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  1. I agree 100%. I used to be a trader. I spent a lot of time studying different market charts, learning all about the resistance and the support in crypto, and when the market is likely to move upwards so you make money. I also spent lots of my time, learning about the crypto market and the Forex market. It can be exciting, but not when money is involved. Here's one or two things I have learned from trading: 1. It's extremely volatile and can be very unpredictable. This means there are manipulations in the market, so the probability of losing money is certain. 2. It can take a huge chunk of your time. Sometimes, I spend many days trying to predict the market. Many days I am successful; other days, I am sad and depressed. This can easily overwhelm important activities. 3. It is very addictive. The more you get into the game, the harder it is to get out. 4. The money is never too enough. It takes a great level of self-control which I think is unattainable to stop thinking about how to increase your money. Do I think it's bad to save your money in crypto? Not at all. But you need to be careful. It's best to limit your expectations and buy reputable coins like bitcoin. And remember, don't expect too much from it.
  2. True. We will all have our assignments. But when I mean a Kingdom Service Corp, I am thinking LDC albeit on a larger scale. For example, a large stadium needs to be built but there are few people to build, the Kingdom Service Corp can be deployed to the region to help accelerate the assignment. Nothing is set in stone; it's just purely speculation.
  3. In my opinion, I believe we will build kingdom worldwide farms in every community. This will help every individual living in the community to perform communal work on specific days. We will also have our backyard farms. The community farms, on the other hand, will be used on a larger scale. I hope we get to build cities that have several functions and purposes. I also hope we have centers for several departments. And then, I hope we have the kingdom service corps. They will be the military of our day, except that they are mainly kingdom workers skillfully trained to accelerate any work faster.
  4. Imagine you are eating an apple pie and the next thing you hear is, "they have breached the walls!"
  5. And there is the sequence of the number 3, as written by the writer, Genius Turner: "Afterward, the 3 elements of the universe (dark energy, dark matter and normal matter) blasted into existence, along with the triplets — space, time and matter. … Afterward, space sliced into 3-dimensions . . . time chopped into 3 phases . . . and matter minced into 3 states. Of course, for every spec of matter that arose, it found its equal and opposite reaction in antimatter. It was not until such binary opposition found its synthesis in that all-important “and one” — thus resulting in 3 entities — could the newborn Universe have started its long-awaited growth spurt. Afterward, the 3 generations of quarks and 3 generations of leptons arose, to say nothing of the 3 types of color change. As for those quarks, 3 made their home in a proton and 3 quarks in a neutron. Indeed, the 3 main parts of an atom — neutrons, protons and electrons — ensued! With the expansion of the Universe, 3 main types of galaxies emerged. Of course, contained within these galaxies were stars and planets, the result of which is 3 forms of massive objects (galaxies, stars and planets). Amid such formation, Newton’s 3 laws of motion were at hand. Far into the future, at some distant galaxy known as the 3rd rock from the sun, 3 forms of natural laws would take effect. The stage was set for the 3-body problem indeed." It doesn't seem to me that evolved life or chance — like the so-called scientists claim — follows such an orderly sequence, as shown above. It simply is absurd.
  6. Personally, I feel the idea is to not compare ourselves to others but ourselves. Yes, Blakes was a good runner, and he could likewise boast of being a good runner. But Usain was a better runner. The lesson IMHO is to not compare our abilities with others but ourselves. We could boast of doing our best like Blakes, but perhaps, we could still do better like Usain if we exert ourselves a bit more. Hence, are we doing our best?
  7. Jehovah and Jesus enjoy a special kind of companionship for eons, and they are still found of each other. The Bible describes them as "one". Hence, in the new world we could enjoy our partner's companionship for an endless period with joy every day. In fact, we would be fond of each other. I think the premise of your argument that "a lot more sisters would be single now if money didn't exist" is wrong. Having a companion is a beautiful thing, and while I agree that the idea of "love" has been thwarted in this system of things. However, many Christian couples still enjoy the companion of their partners and would never trade anything for it.
  8. Okay, this is incorrect. A lot of people don't know about Africa because most of the media is dominated by western media and Africa is portrayed more like an isolated place. The Arab world consists of 22 countries... I hear many people call themselves Arabs. Why isn't it really a problem. I love specificity too. If someone is knowledgeable to ask where in Africa, then it's great to say your nationality. Schooling someone about Africa everytime isn't something most people would do. That to me is dismissive, and a reason many people are clueless isn't because Africans are dismissive of their countries. C'mon, that sounds like an insensitive thing to say.
  9. When I mean most of Africa shares the same weather conditions, I mean its temperatures. It's mostly hot. According to the page you posted, "Temperate climates are rare across the continent except at very high elevations and along the fringes. In fact, the climate of Africa is more variable by rainfall amount than by temperatures, which are consistently high."
  10. I must commend you for that. But like Brandon also said, many people don't get it. I know many people who tell me they are Americans... I quickly understand it to be USA. On a first time meeting with someone, I would tell them I am African. But as the conversation go on, I would reveal my nationality. This tends to clear the air. Why is this so? Many countries in Africa aren't really known worldwide. How many times have you heard Burkina Faso?

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