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    28 Page Booklet (pdf) available for download: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/special-report-20190322/ This report provides recent information on criminal trials, imprisonment, property confiscation, and police raids on homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Just Older [emoji856]
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    Wedding Talk

    One that I like is that the three-fold cord in Ecclesiastes can be likened to a triangle, with Jehovah at the top, and the husband on one bottom corner and the wife on opposite bottom corner. As they focus on drawing closer to Jehovah, they will naturally draw closer to each other. Likewise, if one of them starts to draw away from Jehovah, they will also start to distance themselves from their mate. So the key to maintaining that threefold cord to to keep Jehovah at the center of your marriage.
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    Street Preachers charged

    Recently, where we live..Daytona Beach, Fl.; we had a special 10 day Cart Witnessing Initiative on either side of the highway (International Speedway Blvd.) for Speed Week, including the Daytona 500 race. It was a first for our city! The brothers and sisters were so well dressed and poised that many made favorable comments about us..in fact we were invited back for another event! The organizer for the whole event at the race track compared us and some who had placards saying "You will burn in hell!" saying that we were encouraging to ones attending the race, whereas the others were driving people away!! An excellent 10 day witness with carts set up beside the public sidewalks!
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    Tuesday evening, after the meeting, waiting for the bus with my family, a couple of spanish people with their 20yo english speaking son ask us some question about where to find a restaurant in the area... turns our they are JW !!! So happy to make new friends !!! They are from Costa Rica, visiting Europe... what were the odds? Angels at work? So nice.
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    New icon on jwlibrary app links the study bible to the research guide entries. All entries are shown. Very well integrated
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    The weather is beautiful. It went from 45 F to 75 F in a few days. We're supposed to have this weather for a while. Okayyy, so I plant. The soil is warm and receptive so my cool weather produce is ready and willing. I planted radishes in the wheel barrow, 2 types of carrots in the tub, many rows of beets in the garden and 2 types of peas along the fence-line. If this weather keeps up I'll be planting bush beans, butternut squash and swiss chard soon. I harvested carrots and leeks for a local restaurant too. Made me feel good. Peas along the fence here and above with the beets 2 types of carrots and radishes in these. The other 2 culverts will have dill in them when I put them in the garden. I bought small dill, will work well. Its official, its spring....warm spring. All my tools are officially out and ready. Had leeks and carrot to give to the local organic farm to table restaurant...beautiful. Maybe sell to them this year. Will have lots of things for them.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    I pray that you are able to develop a less critical attitude toward the brothers that Jehovah has allowed to be responsible for the congregation. Your survival may depend on your quick and unquestioning response to their direction during an emergency.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    This pic was taken a few days back. Over Sydney. Someone elses brilliant eye.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    At 5:58 PM EDT it is officially spring.
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    Kidney Stones

    It does seem to be a contradiction. Wine apparently can reduce the formations of stones by 20% So if my math is correct, if I drink 5 times as much wine, I'll never get kidney stones...
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    JW broadcasting - April 2019

    I am sure that the Host will
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    Jw.org - Do animals go to heaven

    Sinning is missing the mark and my cat has sinned on the floor a couple of times....
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    One of our toughest medical challenges is now front and center in my life. A beloved brother has been diagnosed with Leukemia ( AML) . As he is resolved to keep Jehovah’s requirement and is refusing blood while attempting to achieve remission through chemotherapy he and his wife are facing the fight of a lifetime. The HLC and the Congregation have all been very supportive. The medical teams have generally been supportive and cooperative. If any of you here have been through this process of Chemo and recovery without blood and have any tips they will be welcomed.
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    Beggar for the Spirit


