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  1. This supply chain stuff is very serious. It could really get bad before all is said and done. Look at what is already here and many seafarers are ready to walk. Don't blame them. They are getting stuck at sea for months at a time, not able to get off anywhere because of covid. They take vacation and instead of vacationing they spend it quarantined. Then there's the issue of these vaccines.. each country with their own rules. I read that some of these people have been vaccinated multiple times just for the sake of some country recognizing that they are a actually vaccinated. We won't even talk about how they line up at the ports with not enough workers to unload the ships and not enough truckers to transport the goods. What a mess!
  2. I pretty much got the same as Bro. Michal. This was a sobering thought. I think people have a hard time with it because they are so exhausted from being battered by this system of things that it's downright painful to think about it dragging on with worse things to come. I can think about this for a minute, but can't dwell on it too much. For me it's way too depressing. As far as surprises go, this thread is great. This is how I knew to look for the new video. There is another thread about a specific type of abuse that I don't want to see because I'm too sensitive. My solution to enjoying the forum without being exposed to anything I don't want to see is simple: I don't open the thread. I'm sure that would work well with most other topics.
  3. So many people don't wear masks around here that people look at me funny for wearing one. Or roll their eyes. It's not mandatory in my area, but there are signs on every building that say that mask wearing is strongly recommended.
  4. Thank you @WilliamChew. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many.. 😊
  5. I didn't think much of it until I moved up north. People are different here. Passing through there was like a breath of fresh air.. air that is scented with greens, grits, scrapple, and whatever else I like. 🤣
  6. "Hedgepeth was a 19-year-old UNC sophomore when she was found beaten to death in 2012 in her friend’s off-campus apartment near the Durham-Chapel Hill town limits." They made an arrest in this case, but didn't disclose anything about the suspect other than his name. It really is sickening that people do things like this. I love the Carolinas by the way. Feel right at home down south. 😊
  7. Unfortunately this pastor is not the only one doing this. There are plenty of others. Then there even politicians getting in on this.. For all the same reason. Supporters = $$$$. As far as people not wanting to be told what to do, you are so right. When I first figured out that people didn't want to be vaccinated, I was shocked enough to start talking to people so I could understand what was going on. I literally could not have one intelligent discussion with anyone who was adamantly against this vaccine. They tried, but when presented with statistics from reputable sources, all they could come up with was "My body, my rights. Nope, not going to make me." Alrighty then. This includes one of my employees. Her sister had a severe case, then 2 of her co-workers had it. One was okay within 2 weeks, but the other was out for more than a month, part of that spent in a hospital. The guys were young and healthy, she is not. She has managed to avoid this so far. Likely the fact that everyone else there is vaccinated has helped keep her safe.
  8. Did you notice on the link you posted that if you keep scrolling down a story about one of the pastors providing people with exemption paperwork @Tbs77? Love how it's a requirement for people to donate $$$$$ so they can become online members. 🙄 In the meantime anyone can not only join us at any time, but tap into thousands of publications and videos in over a thousand languages for FREE. "A pastor is encouraging people to donate to his Tulsa church so they can become an online member and get his signature on a religious exemption from coronavirus vaccine mandates. The pastor, Jackson Lahmeyer, is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford in 2022. Lahmeyer, who leads Sheridan Church with his wife, Kendra, said Tuesday that in the past two days, about 30,000 people have downloaded the religious exemption form he created. “It’s beautiful,” he said. “My phone and my emails have blown up.”
  9. Nobody is protesting anything.. other than this vaccine. Religious reasons work with so much else, so I'm not surprised people are trying it with this. Is there any major religious group that officially has a problem with this vaccine? I thought it would be Catholics, but even the Pope is telling people that it's okay. Since so many are concerned about what they are putting in their bodies these days, perhaps they could do some research as to how many of these medications, OTC and prescription, were developed. Read about what's actually in them now. How about all of the processed food we eat? Back up though.. the way some of this stuff is grown is bad enough. Then the food companies get their hands on it and add their chemicals and dyes. How about what's in our clean drinking water? Or in the air? There is only one solution to this mess and it's coming soon. Everything else is a very imperfect bandaid.
