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  1. Interesting article! It is also important to remember to stretch at least 10-15 minutes before and after an intense exercise workout in order to release some of the lactic acids that build up in the muscles to breakdown glucose in order to increase oxygen supply during intense sport. The study didn't mention that the participants did this, but I am guessing not in order to see the benefits of massage. Another great benefit of stretching is it releases endorphins, the neurotransmitters in the brain that can elevate mood and alleviate pain and depression.
  2. I wasn’t insinuating anything Tortuga. 🤪 😂
  3. We got the cargo version. Here it’s 200 kg load max. 😉
  4. This we knick-named "the chariot". An adult passenger seat on the back of an e-bike. 🤗 Works great.
  5. I heard it in a talk once said regarding uneven matching (more in regards to marriage than to friendship) that it's easier for one to be pulled down spiritually by a non-spiritual person, than it is to try to encourage that one spiritually. Of course it's not a blanket statement, but after time it can become a weakening process. Perhaps one is fortunate and he/she is able to successfully bring their partner into the truth, but the fact is there are alot of pressures and expectations that come from worldly people that we just don't share, and can't compromise on. If we are not careful, deep attachments could lead to compromising of one's faith without our even realizing it. We are on a life-saving mission with people, of course. We love people. But we have to be careful that we don't over-estimate our ability to stay on the narrow path because we think we are strong enough to help others. Paul wrote in 1 Cor.10:12 " 12 So let the one who thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall." This advice was given to an established congregation, with no doubt many mature christians already. The apostle Peter fell into this trap. So it doesn't matter if we are new or long time in the Truth. We can't forget Satan also uses people to weigh our faith down. Especially if he knows it's a weakness of our's. We have to be particularly proactive in seeking help from Jehovah if it is particularly challenging for us to give up close worldly ties. Keep praying about the matter, keep up your bible reading and meditation on what you learn, and Jehovah will bless your efforts to stay close to him. But it's reassuring the next verse 13: + 13 No temptation has come upon you except what is common to men.+ But God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear,+ but along with the temptation he will also make the way out so that you may be able to endure it.+
  6. In Germany they are suggesting a second shot with one of the other vaccines in the news, but then on the other hand, you have the next vaccination expert/scientist/chief medical doctor suggesting that the one shot is fine. Anyway, as of now, it's not mandatory and at least here is still subject to debate. A lot of places here you cannot enter without being fully vaccinated, recovered or have a negative corona test which now costs money for the unvaccinated to take. So much of "the scene of the world is changing." - 1 Cor.7:31
  7. Yep, my daughter needs new meeting shoes as her feet have grown, but has enough dresses still. How did your wardrobe get so small? Did you sell or give away lots of your meeting clothes? I wanted to, but kept the majority of skirts/dresses for when of if we do go back. But I could use a good one-time sweep through give away. Yes too many clothes. 😇
  8. It might be best to give the info to the sister assigned to encourage her. In effect it is her decision, and the onus is up to her to get her relationship right with Jehovah. You could encourage her to do Bible reading or mention how Bible reading has benefited you. Stay positive. Maybe have her teacher go over 1 Kings 18:16-40 and ask her what lessons she can meditate on from this account. Talk about Jehovah in a positive way and talk about the blessings of living the truth 100% in your life. Relate experiences. Ask her for ministry if she is open or qualified for it.
  9. Just read this info about pregnant women and taking the vaccine. My neighbor just gave birth recently, and is breastfeeding, and also chose not to get vaccinated. But this is something you definitely have to give careful thought to, and I understand the hesitations. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/recommendations/pregnancy.html Regarding the control group mentioned in the update by brother Lett, he mentioned 22,000 Bethelites, whereas 44,000 full-time special servants in the field were vaccinated. This suggests that the full-time special servants were not necessarily confined to Bethel, but instead living and working in the outside world, as the rest of us. Out of that number, 4 had severe reactions. Out of those 4 severe reactions, no one died and were reportedly in stable condition and under control. Now the 486 brothers who died out of the 1,407 publishers that were hospitalized due to CV in the US since the 1st of June, the majority were unvaccinated. Less than a percent of the 486 were fully vaccinated, but died due to underlying health reasons. Regarding the 3,975 Bethelites who traveled during the months of August and September outside of Bethel, 4 cases were positive, but all 4 cases were quarantined or already recovered upon their return. I can understand all the worry and concern, and don't blame or judge anyone who do not get vaccinated due to personal health reasons. But these numbers tell me the vaccine only helps to alleviate or lighten the symptoms should someone catch the virus. Particularly the elderly or other vulnerable groups could be affected severely without the vaccine. Those who particularly suffer with respiratory, heart/lung problems, this may be a matter of life and death situation. So I think the reports and statistics coming from the GB are not meant to question one from a spiritual standpoint, but out of love and concern for the safety of the worldwide brotherhood, the brothers give us these numbers. Just as brother Lett quoted Prov.3:27 to "not withhold doing good" in sharing these, but in no way is it meant to make anyone who for health reasons and can't get vaccinated be judged adversely. No doubt the GB would have wanted 100% survival rate, and 0 deaths to report, but sadly this isn't the case. Was it preventable? Can't say conclusively, as there was a small number of those vaccinated who did die due to the virus, but the numbers show the vaccine for the majority prevented hospitalization and death.
  10. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/russia/Russian-Officers-Assault-Two-Married-Couples/ 🙏🙏🙏 Prayers for these brothers. Really we don't know what to expect during the GT.
  11. There is nothing wrong with being friendly to all. But temper that with who do we choose to be our close companions and who can help us stay on the road to life, and support us making spiritual decisions/goals? Your worldly friends may have heard you becoming a witness, so now you could try and make it a goal to see how to witness to them. You are actually in the best position to witness to them because you know what interests each person, or know what’s deep in their heart. You can use this as a starting point to ask tactfully questions that can lead to a witness…a solution for whatever is on their mind. Think of which scriptures or subjects might appeal to them, and individualize that. It might spark interest. Be convinced of your own faith. If they accept it, continue trying to build on it. If they refuse and mock your new faith, then it might be easier for you, then, to purposely keep your distance. Then fill that need for friendship with ones in the congregation. Pray for Jehovah to find that support. Be aware of his leadings, because this is when you personally experience how he takes care of you, and feel his support and blessings. I wasn’t born a witness, so had to really unlearn the culture of the world, such as birthdays, Christmas and being around those whose standards, morals and viewpoints differed than mine, but the more often you stand up for it, the easier it gets…Also spend time in the ministry with the friends, as this is where you build lasting friendships.
  12. I heard in the car radio that she was a teenager when she started working as this commander's secretary. People who worked under the Nazis sadly did some heinous things as mentioned, but also nurses willingly followed orders from doctors doing "experimentations" on the vulnerable - especially to handicapped or ill people, even twins. I'll be amazed if this 96 year old woman even lives through the trial.


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