    Hi Greg, Here are a few scriptures that can be used in commending someone for their faithfulness, maybe 1 of these can be helpful. I appreciate how you are looking to commend someone for their faithfulness, there is a great need for commendation as most receive little to none, yet there are so many who are deserving. Thanks for being an encouraging brother, maybe we can make some "clones" of you?
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    I can usually tell when someone is feeling down, or can recognize that someone might be up to no good. "Bad associations spoile useful habits?" - "The one walking with wise persons will become wise". "Smile - it's contagious!" Well, if I am feeling positive and upbeat, it's pretty easy to wear that on me so that everyone sees it. If I am down and out, it's a struggle to fake being positive and upbeat, but I will try my best anyway
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    I also think they encourage us to download and store the information, so that if the website ever gets taken down, we will still have the information... For my personal situation, my data allowance is limited, so I DL whenever I get free Wi-Fi. I cannot afford to stream. Just Older [emoji856]
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    There are more with us, than against us - and THAT gives us Courage. We have countless friends in Heaven.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Today in FS we were out in the country, and we had some good talks with the people we visited. Even the ones who said "No" said it kindly and gently - it is very unusual to go a whole day without at least one person being a little abrupt, but that just didn't happen today. The sister I was partnered with was a little negative at the start of the day, and I had to steer some of our conversations into a more positive channel - but by the end of the day she was feeling much better and we finished with one of her return visits, which ended up being a really lovely experience for both of us. On our way back into town she said that she had considered cancelling this morning as she had been feeling very down and upset about the attacks, but now she is really glad that she came out with the group. Jehovah is really strengthening us all at this difficult time.
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    Tomorrow will be my 58th year of marriage. Wow who knew the system would go on this long.
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    The Watchtower, June 2019

    Love the article ‘ Help others deal with stress’ particularly the sub heading ‘ Speak consolingly.’ A nice gentle reminder that we widows need support, not only in the months after losing a mate, but maybe for many years after. For me, it’s been four years since my husband of 31 years just suddenly died, I can totally understand & agree with the illustration the paragraph used of two trees growing together, & how after many years the roots intertwine. Then if one tree gets uprooted the other suffers too! Yes it does feel like a limb is missing. Every day. It really does feel like a gentle hug from Jehovah.....😊
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    Brother Jack

    JW broadcasting - April 2019

    I hope there will be a trailer from the convention drama.
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    Why do so many Egyptian statues have broken noses? The ancient Egyptians, it's important to note, ascribed important powers to images of the human form. They believed that the essence of a deity could inhabit an image of that deity, or, in the case of mere mortals, part of that deceased human being's soul could inhabit a statue inscribed for that particular person. These campaigns of vandalism were therefore intended to "deactivate an image's strength," as Bleiberg put it. "The damaged part of the body is no longer able to do its job," Bleiberg explained. Without a nose, the statue-spirit ceases to breathe, so that the vandal is effectively "killing" it. To hammer the ears off a statue of a god would make it unable to hear a prayer. Why do so many Egyptian statues have broken noses? (CNN)
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    For many, many years that was the evil slave class and then we found out there was no evil slave class, now they are just the pain in the neck class.
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    Beggar for the Spirit

    Wedding Talk

    Hi Mike, When I was preparing the wedding talk, I was researching and meditating on this scripture that is in the outline: Below is some of the research that helped me to come up with an illustration that I felt could help newly married couples really grasp the meaning behind Jehovah's specific word in GEN 2:24, "stick". I hope this is helpful to you, may Jehovah bless your talk. During the wedding talk, after I read GEN 2:24, I then ask the couple to join hands. I then tell them that, "before holding hands you were 2 individuals, but now you are joined together, you are "one". BUT, there is a problem. Either of you can let go of the other one's hand and you are no longer "one". But notice that in GEN 2:24 when Jehovah married Adam and Eve he told them that they would "STICK" to one another. The idea behind the the Hebrew word for "STICK" is to "adhere, to bond permanently". So then I ask the couple to grasp each one another's hand even tighter, and then I ask them, "Now your bond is stronger than before because you are both holding each other's hand tighter. BUT there is still a problem, either of you can still let go and separate because you are not "adhered" or bonded together, you have not made any effort yet to "STICK" to each other by putting glue or cement on your joined hands so that your hands will permanently "stick" to one another. But imagine if the both of you right now started pouring super glue or cement on your joined hands, if you did this, there would be a more permanent bond, you would truly "STICK" to one another! And that is what Jehovah is helping us understand at GEN 2:24. Because any 2 people can get married and say that they are "one flesh", but just being married does not automatically cause them to bond or "STICK" together permanently. The only way this happens is if the both of you each day 'add some glue, add some cement' to your marriage by doing things for each other that proves your strong loyalty to one another and that shows your deep affection and love for 1 another. When you "STICK" to your husband/wife by continually adding words and acts of affection and loyalty, your marriage will be "unbreakable", and that is what Jehovah wants and it is why He spoke those words at GEN 2:24."
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    New arrests in Crimea

