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  1. I cannot see any poll from my phone, however I did want to share that the first AstraZeneca shot made me feel like I was getting a flu and put me in bed for 3 days. Aching joints all over, chills and fever during the night. Then on day 4 it started easing up. I had brain fog for about a week, confused and forgetful. I dropped and broke my new phone in a lapse of memory. I lacked energy. 12 weeks later, the second shot only had a bit of a headache on day 2 and 3. My wife had a similar reaction to the first shot as I did. Went back to work on week 2 for 2 days, then had the next 10 days off work. Then she started her annual leave, so had plenty time to recover fully. But it really knocked her for a six (as we say down here). No effects the second shot 11 weeks later, except for a sore arm. [emoji3073]Old (Downunder) Tone [emoji854]
  2. Perhaps 'Survival of the Fittest' means that the ones to be trimmed are the ones that frequent the 'Fast Food' outlets.... ? [emoji3073]Old (Downunder) Tone [emoji854]
  3. Nice fix! But is it worth the effort? I find some of the 'new' features of Win 11 sadly lacking. For example, with Win 10 (and previous versions) I could click and drag my Task Bar to the side of the screen. When I have multiple monitors, I like this feature. I cannot do this with Win 11. I expect (and I have not researched this - just based on my experience), the processor speed and memory limitations of older PC's can easily be overwhelmed by the new bigger code. That's not to say what was done is brilliant, but my experience is there will be a memory call, or address jump that may cause the system to crash. Recommended for experienced users only. IMHO PS I also use this to justify to my 'Minister of Finance' why I need a new laptop..... [emoji3073]Old (Downunder) Tone [emoji854]
  4. My joy flight this morning in the Bungle Bungles (West Australia)... [emoji3073]Old (Downunder) Tone [emoji854] 20210907_090405.mp4
  5. We had a discussion thread on this some tine ago. Sadly the size ratio is wrong (6:1). The basic shape (rectangular) is as close as you can get... [emoji3073]Old (Downunder) Tone [emoji854]

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