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  1. Yeah I guess when you leave the city people are more chilled. People are way to stressed out in the Cities. We are in lockdown for now. It's so nice not having to get in the car and take kids to school. I've noticed there are new Estates popping up everywhere in my area etc. The streets are very narrow. No where to park. You sound like you live in a nice area
  2. Gday Bro. Thanks for explaining. My husband's family is from England. My Sister inlaw is cool. But if we want to visit her we have to ask. But never asked to go to her place. I've been trying to understand some of the British ways. My Grandfather traced back to the First Fleet when he was around. I have noticed with some things my hubby is a little reserved. It makes sense now. Beauty mate.
  3. G'day friends. I'm from Australia.. My great grandfather was from Germany. like after the 2nd Worldwar, So its nice learning about cultural differences. I haven't had the opportunity yet to venture outside of Aussie, I have loads of friends from many different backgrounds. I enjoy getting to know them, I've done a lot of traveling in the Outback. what I have noticed there's a different way of life & expressions just by going into another state. Like no one waves to you when you are in the city. But when you are towing a campervan and heading Out to the Nullabor for eg. People wave to you When you are driving.
  4. Afternoon snack time for Lockdown homeschooling inspiration. For the kids. Wink wink. That's intense.
  5. I love liquorice. Sooo good. Occasionally I love Sambucca
  6. G.day. Friends. I so love this new Magazine. the cover is so impacting. & exciting. We surely do need this now. Will have fun using it as much as possible
  7. Hi I have been searching for the Home schooling forum please.

    Has that been moved or changed please and thanks

    for first time since this virus. this is a new first area for me . Not sure how to proceed. thanks.

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    2. surfergirl


      Ok. Fair enough. Thanks very much. 

      How's everything in your part of the hemisphere?

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Chaos. People are getting sick and dying. There's "stay at home" orders being imposed by the governments. I'm in construction and so far I am still allowed to work.

    4. surfergirl


      I'm glad you're ok seems like only job left available is construction.  My auntie told me last night since all this chaos. Bethel down here has received a lot of requests for Bible studies.  She said a friend was at a salon . She overhead next customer saying haven't Jehovahs witnesses been preaching about this sort of thing?

  8. Hi friends I am looking to be able to do like a facetime with my family preferably free. does Hangout allow this ? I've been sceptical. about Hangtime. I know Skype you need a plan. thanks for any recommendations
  9. Today here at Bulli Beach. South of Sydney A wonderful thoughtful friend too me out to Lunch after the terrible day and weeks ive had. I tried to organize a surprise anniversary for my hubby. for this Sunday.22th. It was actually 11th .but was on a wed. So made it another day. was to have 150 guests. But have to postpone cause of this bug. such is life There are alot of cruise ships in our region at the moment and other fleets. but not allowed to dock since this virus. makes the sea look interesting.
  10. I have been wanting to make gnocchi for ages. So tonight was it. Since all the prepacked stuff is being bought by the droves. I've decided to go stock up the basics and make from scratch. Including the sauce and making enough to freeze. I did the sauce in my slow cooker. So what creative ideas have you come up with since the stocks are being taken?
  11. Thank dear friends. So wonderful. Great ways for sugar. My daughter was so happy. Wow how cool to work in the industry for a while.
  12. Question for yr9 student. My daughter has been doing this topic. Just a little stumped for ideas on this question? How can we make Sugar sustainable for the future? Thanks for any ideas/imput. Gabe
  13. I have found some tips from Killer. Do it yourself ideas helpful at substituting. https://onegoodthingbyjillee.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e5237625488411c708b9d7e10&id=786e7e4d64&e=47632ce372

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