    https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jw-russia.org%2Fnews%2F19032018-675.html One more brother arrested in Crimea
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Several of my workmates were extremely upset over their passing strict gun laws. They are just sure that this will happen in the USA. They said, "they take away your guns first - so, you can't defend yourself. Then they come into your home and arrest you later." The "they" is the government. People have a very cynical view of government here. Here you have to be ready to defend yourself from the governement with LETHAL force. I am so glad we don't feel that way about our government. We love our King Jesus and have no concern about him having ill-will towards His citizens.
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    The right hand pane now identifies which scripture verse has a reference guide entry. Makes it easier to research.
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    Mozambique cyclone

    a cut and paste from BBC News (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-47624156): Cyclone Idai has triggered a "massive disaster" in southern Africa affecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, the UN says. The region has been hit by widespread flooding and devastation affecting Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Mozambique's President Filipe Nyusi has called it "a humanitarian disaster of great proportion". He said more than 1,000 people may have been killed after the cyclone hit the country last week. Cyclone Idai made landfall near the port city of Beira in Sofala province on Thursday with winds of up to 177 km/h (106 mph). "This is shaping up to be one of the worst weather-related disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere," Clare Nullis, from the UN's weather agency, told the BBC on Tuesday. So many sources and the news is devastating - we have congregations there I keep watching our site for updates ~ does anyone know how our brothers are fairing?
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    I tried it with some other publications. For example, you have downloaded the videos for the Pure Worship book. Now if delete that book, all those videos are also gone. But then I tried this with the Good News brochure, and all the videos remained. In some ways I can understand this, but it means for publications like the MWBs and WTs it could mean deleting videos you don't want to. On the other hand, there is some good news for sound servants downloading videos for the meetings You can now go to Publications > Meeting Workbooks > go to the workbook and then click on Download Media, and download all the media for that month in one go.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Yes. Initially New Zealand and NZ's Prime Minister was getting very high praise from all over the world, both from secular governments and the muslim communities around the world. It would be very easy for us Jehovah's Witnesses in New Zealand to have some kind of inward pride for being part of a mostly peaceful country. BIG TRAP. It can, and may be, turning. This month's broadcasting is very timely. We must ALL remain neutral even in our hearts.
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    Once we are baptised, we come under judicial system that is universal to all baptised persons But of course not everyone is held to the ONE rigid rule, but loving shepherds consider each case individually taking a lot into consideration when dealing with sin. But the baptism is a marker, regardless of age. (When talking about being responsible to be held at judicial level) Example: Ap Peter appeared as unbalanced and unfaithful person when denying Jesus, yet Jesus granted him privilege of using 3 Kingdom keys, King David comes to mind as well. We see that Jehovah takes a lot into consideration, things that are invisible to humans, he can see.
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    My Future Inspirations ...

    I'd love to eventually have these in my collection, some, like the Green Peacock are about 110 cm high! Tom is happy for me to save up for these, so I'm squirrelling away a few dollars each week so hopefully I can get a large one to work on in the near future I can show you guys. The Green Peacock - it's a FULL round with special diamonds, which are shaped a little differently. I love the size of this. The Violin one - again I'm only getting if I can get the larger size as I don't want to lose the clarity of this design, this one will go in my music/art room when completed. The African Woman is gorgeous - and again to make sure the facial features are correct we need to get the largest one being offered. This will go in the same room as my African Elephant. Love those colourful dandelions - so those are in my agenda. Love the Mediterranean Look - so figuring if I have a few completed I could swap them around for a change of scenary in our lounge. Pink Moon is like my Blue Moon, but I will learn this time and get a bigger one. Love the colours in this.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    Tort isn't saying that what you said isn't happening. It's the old white paper with a black spot on it type of thing - even if the spot is quite big or very small our eyes focus on that instead of the clean white paper around it - being critical means we focus on the negative - and that doesn't mean the negative is untrue - it's just beneficial to focus on the good they are doing and leave the negative to Jesus who is not only watching but also in control.
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    Have you ever come into work and just the moment you stepped through the door you felt that something was “ off” or “ wrong”? Have you ever “ just known” that something was not right about a person ? A friend, spouse, brother or sister? That feeling is what is scientifically termed as Emotional Contagion. A documented psychological phenomenon in which the emotions of one person can spread throughout an entire group by various means . I myself am a strong transmitter of my personal emotions according to many around me. If ever you were in a building with me , not even knowing I was their you might have the experience of sensing either my cheerfulness or an “ ominous “ ( per one of my managers at work ) feeling on an “ off” day. This is why I make a practice of singing at work to counteract this effect personally. What do you do to project or counter “ Emotional Contagion”?
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    Wedding Talk

