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    Most of the books that deal with my interests but I do like some Historical Fiction.
    Obviously the Bible but especially Genesis,can't wait for the new system and fill in all the gaps:)
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    Mostly folk,irish trad(i play a little)and generally easy listening.
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    The older I get the less movies I watch.

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  1. I have this book too,I found it a bit heavy but very good.Never finished it but this post has inspired me to pick it up again😀
  2. I have been feeling like this since I turned 30🙄I just blamed it on having kids,well the lack of energy and grey hair!
  3. Unfortunately an hour after taking that photo my lawnmower died...and there's definetly not going to be a ressurection.Anybody recommend a lawnmower under 300?I'm thinking Hyundai. Is the vinegar for the weeds?do you put the compost and soil over the cardboard?
  4. First Grass cut off the year...never had to do it this early before...i like it at the begining but by Autumn I'm fair tired of it...this is half of my front lawn,it takes me about 2 days to do everything.
  5. Alternatively in regards to the young trees and if your not going down the organic route you could apply some weedkiller to their stumps. To go Organic or not though another burning question
  6. Ah that's a shame,even the smallest mini digger? You mentioned rotavator in another post,I never tought about cutting up the worms etc which is what's good when you get a digger to just toss it it's less invasive. Alternatively what i used when I literally had no work and no money was goats,they ate all the briars and willow/elm etc and fertilized the ground...still have them and there doing a good job still just make sure they dont escape 😂
  7. I jave had this problem time and time again with my place and for me personally i found tje best solution when I weighed up time etc is getting a mini digger in to "toss" the ground,usually dosnt cost me more than 80 to 100 a day and it takes the serious hard work out of it. Then I cover the ground with plastic or whatever and work it in sections,digging in manure,straw,compost whatever I have really.
  8. It looks like it could be,possibly be king because of the gold around his wrists.
  9. I also love the expressions on the angels faces and also the one seems to fly up with joy.
  10. I'm blown away by this video,I have 2 very young children but I have definitely watched it more than them. What really stands out are the 3 temptations and it's really hit home how Satan and his powers are so interlinked with magic,because being honest there is times when I have watched or read material of a fantasy nature and the way the organisation potrayed his powers,was like something out of a popular fantasy movie... Maybe it's my generation but sometimes unless we see things it dosnt really hit home. So much so that iv deleted some games off my phone which alot of brothers might view as harmless but for me it's now so obvious,I really have no excuse. Now the 2nd temptation really provoked a few questions but it's pointless to speculate and plus the organisation have talked about that recently. And also the way heaven or the spirit world seem so close to our world almost interwoven,especially the last scene,I thought that was pretty awesome
  11. It seems Rats are huge problem everywhere even where I live way out in the middle of nowhere.I think a couple of terriers would be on the cards if I were you.
  12. I think it will be cool in the paradise, not just at the ressurection but perhaps meet ones from this system who are related perhaps 4th cousins or whatever who are witnesses. I know myself if I go back to my greatgrandparents generation I have grand uncles and aunts who moved to the U.S and other places and I often wonder if any of their descendants are witnesses.These things will all be revealed soon enough.
  13. I work in a medicinal/phisic garden and we have a poison garden section.Today I was delighted when I found a sumac sapling which I could plant in my own garden,there quite expensive here where I live and then when I read this post I was like oh no its poisonous,but I'm wondering if poison sumac is a different variety.Ill have to do some more research.
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