  10. As far as docs handing out medical exemption forms, they can skip convincing them. There are pastors handing them out for a suggested donation of $25. 🙄 It's clear that people can make their own decisions, but I'm going to have to fight within myself and pray to be at peace with this matter. When I read about innocent children dying in very unvaccinated states or about someone's grandmother dying of a heart attack because the hospitals are too full of unvaccinated covid patients to provide appropriate care, it his the mother and caretaker in me hard. Then there's the medical professional in me who wonders why some people disregard the opinions of the medical community, yet run straight to them for help when they end up with covid. If medical professionals can't be trusted to prevent or minimize the effects of this virus, why trust them to treat it? Then there's the Christian in me who knows she needs to let it go. People can think whatever they want and do whatever it is that suits them. I know there will be plenty of people here who don't like what I have to say. It's okay. My current thoughts are what they are for now. I'm a work in progress. We will see where they go from here with prayer and a news detox.
  11. Well there goes their unity. https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/japan-warns-citizens-attack-southeast-asia-79986613 TOKYO -- Japan's Foreign Ministry urged its citizens on Monday to stay away from religious facilities and crowds in six Southeast Asian nations, warning of a possible attack. The ministry said it had obtained information that “there are increased risks such as suicide bombings." The warning applies to Japanese citizens in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.
  12. You are on a roll @Sofia! Thank you for staying more on top of this than I have been able to. This one gave me energy. 😄
  13. Right!! Several times now! Them getting together and planning stuff they could never follow through with doesn't excite me much, but these quotes that make me think of talks and WT articles.. it almost feels shocking every time I read one.
  14. I liked this particular part in the above article. "Interfaith Forum, which champions partnerships between religion and government and seeks to influence the annual Group of 20 meeting by showing the strength global religious leaders bring to solving society’s biggest problems." WT 9/15/2012 Article How This World Will Come To An End. Paragraph 3. " Just before the day of Jehovah begins, world leaders will be saying “Peace and security!” This could be one event or even several events that happen one after the other. Nations may think that they are close to solving some of their big problems. What will the religious leaders do? They are part of the world. So it is possible that they will say “Peace and security!” along with the political leaders." Who knows if this is anything or not, but this is the most interesting thing I've seen in a long time.
  15. I had to read this a few times because I could not believe he really used the term "teeth."
  16. I didn't even know there was caffeine in it. 😅 Just looked it up. There is 40-60 mg there. Also had to look up a cup of coffee for reference. It's about 100mg per cup.
  17. There is only one Cinnamon tea I use for this. It's HT brand and I only ever find it on Amazon. It is the only thing strong enough to drown out the taste of the ACV. It's actually really palatable this way. Use your imagination and it might slightly resemble apple pie.. If it doesn't, hype yourself up to drink it anyway by watching Dr. Berg videos. 😅 I am in a constant battle with my weight. Health problems cause it, then the medications im on are notorious for it. Docs just doubled the dose of the one that makes people the fattest. 😅 Oh boy. Extended fasts are so hard. What I have been doing instead is short periods of fat fasting. I follow a really low carb diet anyway, so my body slips right into a heavier state of ketosis easily. Appetite quickly disappears and weight just falls off. I wish I could just buckle down and stick to this like I need to. If I did this a few days a week, I might not have a weight problem. Seems to be a lack of discipline. Or can I blame my kids one more time since I have to make it past their bags of chips and chocolate to reach my deviled egg and cinnamon tea? 😄
  18. I have never tried a water fast, but I did fast, having only coffee with a little cream, for 6 days. Was shooting for 7, but caved. Things I learned from shorter fasts: 1. Cinnamon tea with ACV kills my appetite. 2. Chicken broth makes me hungry enough to break the fast. 3. Not eating really does free up A LOT of time. 4. This is a great way to have a break from cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes. 5. Fasting saves all kinds of $$$$. 6. If you do this with kids around, you might be miserable.. I had to sit around smelling pizza and listening to the crunch of cheetos while drinking water. 😄
  19. I think that's because we live here. It's probably no different for a country like France.. I think there was something going on over there recently, but of course they would know more about that because they live there. This is a screwed up world and we all are waiting for Jehovah to fix it. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but people (of all races) seem to be crazier and more aggressive than ever these days.