    One illustration i heard was about the headship principle compared to sewing. The husband was compared to a needle and the wife as a thread. It's not that one is better over the other. The needle MUST go first, but it won't do anything useful if there's no thread. So the thread must come behind but both are required to sew something.
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    It's still better rather than the Buddha's head statue in Indonesia, mostly headless.
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    Guess time stands still.
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    Post a picture... Any picture

    This is my dog Max. Him and I fight over this side of the couch. 😒
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    Jwreader app

    Well, we finally got the ability to DL audio files. I just deleted this app now that this ability is IN JWLibrary. I would DL the audio for the magazines at home over wifi - so I wasn't using up my data when I was bout to listen the magazines. The new ability in JWLibrary is pretty sweet!! First thing I did was DL all the audio files for the Bible (that we have so far). note: I would still love to have a widget for the text
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    Well, if it’s a cloudy day and your lost in the woods and need to find magnetic north and their is no moss on the trees ( or no trees) but your dog is with you ..then.
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    I've felt this too. I once went to a gathering in a family member's home, and I felt very stressed in the room, like something in the air was "wrong", though there were no arguments, no bad looks, eye contact or awkward silences, things were going "normal" as far as the "eye" could see. But I later learned after they left, there was a bit of interpersonal drama and stress with a couple of people in the room, that it happened not long before I arrived. Now I of course get anxiety when I go out anyway, but this felt "augmented" by something external, which at first I thought it was just "me" and my mental health, but it turned out what I felt was right. It's like the saying "you can cut the atmosphere with a knife". Now whether this is because of the fact that we give off "energy" as we are "electrical" beings on a molecular level, or if it's "pheromones" given off (as animals also smell it). I recently learned that 12% of people actually have an "extra sense" known as "magnetoreception", it was found out in tests that revealed they could tell when an magnetic field in the room was turned on and off, where most other people didn't feel anything whatsoever. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/can-humans-detect-magnetic-fields-180971760/ It's also like when you know someoneis behind you without looking too. So there are most likely many untapped potentials in the human body we are yet fully knowledgeable of.
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    Torture of JWs in Russia

    Or so says TASS, the "Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union". There is something that seems contradictory about this. The article says But if you look at the official documents and the JW-Russia site, it says Seems to me that there is more to the story here. Russia knows how to make a mockery of the human rights system and evade any responsibility for any of their actions. They probably found a nice legal loophole out of this issue. The ECHR can only do so much. I saw the photos of our brothers. They probably fell down the stairs though, you know how it is.
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    I've long thought that what people today often refer to as "good energy" or "bad energy" is simply the spirit of the person. The Bible makes clear we all have spirit, or energy, which Jehovah gives us. If we do good deeds, try to have good thoughts, and limit our bad associations (contact with 'bad energy'), then our spirit becomes "holy" in the sense of "in line with the Holy Spirit" (and I guess the fruitages of the Spirit are a proof of this). Likewise, Satan has a strong spirit but it is anathema to Jehovah's Spirit. So negative "emotional contagion" is just the spirit of the world, often via worldly people but it could also be from contact with actual demons directly, while "positive emotional contagion" is when we are in being influenced by Jehovah and/or those who are 'aglow with His spirit.'
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    I think young teens (with few exceptions) get baptized before they fully comprehend what they’re doing. They certainly don’t think and act as responsible adults in many cases.
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    Kidney Stones

    A squeeze of lemon in a cup of hot water drunk daily helps prevent stones apparently. Eating cherries help too, although don't swallow any stones or one might get stuck in your kidney
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    We can only do so much when faced against an armed individual. We have no weapons and no body armor or Kevlar vests. We also aren't trained psychologists with hours and years of crisis management hostage negotiation training. What would you suggest we do? Do you expect it is practical, logical, reasonable, or even realistic for all attendant brothers to undergo professional training in how to deter an armed assailant?
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    My Future Inspirations ...

