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  1. We have a thriving Hindi group here with many non native speakers supporting the group. We also have West African Pidgin and a few try to support that, too. Lots to do and learn, and I am sure many other western countries have local foreign language groups that are being supported in whatever languages being spoken locally Sorry to read about your accident. Hope you feel better soon! Your learning Hindi and about it’s culture is a great idea! No physical obstacles there.
  2. I just went to my normal GP doctor. It's not covered by medical insurance, so I paid out of pocket 25 euros. But that's for here in Germany...I can imagine it's different in the US or elsewhere. I am glad I got it done. Helps in making decisions going forward. They just took my blood and sent it to a lab. Results came a week later.
  3. So I got my results back from what my antibodies levels are currently from the COVID vaccine I got back in June from J&J. Minimum values to be considered having positive antibodies is 35. Mine came out at 95. But my doctor suggested I should still get the booster. Those minimum levels are apparently debatable. .
  4. You have to keep in mind how closely the location of neighboring organs are, so if something affects the lungs, the heart will be susceptible. I would definitely consult his cardiologist for perhaps case examples regarding the vaccine. Also, the reformulation of the Pfizer vaccine may make it safer, but that is something to talk with your doctor with. Keep in mind, that the vaccination only alleviates your symptoms, but doesn’t necessarily prevent spread. Definitely a doctor who knows your son‘s case history should advise you and your family. I found these links regarding it: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/myocarditis.html https://www.consumerreports.org/covid-19/risk-of-covid-19-and-heart-disease-a8267215629/
  5. haha That last line. My daughter has to give herself the nasal test every other day in school - some schools the kids have to test even everyday. Now when I did it to myself yesterday, I really must have hit the wrong fiber muscles or nerves as the tears and pain automatically came straight away. 😅
  6. Yeah I wonder if I caught something from my daughter. She isn't allowed to get COVID vaccinated as she's under 12, and now since about a week, the government has allowed all the kids to remove their masks during class instruction. Hardly any distance with the kids. Plus she had a minor dry cough, but has since improved. I dunno. I am not taking any meds and hardly meet anyone except the odd neighbour or two regarding business, but the kids are often around each other. So even though I am one of those "unlikely ones" to get COVID, we might just get it. Plus flu season started here. Yay.
  7. WOW - sorry to hear, brother. That sounds like quite an ordeal. As they say in German "Gute Besserung" - wish you a speedy recovery. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning as I went and got a blood test done on Friday to check my antibody levels from my COVID vaccination in June. Probably is low, but wanted to just find out. The dr's office asked me if I wanted to get an additional general blood test done regarding my health, which I gave too. That week was a week of blood tests for me from different doctors! 😅 My symptoms started creeping up on the weekend, so just a day after my blood being taken at the doc's office. But I will mention these new symptoms. I also had a general EKG and blood pressure check up. So far so good. I am actually fairly healthy and strong for my age, so this is really taking me off left field...🙄
  8. I write my message above while dealing with a persistent dry cough, waking up repeatedly at night, and feeling like something took a hit to my immune system in a terrible way...took a corona test and was negative yesterday, but this dry cough is truly annoying. Hopefully not, but if it turns out to be, I actually feel relieved that I got the vaccine...but that's just me!!
  9. I think for me the neighbors I come across in the world who aren't vaccinated are very vocal about it and feel that it's some kind of conspiracy from the government, without really understanding fully how vaccines work or what's in them. I think many are led to believe that the vaccine = poison. In contrast, it's great that the brothers and sisters who haven't taken the vaccine are doing their best to educate themselves and done their own research to find out the ingredients and how it personally affects their own health. I have researched, too, and have learned the science of how our bodies naturally use mrnA's as a transportation method on a cellular level. It is nothing new and is used in our bodies in a physiological, normal functioning way. The physiology of our bodies is amazing that it can produce by itself what is needed to fight off viruses or infections. But with some strains of aggressive viruses, the body alone can't fight it without going into dangerous, even life-threatening situations in some people. Thus the world declares -> pandemic. As the data has shown worldwide, the number of people who have died from COVID-19, and compared to the length since it has appeared is far more dangerous than the common cold. Regardless if we personally know of those who have died or not. Maybe we don't see or hear it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, right? For my anti-vaccine neighbours, I have asked them personally why they feel that way, and sad to say, it's not based on factual information, especially a few elderly ones. It's often a result of they themselves receiving misinformation on their phones, or having contact with others who refuse it but don't have the medical information to back up their view. The danger comes when we start talking like the vaccine is from the devil, as some in the world actually do believe it is. When asked "are you vaccinated?" by such individuals this can be a test of our neutrality when we explain our reasons. I always direct them to our official stance on our website, and trying to avoid the politics of it, but instead use it as a way to witness about better times. Because even when we agree with them, what benefit does it serve to start talking about the politics of COVID-19, vaccination or government restrictions/mask wearing? That a certain number of people died from not being vaccinated, or from being vaccinated would only fuel the fire. Yes the world is about economics and yes, it doesn't always have the best interests of citizens, but like Jesus said we are "no part of the world." Jesus didn't encourage his disciples to start protesting against the Romans at that time, nor do we today. Of course we are all concerned about people's health, and of each other, but we trust that everyone is old enough to do their own research and make their own conscience decisions. I have known ones to have literally put terrible fear into their relatives about taking a certain course of actions, that it has unfortunately pushed them out of the truth - not saying anyone on here does that, but let our views be balanced! I don't post or hate on those against the vaccine on here. The majority who have been vaccinated on the forums, have lived to say that the vaccine didn't kill them, although maybe had some kind of side effect, but served to strength their immune systems. For those with long-covid, getting vaccinated has even cured them of the long symptoms they dealt with after being infected naturally. Those who haven't gotten vaccinated for health reasons need to take extra precautions, and those who just don't want to have to remember that it serves no purpose to advertise the possible dangers of the vaccine or its ingredients, especially to those with weaker immune systems, and in effect playing doctor, which last I checked with the exception of 1-2, no one is, and could have grave consequences for some who do not build their immune response. Great that everyone has done their own research...be proud that we are no part of the world...stay firm in that we don't engage people in the world or in the truth to start debating about the pros and cons of vaccination, and thereby falling into politics. Like the apostle Paul wrote: "Good health to you!" - Acts 15:29
  10. In addition to Sofia's posting, this website https://www.drugs.com/cdi/tromethamine.html , tromethamine is drug classified as under "Minerals and electrolytes". If sodium chloride and potassium chloride along with saline is being now replaced by tromethamine, it might have the same but more balancing purpose in mineral, cellular and nerve function.
  11. I use this http://territoryweb.de/ and it’s great cause I can assign my partners to search another map and street names from 3 different telephone books. After my partner has saved their work from the map searched in my territory, it automatically saves the work up on my account maps. I can also search my map at the same time. It also automatically marks the streets done on the maps we‘ve searched. The territory servant can also see how much I have covered, or provide technical help. But this is the German version, and I don‘t know if it is the same for different countries, perhaps different .-endings. de for Germany.
  12. Thanks for this info. We got J&J in June and I am getting a “recommendation“ from my corona app to get a booster. I just called my doctor‘s office and I can get a blood test done to measure the antibodies if I pay out of pocket as it’s not covered from my insurance, which would cost 25€. The alternative is to get the booster for free. Have to chew on that.


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