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    Although I was raised by non witness I had studied with jw since I was a kid so I had a rich spiritual heritage, but as I started developing traits of jw. My parents weren't pleased and they stopped all of my connections with jw, but they failed to stop my communication with someone important ‘jehovah.' it was too late, although it was hard during those days I'm happy i stayed faithful, and i would often sneak to meetings just to learn something new, but all became history as I enjoy a richer spiritual heritage and would never trade anything for it. Am the last born of five and the only witness for now.

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    Let me tell u a real secret. There's nothing better than letting Jehovah direct your path. You'll go places in life and you will soar like a eagle with wings.

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  1. Bro Richard, or rather has it completed it's creation process, but awaiting its productive process. A piece of land will be unproductive and inhabitable to shelter only if some productive processes are completed like clearing, foundation, building etc Who will Jehovah use to make it perfect for living? I believe all planets will be useful eventually for their different purposes
  2. Petition the heavenly body of Jehovah's sovereign organization if we can begin space exploration and send humans to the moon. It's a new world and as a son of God with legal sonship rights in Jehovah's family. It won't be hard petitioning the spiritual realm
  3. I remember brother Lett saying that single brothers and sisters may have to wait on Jehovah and marry in the new system. Is that it?
  4. IMO, I see the angels as our guardian and police force. A scenario where a brother/sister falls from a storey building while engaging in construction will call for divine intervention which Jehovah will use through his angels. They will guard us in everything we do until the thousand year reign is over. During this reign, we may mistakenly cut ourselves, but in a few days we won't even see any marks, bruises or scars. The combination of a fully functioning growing perfect system and divine assistance would be the norm.
  5. There's something that separates us from Satan's world. It's our innate desire to accept our mistakes, learn and move on.. Only Jehovah's spirit can do that!
  6. Lagosians aren't much hospitable to their fellow indigenes. So yh, violence is widespread. But outsiders from other countries are treated with much respect sis shey.
  7. Does that scare you bro greg? Wait until you meet the mighty Lagos population with a population of over 21 million in a land mass of 1,170 sq km. Pls, do not talk about congestion!
  8. Tubal-cain and Leonardo DA Vinci. These two men are geniuses. I would ask da Vinci how he sees technology in a millennium. It's worth the bet John the Baptist and Joseph ( Jesus' adoptive father). I would get to finally ask what Jesus looked like.
  9. Reason why I didn't comment. You know why, I don't like spoilers!
  10. I would love to ask some questions bro walker if I may. Will there be a third, final book of the thousand year series? You barely made mention, if not at all what life in other parts of the world like Asia and Africa would be like, would your third book if there's one encompass life in these regions? I'd like to see how things turn out in the future for Hugh and kasumi, Alec and beckah, Nick and Rachel. I really am a fan of your writings, and I understand if you don't want to spill the beans yet. But would you release a third book that serves as a post 500 years or a different paradisiacal book?
  11. Funny thing I'm just hearing of this horrific act now. The bloodbath was unfortunate, and I hope Jehovah's kingdom comes very soon. May Jehovah protect us from the horrors of this world
  12. The world is celebrating the world cup in Russia while my spiritual family and loyal witnesses of Jehovah is facing severe persecution for an unjust, absurd reason. How bad can it go?! Yh, the end must be really close
  13. The world is celebrating the world cup in Russia while my spiritual family and loyal witnesses of Jehovah is facing severe persecution for an unjust, absurd reason. How bad can it go?! Yh, the end must be really close
  14. Oh a trekker! I love the Yorktown space habitat, it clearly depicts the realm of impossibilities. My bet is on 2019. Filming is ongoing for Star trek discovery 2.
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