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  1. Yes you never really know who is looking and who is not, just shows how important that we make sure we always are at our post, because people see us everyday and it just takes one time to see something that interests them and then they come over and look, but if we miss our chance at being out there we miss the chance of making a witness Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. This reminds me of a public talk the title is just let it go, given by brother mombo, in that talk he expressed this thought that Jehovah forgives in such a larger way not even to think about the errors we may have done in PS 103:10 the B party even expressed "Nor has he repaid us what our errors deserve" errors that we deserve to be repaid he forgives, we need to follow this example with our brothers and sisters we need to be just as forgiving as Jehovah is with us, doing so brings us closer to our extended family and closer to Jehovah.
  3. The Scriptures also emphasize our duty and privilege to preach from house to house, in public places, and informally. notice it is our responsibility, to express this good news in any way we can but then it says it is a privilege, Jehovah said he would make the rocks cry out if we didn't share this good news, even brings out that the angels would love to do this work but Jehovah has given this to us to do, let's make sure that when we wake up till we go to sleep, that we have a part in this once in a life time work, you will never have this privilege again.
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