocket knife with a blade longer than a certain length? What constitutes a violent video game? I'm just saying that this opens the door for even more human rights violations when the ruling should have done the opposite.
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    Watchtower Library on DVD

    Now all the contents of the DVD are on WOL too. If you have access to internet from your computer, you don't really need the DVD anymore. Although many users still prefer to do searches in the DVD.
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    JW Broadcasting for January 2019

    Ugly Baby..... [emoji6] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Suggestions please

    I am taking care of my 84 year old father. We own a 45 year old house. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a half finished basement. I have my father, myself, my son and his wife and their 3 kids, 10, 12, and 13. The suggestions i need are how to upgrade, roof, insulation, drywall, floors. i know we have had carpenter ants eating at the house and blue board. I know i need new windows. Also the wood siding is rotting from the bottom up i am looking forward to the new world, but i need to keep us warm. thank you my friends.
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    The Catholic Church must embrace homosexual kinship among the clergy, Philippines’ leader Rodrigo Duterte has said in his latest attack on the Vatican… just after calling on the population to rob and even kill “useless” bishops. https://www.rt.com/news/448528-duterte-gay-catholic-bishops/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS
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    All Things LDC

    When one door closes ... Jehovah opens another The Disaster Warehouse in Jacksonville closed so I will not be working there anymore ... however, today I received a new invite I am supposed to teach a maintenance training skill at a Hall next Saturday (Jan 19) - I am waiting for the material from LDC to know how I am supposed to do this
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    Obedience over sacrifice yes ... even in the little things.
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    How awful! And very sad to see those bullies attack elderly friends and their children knowing they are vulnerable. Oh my, they are in my prayers!
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    Yay, I have found large image files for the board of the Life game (japanese version with 2 boards : Birth to work life /worklife to riches usual goal). I will now be able to create a JW Life game No money in this game, maybe Happiness Points?
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    @Miss Bea Are there plans or ideas you’d like to share?  Don't make any loans. They are bad for your budget. 😙
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    Thats why we have the CLM. Christian Living Ministry. Its better to obey Jehovah in everything. Or else, we can't avoid the consequences. For example, a brother who wants to avoid the military service but play shooting/violent games is a halfhearted witness. Watchtower study on Sunday reminds us to obey Jah in all things.
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    Thanks for contributing to the thread. You’ve posted some good songs in here but please read the lyrics to the songs before posting. I like both of these songs but didn’t post them because in deacon blues he says “make love to these women” and says “where the h*** am I?” In hey nineteen. It’s easy to miss because I’ve sang along to that song since I was a kid and didn’t catch it. I’m not getting on to you because I’ve made some mistakes in this thread posting some songs I shouldn’t have
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    Earths Magnetic Field Acting Up

    the start of GT?
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    Probably brother Pete’s hearing aid. He always has to tilt his head the right way to get the feedback and interference to go away.
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    Facebook a "Cult"?

    I understand your reference to attitude and how it influences thinking but I don't think you can compare apostasy to unhappiness in the workplace, where you need to go along with company policy and often have to put up with bullying and harrassment just to keep your job. How do you know these people thought it was a wonderful place to work before they left? The article doesn't say that and if they were so happy and it was so wonderful, why did they leave? A massive company like FB will always 'own' its employees and dictate how they will act and think. What do you think would have been the result of them speaking out while still employees?
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    Friends just call me Ross

    Nuns on the run!

    Is saying the rosary an olympic event now? "Mother Superior could have had a gold medal in the speed bead, but she missed the podium by a two hail Marys and a glory be." It is a bad habit of hers.
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    Jw Library

    Are you changing the language from the Meetings page? Try changing it to other languages, and see what happens.
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    Same here. Changes are hard for us old folks.☺️
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    Ultima-Thule Pictures

    This is a very interesting discovery. It's fascinating that we can detect a body that is only a few kilometers long from such a huge distance. When the Bible says that Satan is restricted to the Earth, it doesn't refer to a physical limitation. Satan is a spirit, he's not limited by space. Rather, what the Bible means is that, while in the past Satan had access to heaven and could interact to some degree with Jehovah and the angels, he can't do that anymore. Satan is not interested in visiting new planets or discovering asteroids. He is limited to Earth because Earth is the only place where people live. Of course, the astronauts onboard the International Space Station or any other spacecraft up there are under Satan's influence as well.
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    Anyone use a Fitbit? Having an issue updating firmware, seems to be a connection issue of some sort, it sometimes connect then it disconnects, I keep having to repeat this process over and over. Seems I’m getting nowhere with the updates. Looking for suggestions. Tx
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    Facebook a "Cult"?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/08/facebook-culture-cult-performance-review-process-blamed.html?fbclid=IwAR2g5T3IOoUJ92fuPVm6xDOhkexOrvy3EiLiqJNTTYY0MEI5P0vzr1PBr_w I read this and just laughed a little about how "apostate" thinking is really based more on a person's attitude, and that it spills right into the workplace. As long as things were going the way these former employees agreed with, it was a wonderful place to work, but now since they disagree, they hide behind anonymity and call the workplace "cult-like".
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    The Deej

    Problem with android d/l?

