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  1. Hi Brothers Tony & Neil! thanks for your reply Which out of the 3 facilities is the bible tour a part of? Is that the one with the wall of Jehovah's name in many languages? I was also wanting to take my youngest son through the video productions and the "Caleb & Sofia" set there is so much cool stuff it's going to be hard to decide which one I need to leave out but you are right, no matter what simply being there with the love of the brothers would be enough to move him regardless of the information he takes in. I have downloaded each facilitie's tour brochure after doing some research so this will help a lot!
  2. Hi everyone My family and I are travelling to NY from Australia in April next year with some friends from our congregation, they invited us along to a tour of Patterson/Wallkill with their family, the nice thing is my husband who is not in the truth is happy to attend and enjoy the experience with us, he has studied before and then stopped but still shows interest in the truth so I am so thankful of his willingness to join us in the tour My question is, for someone like him who needs a faith boost, is there any one of the 3 out of Warwick, Patterson or Wallkill that would benefit him more? I don't want to overwhelm him either and do all 3 tours as I don't want to put him off! Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. That's what makes it frustrating Ray, even without all the facts and the complete background of what happened here people are so quick to judge. It's one of the reasons I am disliking facebook more and more.
  4. This is in the news today here in Australia, as you can imagine it has given many people ammunition to attack our faith and many misinformed people are upset by this, it always makes me angry to read the horrible comments, I just want to get in there and defend Jehovah but I know it will turn bad. Why do people refuse to even go to our website and get all the facts it's so sad, they are accusing us of not even being Christian, poor Jehovah. https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/26997728/jehovah-witness-mum-to-be-dies-after-refusing-blood-transfusion/?cmp=fb
  5. Have a part on the school tonight and as usual the stomach cramps have started due to nerves argh!

    1. izzydee83


      I totally understand. My daughter and I have demo's. We're both nervous.

    2. MelFromOz


      Happens to all of us hey sis! We always feel so much better once it's over and like we've accomplished something though and it feels great knowing Jehovah would be so happy with our efforts :) Hope your demos go well! xx

    3. izzydee83


      Glad those are over. :-):-)

  6. It's 8am here in Australia and I woke up half an hour ago to this terrible news I pray for all those effected, what a horrible scene and horrible wicked world we live in
  7. I know what you're saying Rosie, I guess what I meant is that Jehovah's organisation is highly persecuted as it is, Jesus told us this would happen when he said if they hated him they would hate us too and that he was no part of the world, so it kind of gives the world another avenue to attack the Witnesses.
  8. Yes it's sad that it's now come out that Holt was in fact a witness, I saw a photo from his wedding in the Kingdom Hall, it seems that he had started to become inactive though or possibly even disfellowshipped seeing as his meeting attendance was irregular. The sad thing is that now it brings reproach upon Jehovah's name, the world is going to read that Whitney's killer was a witness himself and just conclude that he was behaving as a proper witness would, I don't think they would really grasp the concept of irregular or inactive or fallen away, to them one of Jehovah's Witnesses is just that.
  9. It's so heartbreaking, the poor sweet girl, what she must have gone through, I pray Jehovah helps her family get through this terrible time:( Prov 2:21,22
  10. This is just awful awful news, I pray Jehovah gives her family and her congregation the strength they need to get through this no matter what the outcome. I am on the verge of tears just thinking about this, please please come home safe and sound if you can Whitney:(
  11. Woops, just realised one of the photos didn't work! ;) Ah that will be nice for you Gabe, congrats to your brother!
  12. You're very welcome Gabe! Here's a few more that I like http://www.bcec.com.au/media/31741/brisbane%20-%20city%20&%20kangaroo%20point.jpg
  13. Hi all! Wasn't really sure what to post in here first so I'll start with a photo of the city I live in, Brisbane Australia, I do love living here
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