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  1. Big floppies? 5 1/4" or 8"...? [emoji848] Just Older [emoji856]
  2. On the phone app, having exactly the same problem. It says download. We download. We play it, but it still shows the arrow needing download. We turn data connection off, and it will not play. Hmmmm [emoji848] Bug me thinks. [emoji218] Just Older [emoji856]
  3. Fixed it! I needed to download the nwtsty bible again... Just Older [emoji856]
  4. I've updated to v 11.0.32841. Windows 10 PC at KH. At the meeting today, the side pane of the study WTno longer shows the Scriptures when I click on them. There is no apparent change to the main screen at the front, but the operator view has changed. I think this is a bug, as the operation has not changed on my phone or tablet (Android). The footnotes /end notes and comments are displayed, but it will not open the bible. Just Older [emoji856]
  5. 28 Page Booklet (pdf) available for download: https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/special-report-20190322/ This report provides recent information on criminal trials, imprisonment, property confiscation, and police raids on homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. Just Older [emoji856]
  6. Oh? They must have changed that recently. When I first did my DNA, I was able to request an email copy of my raw data. I don't know what to do with it, but I got a copy.... Just Older [emoji856]
  7. Vienna is now number #1 after a 7 year run by Melbourne. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-15/melbourne-loses-most-liveable-city-crown-but-why-live-in-vienna/10120356 Just Older [emoji856]
  8. I also think they encourage us to download and store the information, so that if the website ever gets taken down, we will still have the information... For my personal situation, my data allowance is limited, so I DL whenever I get free Wi-Fi. I cannot afford to stream. Just Older [emoji856]
  9. I have an old laptop, and many years ago I bought the Microsoft Office Suite to do my typing etc. Now it appears MS promote 'Office 365'. (I believe you have to pay rent to use it...) I use the free Kingsoft Office WPS on my Android device. (I believe they have a PC version too). Other than any games you want, Kingsoft and Jwlib app should get you going. Just Older [emoji856]
  10. 91MB nwtsty update. I hope it is the study notes for Corinthians... Just Older [emoji856] Nope... [emoji22] Just Older [emoji856]
  11. I think that was Br Curzon. Heavy ones (keel) to stabilise the ship... Just Older [emoji856]
  12. Welcome back William. You were missed. (How was Japan?) Just Older [emoji856]
  13. I knew there was a reason why I gave you 5 stars. [emoji93] [emoji93] [emoji93] [emoji93] [emoji93] Just Older [emoji856]
  14. In Australia our clocks get changed on April 7... Just Older [emoji856]
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