    This has come up with my mother in law a couple of times, in fact she has actually just bought new tablets when the other ones stop "working" We have tried to tell her that she needs to delete videos that are watched and not just be downloading everything that is available. She literally had hundreds of videos on her tablet. When we tell her this it's like we are asking her to throw actual physical literature in the garbage. To the point she starts to get almost offended. What a lot of the friends don't seem to realize is that our devices, be it computers, tablets and phones, all have a space restriction when it comes to what we put on them. It really doesn't matter how big the space is on a device, if you keep adding stuff it will eventually cause problems. Electronic devices have a working threshold for storage and memory that if exceeded will seriously start to slow the system down, and eventually if no housekeeping is done will render it virtually useless. The last time she brought her device to me I basically just deleted the Library app, then went in and deleted every single video that she had downloaded and had her start all over. And guess what? Yep the device started working again. On my own devices I am continually getting rid of stuff that we have already seen, or have used for meetings in order to keep my computer, tablet, and phone running as fast as possible. And keep in mind that when you delete a video, you can always download or watch again, but this way you have freed up the device to work as it was intended. Think of it like a glass of water, the closer the water gets to the top the slower you have to walk with it in order to not spill it. As it reaches the brim, it is nearly impossible to even move without spilling it. A half full glass is way easier to manage than one that is too full. Probably not the best analogy, but you get the idea. Now all of this being said, it does take patience when helping some of the friends realize this. So we want to first and foremost not make them feel like they did something wrong or that they are not smart when it comes to these things. It's easy to get frustrated and want to just take over, but if we take the time to show them how to do maintenance on their own devices, in the long run it will work out just fine. Kind of like that saying "If you teach a man to fish" If we help our dear friends to learn how to do these things then not only will they be able to help themselves but they will also be able to share what they know with others. 😉
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    interesting quote from that article with the forum comments... I have a better idea. How about we delete the Vatican and radical Islam. Reply Share Yes and throw the rest in there as well. No more fairy tales. Time for humanity to move on. Reply Share
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    Scientists have determined its four notes repeated over and over again. Wow, sounds like the Twilight Zone to me...
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    Facebook a "Cult"?

    Truly get your point Brother Bob...... GordieGirl your point is also good. I think Brother Bob was honing in on the word "Cult", as many apostates call Jehovah's Witnesses a cult.
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    Don't be fooled Matthew, those are the radio-waves from my microwave cooking donuts! The bounce over the galaxies coming back to earth....
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    After 50-60 years of saying and hearing the expression "the Society", I am sure you will forgive me if I occasionally slip and use that term instead of "The Branch" or "The Organization". Thank you in advance for your patience....❤️
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    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Try broccoli [emoji3049] bacon [emoji1641] garlic; AAMOF Just add bacon to whatever! [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
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    Ultima-Thule Pictures

    I think the object itself is fascinating as well. Prof Stern said: "Everything that we're going to learn about Ultima - from its composition to its geology, to how it was originally assembled, whether it has satellites and an atmosphere, and that kind of thing - is going to teach us about the original formation conditions in the Solar System that all the other objects we've gone out and orbited, flown by and landed on can't tell us because they're either large and evolve, or they are warm. Ultima is unique." In the new world, discoveries like this will add to our knowledge of our Creator, and really amaze us. We can never ever understand how Jehovah created the universe and all things in it, but it's going to be a blast discovering what we can. I think that is why the scientists are exuberant - we enjoy discoveries! The difference is that we can attribute glory to Jehovah as the Grand Creator. That'll make our celebrations quite spectacular!
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    Watchtower Library on DVD

    It seems that every once in a while, a update forms a new baseline for the library. Update 1711, was the last one, that is why the last update and this one is smaller. 1713 contains all that 1712 does. So if you start from a new install of 1700, it would install 1711, then 1713. If you download the update package from jw.org that is what it contains, 1711 and 1713. The numbers, although they seem to be the month, aren't really. They are just numbers. There has been 13 updates since 1700. Note it hasn't been updated to 1800 yet. No new features or bug fixes since 1702
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    Watchtower Library on DVD

    We will be encouraged to use the digital platforms even more in the future, if possible - in the ministry, at the meetings, and for personal study.
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