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    Love meeting Brothers and sisters from around the world.
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    How can we be alone when we have the Whole Universe.
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  1. Hey friend. I haven't done this test. But my grandfather before he died traced back to the First Fleet. Owen Cavonaugh. He was an Able sea man and was the first man to set foot on Aussie shores in 1788. In Botany Bay. Jackson Cove area. He helped sir Governor Philip out of the Boat. His name is on many plagues around Sydney. He has a Street in Canberra named after him. My Grandfather was Mayor of Kograh in the 60's-80's. He traced us back to France. The Huegonauts. Who fled persecution. Then to England. Owen married a convict. Margaret Dowling. I discovered up near Tamworth is a big Ship/ plague dedicated to the First Fleet. Sirus is the ship. Which sank somewhere near Norfolk Osland. He was given land there in the Hawksberry area. So my Grandmother on my mum's side was from France. Then my Dads side my Great grandfather was from Germany. I got to meet him and great grandmother. She was Irish. My grandfather was from Scotland. I found out last year the ex PM. Malcolm Turnbull is a distant cousin. His related to Grace Cavonaugh .she was Owen Cavonaughs daughter who married a Turnbull.
  2. We have had lots of fun. Gonna miss that beast. Breaking down kinda was good for a few days. Meant we actually got to Chill by the pool. I love my hubby. But since 1st July was go go go. I like to go home feeling refreshed. I met Greg Gill and Harold his Dad. Sooo awesome. Helped us so much. We have a new kinda car. NRMA PREMIUM CARE wanted to charge $9000 to tow the old car plus popup caravan. You can only use $3000 per year. We have a wedding in Perth later on. Ah!!! Yes the infamous Nullabor. Glad you got helped out.
  3. Lols just a little bit. We watched a guy in Cape Yorke. Somewhere of the Old Telegraph Rd go in and Out of this giant pond. He says everything was going well. Well you could see crap coming out of the exhaust. It didn't seem like a good idea. My hubby thought he have ago. We only just made it out. No snorkel. Hmmm!!! Way too close for comfort. Next you could see water pouring out where the filter is etc. Hubby looked really worried now. We are out in the middle of nowhere. Only thing I had that could soak up water I said to him "ah do you want to try some personal items "? Nah!!! He says. So might as well. I will do it. So between all the ridges in the filter the water was soaked up. And pretty much dry. Our bedding needed a lot of sun. Lols. Lifes pretty straight without a twist. Lol
  4. We did in Kakadu. It was 35 very hot. Did everything by the book regarding oils. Radiators. I live in Wollongong and so had Nrma Premium care. Even bought a CB radio. We were there for 4days. Some people very nice gave me a lift back to our lodge. We are camping. I had to do the calls. There was no reception back where we were. One of the guys at Coodina took his truck out to pick up the kids. Hubby had to wait for tow truck. Some wonderful Brothers came and towed us out. Helped us. Now we have another 4wd. Heading home now But we made some wonderful friends never forget their kindness.
  5. Outback QLD. Western Sunset. Not far from Winton. Jehovah's artwork never ceases to amaze me.
  6. I haven't either. I just been to Northern territory. First time I ever seen a shop for selling guns and Bullets. Suppose it's for the crocs.
  7. Hi friends I haven't posted new photos. Our Pajero died in Kakadu. We were stranded for 4 days. Some wonderful Brothers we had met one week earlier. One was a mechanic. We asked if he wanted the pajero. They came and got us out. Have helped us out so much. Today at last we start heading home. A Blue Kingfisher only found in Northern territory.
  8. Beautiful Northern territory sunset the beach was really crowded. My son loves python. We saw giant Ant hills. Amazing construction. In Litchfield national park. Beautiful waterfall and has to swim. Refreshing. Xx
  9. Sis we are having an awesome time. If you have watched the all 4 adventure guys with Jase and Simon. Yeah similar kind of adventure. The caravan lost some strength the beds collapsed and I had to sleep on the floor. The 4wd over heated a trip must have a few hiccups. Is so Amazing aye. I would love to see Florida.
  10. Turtle spotting. Was an awesome experience We stayed til late at night then after a lot of patience we got to see a turtle do her thing. Sky field with loads of stars. Thanks Jehovah. The eggs are round.
  11. Cooper peddie is an Opal town. If you have heard of James Bond and other Aussie rich tycoons of the 80s. This is how they got their wealthy lifestyles. Pictures of the old Jail below. Started in 1913-1985... was a Gold field. Funny how you come to all these old places see so many empty once there was a life here. But now not. Must have been super hot in the summer. No water holes for relief
  12. Gday Bro. .Yes top end of Australia. Hope all is well. Agape I love seeing new fauna
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