    I have to mention here, too, that what these paintings are doing for me, is because I have Cerebral Vascular Disease, they are helping my brain/mind focus and helps me sort my thoughts ... this is why this has become so special to me.
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    Mass shooting in New Zealand

    This whole thing is a joke, though not the one you are referring to. The media is saying things like The "funny thing" is that this isn't a white power sign at all, it is a 4chan insider that refers to an orchestrated trolling campaign / prank where members "flooded Twitter and other social media websites...claiming that the OK hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy,” as part of a campaign dubbed "Operation O-KKK" - read about that here in wikipedia As always, the media is proving to be helplessly clumsy and ignorant of internet meme culture in this subject. The OK sign is NOT and never was a white power sign. This guy was all about memes and cynical references. At the beginning of the massacre live-stream, he played on his playlist a song well-known in alt-right internet meme culture as "SERBIA STRONG / REMOVE KEBAB" which is actually a Serbian song of unknown origin that praises Karadzic and the Serbian struggle for "freedom". On one of the shooters gun, he had written the words "KEBAB REMOVED". His initial words before he started the massacre, "Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie" also an utterly unconnected internet meme What matters about all this is that it starts giving a more detailed picture about what actually went on in the head and heart of the perpetrator. It indicates that hate was not as much the motivation for this horrific deed as indifference and cynicism, maybe disdain coupled with a large portion of gallows humour. The comments on videos on youtube pertaining to the massacre as well as the new memes that have popped up on the internet in the past few days reflect this exact attitude. An attitude of complete indifferent cynicsm, completely disconnected from humanity pervades the comments. From sarcastic quotes on Sadiq Khans "part and parcel" statement in the wake of the London terror attacks to kebab removal memes, the scary thing is you can't even call this thing "hate". It is worse than that. People keep mentioning Anders Behring Breivik, but Breivik, at least in my opinion, mass-murdered out of hate and out of political motivation, this guy Tarrant, at least in my opinion at the moment, murdered just to be "trolling for the lulz" For a very interesting read on the subject, I recommend this article: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/the-shooters-manifesto-was-designed-to-troll/585058/?fbclid=IwAR1nthaHDFes7AJQVJVpphnps_zVFV3JYInm2EdVQdK6TlP5cuBtZpgmJS0
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    I have a very dear friend on JWTalk who has been instrumental in helping us (my husband and myself) to feel worthy in Jehovah's eyes - and he knows who he is - in face of some very severe trials ... these brothers and sisters are pivotal in helping all of us to remain firm and by extension - loved not just by Jehovah but by every one of us in our congregations and the extended brotherhood here on JWTalk. In addition to our friend has been many more friends who have pmmed us when times has been horrible, some even showing their love in a more tangible way - again they know who they are - our dear sisters whose hearts speak to us through their own trials and the brothers who give such wonderful scriptural advice. THANK YOU. But, the delight is, is that this is happening to not just Tom and I but everyone on JWTalk are instantly family and friends moreso as they express their love for Jehovah through the threads. So, by way of Encouragement and diamonds sharpening diamonds ... I wanted this opportunity to thank all of you who go out of their way to encourage those privately and those who are hurting. As times progress we are going to see more of our brothers and sisters in pain. I want to encourage not only a continuation of what is positive and beautiful happening behind the scenes here and in our congregations but to those who have not yet reached out to brothers and sisters who need to feel loved despite trials - to do so - as there is more happiness in giving than receiving. I'm so proud of you all on JWTalk from the mods who work so hard behind the scenes (Bob - thank you for your hard work) to the members who are moved to help via pms and encouraging and upbuilding posts. Thank you each and every one of you for your faith and your intense love to us all. PS: I am moved to write this as a very dear friend showed Tom and I how much he cared ... and I think this is a great opportunity for us to express not to me, but to all on this site how much we appreciate the spiritual encouragement we get ... thank you to Jehovah our Soveriegn and your son Jesus - for providing our brotherhood and giving us skills that can encourage ones we have not yet met in the flesh - we are indeed a privileged people
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