  20. The only reason I mentioned it is because this was the most recent example that I know of where things got wild because people were upset. The other reason this was the first thing that came to mind is that I was personally affected by it. I own a business in the middle of a city where stuff was going on. I even had people run in my store and steal right out in the open, just daring us to call the police. One of my employees was physically harmed and needed stitches from being cut with a broken bottle. We are actually fortunate this was all that happened- some businesses were burnt straight to the ground. We actually did end up calling the police, but they refused to come. They were only willing to get involved with life or death situations, so this added to the fear that we experienced for weeks on end. It's likely that this will always come to mind first because I'm still traumatized, not for any other reason. The thought of authorities forcing people to take this vaccine really scares me because I already can imagine what will happen. So anyway, sorry everyone for the long digression. And I'm also sorry if I offended anyone with my example. Back to our regularly scheduled thread. 😊
  21. 1000% agreed. Can't even imagine the rioting and carrying on that will take place within the US if this happens. My bet is that the BLM protests and riots will pale in comparison to this.
  22. Here they did a poll prior to school opening, asking what parents prefer. Mask, no mask, optional. I could hardly believe there was an option of no masks and optional with cases steadily increasing here as they have been. Fortunately parents voted for masks, so all children wear them on the bus and in classrooms. My daughter has told me about children who defiantly refused to wear their masks (elementary school, mind you). The school apparently holds them in an office somewhere and makes the parents pick them up. Good! The behavior of people in the world should not be shocking anymore, but somehow it is is. People ripping masks off of the faces of teachers, threatening violence, physical altercations at school board meetings. A doctor who recommended masks for students was surrounded by an angry mob who followed him to his car. He was told that he will be hunted down. It's a virus and precautions should be common sense.. but somehow they are not. People and their "rights" just trump any and all common sense these days. 2 Timothy 3: 1-7 is all I can think of right now.
  23. Not long ago a friend confided in me that she met a brother a gathering far from here and couldn't get him off her mind. She didn't even know his name. Within hours, I quietly found out his name, age, congregation, general friend circle, and the fact that he was single. When my job of detective was over, I then had to host a gathering and find a way to get this brother an invitation. See what good friends do for each other? 🤣 Do you have any kind of photo? Screen shot from video or anything? You might need that if you want to do any quiet investigating.
  24. https://www.yahoo.com/news/tens-thousands-defy-bangladesh-lockdown-imams-funeral-004455273.html "Dhaka (AFP) - Tens of thousands of people defied a nationwide coronavirus lockdown in Bangladesh on Saturday to attend the funeral of a top Islamic preacher, even as authorities battle a surge in virus cases. Police had agreed with the family of Jubayer Ahmad Ansari, that only 50 people would attend the funeral in the eastern town of Sarail because of the risk of spreading the disease. But local police chief Shahadat Hossain said officers were helpless to stop the crowds who came to honour the 55-year-old popular preacher and seminary head, who died on Friday. New rules ban more than five people taking part in prayers in the country's 300,000 mosques. The prime minister has called on Bangladeshis to pray at home when the Ramadan festival starts this month. But a group of influential clerics has called on Muslims to turn out in their masses for daily prayers. Last month at least 25,000 people attended a Muslim prayer meeting in a field in the southern city of Raipur to chant "healing verses" to rid the country of the deadly virus." There seems to be a common theme here. Governments are making rules, these groups remain defiant, virus keeps spreading, which is creating more headache for the governments who are desperately trying to get this under control and get the economy rolling again. If they can't control it, ban it? The governments certainly have reason to hate the harlot. (My opinion)

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